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  1. Update time! Workouts 1/3 I messed up and did BP and DL instead of SQ and OHP on monday but not sad at all about it cuz squats are the devil. I upped the working weight of 4 4 of the sets and I am def feelin the pump. My goal is to be able to 10 sets of 10 at 105 for all 4 lifts with perfect form so I still have some work to do. BP 6x10 85# 4x10 105# DL 6x10 85# 4x10 105# Yoga? Naw not yet but might knock some out at work since I work alone I won't get any weird looks lol. Family meetings 3/7 The meetings are going well and gives us an excuse to work out any problems we have with eachother instead of holding on to any issues. Writing 3/7 Barely squeekin by on this one but I have been doing a lil journaling and figuring out some mental clutter. Study 3/7 Studying is squeekin by but I am watching my study videos right now. I subd to some ccna threads on reddit to get reminder popups throughout the day to at least watch a vid for a few mins. I am 8.5 days into no smoking and about 14 days with no energy drinks(just tea and coffee now). Also kind of personal tmi but 41 days on nofap and really workin on some mental hangups. Anyway feeling real good overall and if i get a chance ill try and weigh myself to see if i came down any from 216. Oh also got concert tickets for Atmosphere on 23rd! Really looking forward to it. I have been listening to them for 15 years now and they got me through alot of tough times so I am very excited to finally see them in person! Heres one of their videos if anyone is interested.
  2. Hey thanks. Omg I love the show and have just started rewatching the series. I can't wait for the next season. As for the meetings I think itll be good for all of us to stay on the same page everyday.
  3. I loved the video btw it reminded me of kung fury lol.
  4. Most definitely. Sorry for the late reply. I knocked out my goals for zero week so I am ready for the new week. My final lift for the week was a repeat of BP and DL. I am going to do SQ and OHP tomorrow and see if its any easier this time because those squats and ohp had my back not feelin the greatest and my legs were jelly. I am also at almost a week of nicotine free life. I am also 12 days in of now energy drinks. Feelin good and gettin in the groove again. The small weight I lost before came back (quit smoking so appetite came back). Trying to get from 216 down to 185-190 so I have a way to go. Trying to eat eat mostly keto lately and feelin really good so I might stick to that. Anyway hope everyone has a good week.
  5. Holy hell this one killed my legs and arms! 10x10 Squats 85# (38.6kg) 10x10 OHP 55# (24.9kg) Sweet now I am off to bed!
  6. Hey I am very motivated by that gif. Squat booty goals for sure I need to figure out some way of getting my 1RM on the lifts when I only have 100# to work with :/ maybe I can get the kids to hang on the bar lol. I am subd for the brutal thread so it should get interesting once we get all the math out of the way.
  7. Update Time! Workout 1/3 Yoga 1/2 Family Meeting 3/5 Writing 3/5 Study 3/5 Side Quest: I am 3 days in being nicotine free and doing much better now that the physical withdrawals are over and done with. Now comes the mental fun where I try to convince myself its cool to smoke again. I got this though and I am not going to fall for my tricks again. All I have left for today is to knock out another lifting session. Today will be 10x10 Squats and OHP so should be fun (>.< )<(damn you squats)
  8. Hell yeah man badass job! I might lurk on the BRUTAL thread too and dream of having a decent wilks score :p
  9. I get that and thanks again for the encouragement. I have spent most of my i.t time as a sys admin working in AD and on servers and the last few years doing service desk for 1w dif hospitals. I need to move up cuz I am tired of doing break fix stuff. As for the weights yeah that amount of volume is really working for me. I feel like I can really focus on form, its easier on my back and I still get crazy doms. I need to get at least some 45# plates if I can find ones that will fit the 1in bar.
  10. Hell yeah its been too long! Thanks for stoppin by!
  11. Thats encouraging because atudying the basics is so boring right now lol but after 10yrs in I.T I should have moved up and gotten some certs. I have the Net+ right now so I know some of the CCENT material already. Ehh I am currently stuck with a bench that only has a 1in bar and 100#(45.4kg). So I am focusing on massive volume to make up for not have enough weights. So thats why I am rockin the 10x10 sets cuz its simple and I get a burn.
  12. Hell yeah I can't wait for the new season of Peaky Blinders. Sweet I am doing the 2 part CCNA so I am going for my CCENT first. I will definitely hit you up for some advice.
  13. Hey thanks! The show is on netflix right and its about a gang that actually existed in London after WW1. Its very good and packed with celebrities including my man crush Tom Hardy lol
  14. Good luck this year man. I agree that consistency is the key to success.
  15. Thanks! Glad to be back after a long time away. Its good to see old faces around here still.
  16. Here is today's workout: Bench Press 10x10 85# 38.6kg Deadlift 10x10 85# 38.6kg Curls 3x8 55# 24.9kg
  17. Quick update: I finished most of my challenge goals for the day. I work nightshift so I am off to bed but when I wake up I still have time for the daily checkup with the family. Here is today's workout: Bench Press 10x10 85# 38.6kg Deadlift 10x10 85# 38.6kg Curls 3x8 55# 24.9kg Cool down walk by walking the dog. Finished 30 minutes of study by youtube video course. I am going to count writing here as my writing goal for the first day.
