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  1. Marauder!! I was just stalking your challenge lol good to see you back!
  2. Monday 12/3/18 Workout: BP: 10x10 85#\38.5kg SQ: 5x10 85#\38.5kg 5x10 55#\24.9kg Curls: 3x8 55#\24.9kg Still unbelievably sore in my legs! I have been helping my wife because she has the flu so I missed my wed workout(glad I did because I can barely walk). Hoping to get back at it soon. Not really following a routine this time besides doing 10x10 of everything. So for now I am alternating between BP and SQ 1 day and DL and OHP the other. Also for those that don't know my weight bench maxes out at 105#\47.6kg so I have to make due with a bunch of volume.
  3. Hey man long time no see. Good job on the baby steps
  4. Tuesday workout: BP: 10 x 55# (24.9kg) 10 x 85# (38.6kg) 10 x 85# (38.6kg) 10 x 105# (47.6kg) 10 x 105# (47.6kg) 5 x 105# (47.6kg) (went to fail) DL: 10 x 105# (47.6kg) x 6 2mi (3.2km) hike Wednesday: 1hr of yoga Today: SQ: 10 x 55# (24.9kg) 10 x 85# (38.6kg) 10 x 85# (38.6kg) 10 x 105# (47.6kg) 10 x 105# (47.6kg) 10 x 105# (47.6kg) OHP: 10 x 55# (24.9kg) 10 x 55# (24.9kg) 10 x 55# (24.9kg) 10 x 55# (24.9kg) 10 x 55# (24.9kg) 10 x 55# (24.9kg)
  5. I always liked this guys videos: He has a million of different ones so maybe take a look at his other ones if this isn't what you are looking for.
  6. Great goals! Any idea what book you are going to read first? Also, you could always combine an audiobook with your 3 mile walk and knock em out at the same time. Also, welcome back! I just came back after a break 6ms break with a half-finished 4WC in between. Has it really been a year you have been gone?!
  7. Good job on the CF and damn thats a lot of running for December 0.o
  8. Me too lol thought it would be a useful word to know
  9. Hey a win is a win and definitely gotta take care of the back cuz a back + shoulder combo would be дерьма (Russian word of the day ;D) for sure
  10. Damn I guess I was in a bad place last month, doing better mentally and working stuff out slowly. Put up another challenge and I can lift again! I got a new weightbench, I am limited to 100# (45.35 kg) right now until I buy some more plates but I am very excited to start lifting again. Heres the new challenge for anyone still sticking around:
  11. Congrats on the new 8RM! Also thats good to hear about you finding a better way to lift and be more pain free on the shoulders. Shoulder pain is the devil!
  12. Woo good goals Hey a good shower stretch is good for the soul Good luck!
  13. Damn Caleb is a badass! Love it man
  14. Whats up new guy?! Nice to meet you Im also blatantly ripping off wolf and bringin back the stats as well.
  15. Naw man I am back in San Antonio. I might bring the stats back too. I have always kept the level so I can krep track of how many challenges ive done but starting over on stats would be cool. I need to get back on the Red Rising hype train.
  16. Yeah its a mixture of love and fear Nice I am still plugging away at my Spanish then I am definitely getting back on Russian.
  17. Hey man I also wanted to pop in from the wilderness and say I am sorry for your loss. I know that pain. But as far as nf I think its awesome the stats are coming back I always liked them. Anyway following and let me know if you need anymore evil npcs. The baddies always have a soft place in my heart
  18. Blocky! Following. That banner and that food looked so good! Also my wife loves Bobs burgers. Louise is her spirit animal. Are you still doing Russian on Duolingo?
  19. Following for the usual, whining, philosophy and dick jokes
  20. Leg day!!! (Fake excitement to smile through the tears) 10x10 DL 100# 10x10 squat 100# 50x5 calf raises 100# 50 walking lunges
  21. So my awesome wife bought me a small bench set for the apartment! I messed about with it yesterday doing DL and squats. That was apparently enough to get my chicken legs sore. But today I did a true workout and i true bro fashion I did upper body today Also worth noting the set as of right now only goes to 100# so my workouts will be much higher reps mixed with BW stuff to even it out. 10x10 curls 50# 10x10 military press 50# 10x10 bent over rows 30# 10x10 diamond pushups 1 mile walk After xmas I will set up the bench itself when there is more room in the apt. Was very nice to worship in the temple of iron again lol
  22. Yeah, I work nights so I can relate to the SAD stuff, once I regularly started taking vitD and B12 my mood improved.
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