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  1. Knocked something off my bucket list! I wrote and published my very first blog post: I always wanted to write a blog post, not saying im starting a blog but it was cool trying to write out a blog post. Anyway in case anyone is curious: https://www.minds.com/blog/view/752454544922779648
  2. Also speaking of Placebo(song in video^) I like their videos like these two: (first one has a few nsfw moments just fyi)
  3. Quick update: Things are going pretty good, have slacked on the yoga honestly. Keeping up with the workouts and studying though. Things are getting more settled in the apartment as we have most things unboxed and put away. The job hunt is still going on but nothing for sure yet. I have been watching this artist's videos alot lately and everyone should definitely check them out. The artist is legally blind and can only see a very small amount but he makes amazing animations like this one:
  4. Definitely worth watching all of them. They just finished the 4th season and the 5th wont start until November I believe so you have time to catch up. RedStone! wats up?! Missed your face! Thanks and weekend round two where I am going to work over 20hrs extra passed my normal 40-45hrs a week. Gunna rain OT money on my face!
  5. Side note, I finally caught up on the Vikings series! I won't throw out any spoilers but I just want to say I love Ivar the boneless even if they made him full on handicapped in the series instead of having week bones especially in his legs like the real Ivar. Just excited and can't wait until the new season comes on in November.
  6. Thanks for the follow Yeah I took a 3-4 month break but I am glad to be back bouncing around NF again. You are not kidding! I am still trying to recover, We finally unloaded the last of the stuff after cleaning the entire apartment. Yesterday was crazy! I called in on monday so we could finish moving the heavy stuff. I woke up at 6am with the kids to get them ready for school, then K(my wife) and I drove to Austin which is about 2hrs away. We cleaned and packed up the Jeep with the rest of the stuff. I got my car and drove back 2 hrs to make it in time to pick up the kids from school. I unloaded the stuff that I crammed in my car with the kids, helped them with homework and started putting stuff away and cleaning because boxes are all over the place still. THEN I drove an hour to work at 9pm and stayed at work until 6am. I drove the hour back home and got the kids ready for school and dropped them off. After that I came home and collapsed into a mini coma because I had been awake for 26hrs straight at that point. I feel a lil better after the 6hrs of sleep I got before waking up to get the kids from school but I am for sure still feeling le tired. Yeah I am definitely glad that it wasn't as bad as they said it would be and my parents came out fine even after a direct hit from the storm. Its crazy what happened to Houston though. Like this one with a before and after:
  7. Quick update. San Antonio ended up not being hit too bad after all. Just some rain, really nothing compared to what happened to Houston. We moved 99% of our stuff, we just have to make 1 more trip to get the last little bit and then clean the apartment. I will update some more tonight when I make it into work.
  8. Maegs!!! Yeah prob not but if I don't make it a challenge then I will slack off too much.
  9. The clouds opened up and Thor said I hate you Volki! So guess who has to finish moving this weekend during the hurricane rainstorms that will hit Austin and San Antonio?! Yeeeepppppppp gunna be alot of fun for sure. We already moved most of the stuff so we just have some heavy stuff left that wouldn't fit in the car and the Jeep so it shouldn't be terrible. Gunna have to play it by ear on how I am going to do this. My family decided to stay in Victoria and try to ride it out so I hope they will be ok since it is now a category 4. My wife and kids are in Austin which is the safer option and we should only get a bunch of rain I believe. Anyway I don't have a phone with internet anymore btw (partly cuz im broke and can only get a walmart flip phone, and partly because that constant staring into the phone and social media was making me crazy). I will update on monday night with how it goes. Me this weekend:
  10. Hope you get it figured out. Yeah making sure you get the vitamins you need is def a good step. I just take b12 and 5-HTP myself so don't have too much advice for the med taking. You shouldn't feel weird having to take something that helps you out.
  11. Still sore from working out yesterday but got it done Studied a little of CCNA and Russian and did some morning yoga stretching to help with the soreness and stiffness. Feeling super tired due to getting only 3hrs of sleep but I got some stuff done today. The kids finally got enrolled in school for this year, went grocery shopping, cleaned the apartment, plus the long commute had me exhausted. I spent 3 hours fixing up my resume last night and I got an email this morning from HR and they are passing on my info. So hoping to get a job in san antonio soon so I can stop commuting to Austin everyday. The hurricane is supposed to hit tomorrow morning but I think I am far enough north that we will probably just see a bunch of rain. The city my family lives in has an evacuation in place so I hope it doesn't get too bad for them down there. Anyway, off to finish out the last 2hrs of work then drive an hour straight into my bed!
  12. Congrats on the PR! Following!
  13. Lol yeah after taking a break from doing turbulence 1000, powerlifting, running, and hiking I thought it would be best just to start with BW stuff for now. Definitely not easy (full body DOMS are a reminder of that) but not as crazy as it used to be thanks for following I am still looking for a job in s.a but I still have my night job at the hospitals in the Austin area. So I am having to commute about an hour to work, drive around austin and then an hour back. I try to stay in kyle, tx cuz it is the closest Seton hospital to S.A. Hey there yourself ;D
  14. Not much for cliche motivational videos but I really like Jocko Willink. Wanted to share this video, might help turn things around for someone:
  15. Lol yeah I'm trying to get back to my former Hanuman Yakuza self I think BW king belongs to this Russian bastard: Thanks man, hey I move back to 'ol San Anton' I know you did, it just aint the same around here with my cheeks gracing the forums Rest day I guess today for me after the workout last night, gunna do some more Russian and CCNA study tonight if work permits though.
  16. Hell yeah man! Feels good to do some exercise again after being lazy(moving, changing jobs and cities, stressed out, eating like crap, drinking, smoking)
  17. Thanks I will, yeah I am going the two test route and getting my CCENT first then studying for the second part of the test. I just started maybe a week or 2 ago. I have my CompTIA Net+ already so at least I have some of the theory already.
  18. Whats that? "I bet you can't do all of your challenge goals in one night AND be at work at the same time!" - Hold my Russian Beer ccna? check Watched some videos of the CCNA study course on udemy.com while I was working. русский? check I have been practicing my alphabet. For anyone interested in learning to read in Russian I definitely recommend this video: BW routine? CHECK 50 Prisoner Squats 50 Diamond Pushups 25 Jumps 25 bodybridge extensions 50 planche Jackknifes 50 Step-ups (25 reps per side) 25 Pull-ups 50 Forward Lunges 50 Diamond Pushups 50 Inverted Rows 50 Squats 25 Chin-ups yoga? check Some GMB fitness stretching and flexibilty routines from youtube
  19. I look forward to the great unveiling haha
  20. Hell yeah, do you have that outfit ready?^ cuz you will be rockin the banana hammock bikini in now time!
  21. You: Damn dude CF and Juggernaut sounds intense. Keep it up!
  22. Lol wish I was that lucky! xaxa
  23. Lol he had an inside tip so pay no mind to him. Lol yeah I am on night shift so I am in line with you fine Euro people now.
  24. Thanks man, good to see everyone still around I need some more stability for sure.
  25. Willes!!!! *stumbles in late* following
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