  18. Following for the Momoa gifs and the old school Rurik awesomness
  19. Happy New Year everyone! I have been doing some thinking and decided to throw a challenge up for old time's sake! I am going to use inspiration fro one of my favorite shows to start working on these New Year goals. Workout 3X a Week with 2X a Week of Yoga to stay limber Day 1: 10x10 BP\DL Day 2: 10x10 OHP\SQ First is get my ass back in to a steady workout routine. I have been really unreliably working out the last few months with weeks in between lifting sessions. As everyone knows you can't be a Peaky Blinder without having the strength to throw down! Daily Family Meeting\Write Everyday Tommy is a master of communication and a real leader of his family. I want to start having family meetings every day. I do not plan on having big formal ones but mainly just checking in with my wife and kids and really listen to what is going on and that we are all on the same page. I tend to get stuck in my own world with work and bills so I know it would be really beneficial to us all to reconnect everyday even if its a simple hey how was your day. I also want to get back in the habit of writing. So it could be anything from a journal entry to writing here on NF just get some words down. Study 30min a Day Tommy is always looking for the next move to make to bring the family up to a better position. I need to get it together this year and start moving up in my career and the first step to make that happen is getting my CCENT certification which is half of a CCNA which is the ultimate goal. Side quest: Unlike Tommy who chain smokes his ass off I am quitting smoking. As of 12/31/18 I quit. I have quit previously for about 2 years but for some reason I picked it back up. So, I know all the drama it takes to quit and I am determined to make it happen. And That's it! Time to start the New Year off right!
  20. YOU GOT THIS!! Lifting heavy is always the answer ;D
  21. Working Goals: Quit smoking Lose 20lbs in 6ms Workout\Walk 5x a week Study for CCNA at least 30 mins 6x a week Daily Meditation\Yoga at least 10 mins Daily Checkin chats with wife and kids Read over my written out goals daily Write something, here, journal,anywhere Pay off Credit Card by June
  22. This morning I really focused on some deep stretching and grounding. I used the stretches/deep breathing from this video: I also did another workout. I am not too worried about this honestly and I feel happy just doing some mainenance workouts 2x a week of 10x10s. OHP 10x10 55# DL 10x10 85# BC 3x8 55#
  23. Sooo no workout because I JUST got back the use of my legs after killing them with those 10x10s. My wife is getting a little better after being sick with the flu and the kids are doing well. In my long time that I have been gone I started smoking again, then I quit smoking again (going on just over 2 months without smoking). I have really been working hard to get my mind and my body back on track. I also have come to understand something about myself. When I am stressed out I tend to hammer on some habit or mental tick of mine. I think I do this as way of feeling like I have control again and putting order back to this crazy world. I also know I am very rigid with my vices and tend to be very all or nothing hence quitting cold turkey smoking(and dipping for a short period), I am in a better place than I have been in a long time, physically, mentally, financially, and relationship wise so I must be doing something right. I have some work to do on the weight gain due to transitioning eating habits and converting bad habits like smoking into emotional eating but I think I am starting to level out. I am going to start slow with at least 2x a week of lifting weights so that I can build it into a habit again. Also I need to get back into writing because I really enjoy it. I am doing that on my other BL, reading my old stories are a little cringey but I know that it leaves a lot of room to improve them. Lyrics very relatable " Before climbing douchebag mountain, I was skate or die Started eating kale and came to terms with my lazy eye Putting on the yoga lady, cutting off The Cable Guy Whistle while you're waiting for your condition to stabilize AV cables everywhere, every piece of vinyl scratched Mentholated Tiger Balm, Aleve with the arthritis cap Irons and the niacin, iron Quiet Riot mask Unabashed privacy expanding into simulcast 40 winks, never the same adventure Refreshing, or the single longest exorcism ever In the end, you gotta wonder if it's even worth the effort No stairways into Heaven, you can step into the Escher Some people have mistaken my allegiance for a weakness It fucked me up for eons, I wished I was a theist The type to fake his death then forget he faked his death Show up on TV, in the crowd at the AVNs, like... "
  24. Marauder! Welcome back! I have been gone a long time myself. All I can say with the slow eating is: 1. Do not multitask, eating time is only for eating 2. Try counting bites to make sure everything is properly chewed 3. Plan out the mealtime because a meal on the go or quick dinner will turn into stress as you fight between slower eating and thinking about everything you have to do after. Good luck!
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