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  1. I'm feeling very proud of myself for staying far away from alcohol in my new home in Wales. I've just moved from Dubai where alcohol is a LOT less forced upon you as it appears to be in the UK.

  2. Down in Pontypridd,South Wales here.
  3. Hope you're still keeping strong,Maaya! It's nice to read up on your stuff again.
  4. Whelp,I'm back again! I've been living in dorms for 2 weeks now. It's not so bad 'cos all my flatmates are really sweet folk,but my flat is literally on the top of this giant mountain that I have the pleasure of hiking up every.single.day. At least the weather permits outdoors activity,unlike Dubai. A lot of scenic walking. As far as exercise goes,I've joined up for fencing and rock climbing. The first fencing class was today and oh boy the sweat was roooolling down my face. My diet has been pretty awesome since I literally cook all my own meals now. Of course,now that I'm living in the U
  5. Well done,baby! I know it's hectic right now considering we're going on vacation in a week, but it's amazing how consistent your workouts are and your self control with the soda. <3
  6. Great job,Tea. I feel as though this challenge was a great wake up call for you to take more charge of your living space (and Mr Tea). XD
  7. I apologize for the lack of posts - I've been really caught up in preparing for my move to Wales and that's been taking up all my time. I've only got one week left of living in Dubai! I'm going to attempt 5 consecutive handstand push ups today. So far my max has been 3-4, but I have hope! I've been feeling much,much better since upping my carbs. I don't feel too hot today,mind,so I think I'll perform some body weight solitaire to get in a quick workout. I've got plans to join a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club over in Wales, as well as showing my dorm mates some Capoeira basics - all very excit
  8. I'm so happy your boot is off,Maaya! Forgive me for not being very active on the forums lately, I'm in the midst of packing to leave the country LIKE THE CRIMINAL I AM.
  9. For all those who have no idea what a Spirit Pokemon is, click here. So, Rebels, what's your Spirit Pokemanz? Mine would have to be an arcanine.
  10. Hormonal issues were making yesterday very unpleasant. I felt like I was stuck in the body of a crazy woman, doing and saying things I didn't mean. It sucked. I've got less than two weeks before I leave Dubai for Cardiff. I checked the forecast for this week over there and it's everything I'm pining for - weather in the 20s and some rain. What a welcome relief after the scorching summer here in Dubai. I need to get my ass into gear and start packing! I don't think my brain's realized I'm MOVING and not just going on holiday, so I need to consider other shit besides clothes! Today's worko
  11. WEEKS 3 and 4 Goal 1: Strength train 3 times per week. Measurement: A = No missed days, B = One missed day, C = Two missed days Reward: A = +2 STR, +2 STA, B = +2 STR, +1 STA, C = +1 STR Goal 2: Eat until satiated. I love food so much that I have this tendency to go into a food coma almost EVERY time I sit down for a meal. This,I believe,stems mostly from my fear that I won't get enough to eat later. I have a large family that consumes a LOT of food, and often it's a case of "If I don't eat it now, it won't be here later" that causes me to fear not having anything left over in the house t
  12. Hilarious mental image of a T-Rex screaming this at a chair. And goddamn, well done on the clean-up! You're inspiring ME to do some tidying,now.
  13. Yeah,I settled for something a little lower the first time when I was breaking into the whole cosplay thing. Went as Horo from Spice and Wolf.
  14. Fingers crossed here too for your X-Ray! Also, are you sure you're hungry and not just craving?
  15. Thanks, Maaya. My training days look like this,now. Wake up 2. Pre-workout: Fasted. If I REALLY need to eat, then high fat/high protein only. 3. Lift 4. A small portion of high GI carbs. 5. Do not consume carbs until last meal of the day. Limit food intake to protein and fats. 6. Last meal of day: eat plenty of carbs and some protein and fat (only if I'm training again the following morning, otherwise I'll consume moderate amounts of carbs only).
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