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  1. Yess I miss the 15-minute commute! Right now I am working in a different city from the one that I am living in. I live about 90 mins away from work so right now I am driving 90 mins to work, working a 12 hr shift then driving 90mins home plus the constant driving during my shift :/ I feel you, damn commutes are crap :/ but I definitely love me some dystopian fiction\prediction
  2. Damn i guess i did die after all! I eventually got better and I have just been working and focusing on Duolingo and walking. I am working 60hrs again this week so pretty tired lately. Definately looking for a new job soon cuz this 5hrs of driving a night is getting old. Going on a week of vacation soon so i can finally catch up on some sleep. Also finished reading A Brave New World and I liked it more than 1984 and I think it is the more likely of the two to happen.
  3. Hey everyone, Im not dead yet! I believe I am still fighting with bronchitis, I am going to have to nix the lifting for now. I am going to change my goals to just keep chipping away at duolingo and maybe a hike once a week. Me trying to fight all the drama lately:
  4. OMG I still have PTSD from that whole scene lol But I am back, still have a shitty voice but feeling a lot better Thanks I will check it out Yeah I managed to quit for 2 years with no issues then like a dumbass started again last summer :/ The quitting is going well and not having a hard time at all this time. Thanks good to see you man Well managed to get my ass outside and hiked for 5 miles while the kids were at school. I am still coughing up the occasional lung but nothing too bad. I am still smoke free and now a couple days in to nicotine free so I think I am doing pretty well. Did want to go into the apartment gym cuz I am still coughing a bit and don't like going in there with people anyway so I will prob do some bodyweight stuff tomorrow night. So in short, still getting after it
  5. Hey everyone sorry I have been so quiet. I didnt bail I have just been sick. But as far as goals I have done a small amount of wqlking plus going strong with the no smoking. I am now shifting into not dipping either. I lost my voice from coughing so might call into work tomorrow night and just chill. Anyway thanks everyone for follow and hopefully ill be back on the gainz train in no time!
  6. Yeah I did it to understand the flow better of Russian so I could pronounce the words a little easier. I don't know if you listen to rap at all but I like иpeH she is very good: As far as movies I am probably going to watch Guardians next (Russian superheroes)
  7. Me too, I do like listening to music and watching movies in Russian though even though I have no idea what is being said. I enjoy that a lot more than a classroom textbook style of the language.
  8. Lol I will do my best for sure! But he's always watching 0.o
  9. Boom did a workout at work 50 Prisoner Squats 50 Pushups 25 Jumps 50 Step-ups 25 Pull-ups 50 Forward Lunges 50 Close-grip Pushups 50 Inverted Rows 50 Squats 25 Chin-ups
  10. Yep, I think I have the same thing as you going on in both my shoulders. I usually just rock the 90% and then go back up. If I go dead-hang its all over for me. Thats good though about the Russian, I am such a slacker with languages so I need to get back on it. I never even finished learning Spanish and I live in south Texas and my wife is fluent! If you find anything else that helps with Russian definitely share.
  11. Hey how wide is your grip on the chinups? I have to do mine very close together due to my jacked up shoulders. I try to stay a lil bit in from shoulder width. Maybe itll help? Its the same for pushups for me too. Also yay for Russian!! I have been slacking on Russian for the last few months but if you are still at the learning the alphabet stage This video helped me out:
  12. So still working out the kinks and trying to get through this week at work. I am working about 60hrs this week so feeling pretty damn tired by the time I get home in the morning. Good news is that I am still going strong on the no smoking and feeling pretty good about it. I will see if tonight is slow enough at work to knock out a little calisthenics.
  13. yesss! thanks for the follow yeah I think its from the same people who made dynasty warriors Thanks
  14. Following for the wicked Keto abs!
  15. New 4WC, here's hoping for some consistency!
  16. Guts, renowned for his epithet the "Black Swordsman", is a former mercenary and branded wanderer. I have been wandering aimlessly lately from life battle to battle. I going to use Guts from the Berserk Anime series as inspiration this time. Guts is relentless as he fights through hundreds of enemies. I could use some unrelenting focus right about now. I have been out of the gym for quite some time (about 4-5 months). I previously ran Juggernaut but due to moving cities and not having access to a proper gym I will throw some bodyweight style workouts in with the cable machines and DBs I have available. Swordplay Guts wields a ridiculously huge sword called the dragon slayer. This takes immense strength and focus. I need to get my strength back up to par. Workout 3x a week 2 gym sessions: TBD (I need to see exactly what I am working with to make balanced routine) 1 BW: 50 Prisoner Squats 50 Pushups 25 Jumps 50 Step-ups 25 Pull-ups 50 Forward Lunges 50 Close-grip Pushups 50 Inverted Rows 50 Squats 25 Chin-ups Hack And Slash Guts mows through a million demons with ease. Basically its my motivation to keep up with the no smoking. I had started smoking again after 2 years of quitting. So basically I have to quit again. I am 3 days into it and cheating a bit by still dipping(pouches) for the time being. So this is a simple pass\fail. Endurance Guts has an almost god-like endurance level! I need to up my cardio game for sure! So I have been hiking\walking a lot lately and I want to keep up the momentum. Hike\walk\run for at least 2miles 2X a week Side note: I'm sorry I keep bailing on these 4WC and I plan on updating as often as possible
  17. Following of course ;D Gotta get that sleep man!
  18. Following! I definitely fall into the wandering warrior category myself. I love hiking.
  19. Yeah like we talked about I think we can figure out a respectable routine. Thanks I am still in lurk mode but I have been slowly gettin back into it. I worked out again last night while I was at work. I used some equipment we had laying around like old batteries(for the computer carts that weigh 30#). Did rows, curls, clean and jerks, pushups, pullups. Felt good and helped to keep me active during the 12hr night shift.
  20. So you come back from slacking on NF to say ur gunna do a slacker week?! Lol ok keep it up man and I know those existential book feels, got rid of 90% of my books last year after weeping silently for my printed children as I sent them off into the world. Also I side with Mike and say you need more Juggernaut in your life
  21. Quick update before I continue being a schlacker: No workout since the other night but the chest doms are bring in back memories of my juggernaut days. My son turned 8 this weekend so ended up doing alot of fun stuff for him this weekend, man he is getting big! Couldn't sleep a wink tonight again unfortunately so ended up lurking on NF alot. We will see how this week goes. Gunna see if @Laghail can help me think of a poor man's 531 to throw together with the equip i have.
  22. Hello out there... So tonight was the first time I worked in months. I wish it was due to me being happy and wanting to get back into it but it was really due to family/life drama stress. I was having trouble sleeping due to being on night shift sleeping patterns for almost 6ms. So the usual internet browsing and chain smoking wasn't cutting it. Anyway went to the small apartment gym and messed about doing bench, pull downs, and rows on the cable machines. I walked a mile before switching to the bike machine for a few more miles. The last few months have been crazy with lots of ups and downs. Once again things feel stagnantly disappointing. Anyway logged into NF for the first tomesince bailing on my challenge a few ms back. I don't like to throw myself pity parties or vent on FB so i decided to let a ill out here since this was my internet home for so many years. I know I have alot of work to do physically, mentally and relationship wise to set things back on a good track. I guess I was embarrassed for bailing on NF so many times in the past because I am definitely my harshest critic. Anyway not coming back with a deceptively optimistic attitude that this time im gunna turn it all around but I think getting back to the amazing influence of the people here is a good start.
  23. Definitely, Doc Holiday is the man! Yeah it has been a crazy couple of months for me and I can promise it hasn't been smooth. Thanks for reading my rants and random posts
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