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  1. I live in Illinois, so we use Fahrenheit, not Celcius. If google is telling me the truth, that's 23F. That's roughly the temperature it is here during the day, but it drops lower at night. It depends on the day, though. Illinois weather is weird. It was 50F (10C) just the other day. As we get closer to February, it'll drop below 0F (-17C) quite a bit. It's more the wind that gets me, and there's a lot of ice. We generally run trail/track during spring and fall. Winter and summer it's just easier to hop on the treadmill to get away from the temperature. In Illinois the temperature gets arou
  2. I've been told by my friend that owns several different pairs that KSO have the best grip for wet conditions. I like Bikilas. They're also coming out with the new insulated ones. The Lontras. Those will keep your toes warm and dry.
  3. Non-story update I caved a little today and had a few crackers. Okay, more than a few. Like half of a sleeve. It was a lot of crackers. I noticed two things. A. They tasted terrible, but I love salt so I kept eating them. B. They did not give me the feeling I was looking for. I still felt hungry and unsatisfied, but now my tummy was "full", which was really more of a "bloated" feeling. Yuck. I threw all the crackers in the house away. You know, if it took me eating some crackers to realize that, I'm still going to call that a win.
  4. I've told you this so many times before. The gym wasn't for you because the gym was not a good atmosphere. Besides, the pay was not nearly high enough to compensate for the time you put into it and the stress you brought home. Unless you absolutely loved it, you were getting ripped off as it was. You didn't love it. Why dwell on that? You can and will make a great trainer. You just have to find people that want to get healthy, not people that say they want to and then never even contact you back.
  5. A Few Days Pixel had found his way to a nearby river on the first day, but the journey was well outside his normal walking distance. If he wanted to stay near the woman with the food, he would have to run there and back every other day to keep his water supplies from emptying. He found that the humans on this world pumped their bodies full of some thick, sugary fluid that gave him headaches and made him jittery, then tired. Water was the only solution. After running to the spring and back, Pixel decided to try some weight training. He found some fist-sized rocks that had good grip points for
  6. When I got home my wife said the same as you did regarding 1. I apparently had misunderstood something she had said before. Flow is basically stretching, so we do that on our rest days. I'm going to move Hard Core Abs to some of the later C25K days and only have flow on day 7 of each week. So one rest day per week. I really like your advice for redoing a week or going down a week if the week I'm on is too difficult. It's too cold here to do trail runs, but we have a fairly awesome treadmill with "simulated tracks" that do allow for hills and what not. I'll probably play around with the set
  7. I was going to suggest to you to drop the grains, but I was going to ease into it. Switch to healthier grains now, remove grains later. Quinoa is still good for you. It's got lots of good stuff and it's easily digested.
  8. A non-story update here... Les Mills Pump (LMP) is really fun, but I hate their schedule. I think their decision on when to do what is just ridiculously over complicated. C25K, on the other hand, has a great schedule but the rest days usually trap me. I miss one day and the whole thing goes out the window. Solution: http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/23151-les-mills-pump-lmp-plus-couch-to-5k-c25k-hybrid/#entry380490 No rest days, super simple LMP schedule, and if I miss a day then I'm just going to skip it and move on instead of worrying about playing catch up. I was thin
  9. I really enjoy the C25K program for a running schedule and I like the workouts of LMP, but I struggle with both for similar reasons. The LMP schedule (original schedule: http://brucecharest.com/les-mills-pump-schedule/) is all over the place. I prefer routine and consistency to not knowing what is coming next. I find I get mental confusion far quicker than muscle confusion. Anyway, one of my challenges for leveling up is to start both the LMP and C25K programs. C25K is 9 weeks long and LMP is 13 weeks long, so completing them within the challenge period isn't possible, but since I usually g
  10. When you run out, consider replacing the white rice with either quinoa or brown rice. Quinoa is substantially healthier for you than any other grain, it's much more filling, and easier to digest. Brown rice is cheaper and more readily available. If you do get quinoa, just remember that even though it seems expensive and comes in a small bag, it'll last a lot longer than rice if you portion it properly. It has a crunchy texture (similar to the crunch of a pea) but it tastes more like a noodle than anything. I put spaghetti or alfredo sauce on mine when I want a "pasta dish". Keep up the goo
  11. I have the Vibram Bikila blue and grey ones with the yellow inside. I love them to death. Just be careful you don't overdo it. Your body isn't used to running that way and you can easily tear a tendon/muscle if you strain yourself. Work up to it, and try to wear either no shoes at all or vibrams as much as possible. Wearing regular shoes just when you're walking around/working/etc will do your feet no favors. If you look online you can find cutouts that go on the top of your vibrams to make them look like non-barefoot shoes.
  12. Testing the Waters Some time after his visit to the slime-food merchant, Pixel woke with enough energy to attempt exercise. His back was stiff but not sore, so he stood and began to jog. After a quarter of an hour of running, he found a campfire that had the most wonderful smell coming from it. His hunger was overcoming him once again, and he tentatively edged closer to the fire. A young woman was cooking some white meat that had been cut into fist sized chunks and had an iron pot which was boiling water over the fire. Looking inside the water, he found round, bulbous, greens. He spoke softly,
  13. I know another Pixel from a different forum that's also from Europe. Even better, you're from Norway. My mother's parents were from Norway and Sweden! Definitely following. Good luck to you, and thank you for the luck you wished me.
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