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  1. Hey I hope everything is going well :D


    1. Marauder


      Thanks for checking in on me Volki.  I'm doing just fine. :D 

    2. Volki


      Thats good, I just hadn't seen you around in a while and wanted to check in. Don't be stranger ;D


  2. I have just been lurking on here the last couple months since the last challenge. I realised that my goals are more aligned with the Ranger Corp recently so next challenge I am joining the Rangers. I hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to being back in it :D

    1. AshPS


      You will make an awesome addition to the Rangers! I'll be there rooting you on! :)

  3. Hello everyone! well after a long time I am back on this site ready to start the next challenge :D I havent made up my mind as to what it will be butit will be in the assassins guild for sure

    1. StarGazer
    2. Volki


      yep they are the best and I was there the first two challenges that I did so I'm sticking with it. Also I have my challenge all planned out now and I am eager to get started.

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