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  1. Fonzico

    Chris Pratt is Fonzico's Spirit Animal

    Week Two (already??) Day One: No alcohol. Food choices were not ideal, but they were not bought at work and they were tracked. Kettlebells happened! Not as intense of a class as last Thursday, but we went pretty hard on arms again. I'm legit going to have guns this summer I got up at 6 (goal is 545), but I managed to get ready in time to give the dogs a half hour walk, which isn't bad. I also went to the bank on my lunch break and paid our business' tax bill. I also filed our personal taxes on the weekend! So I'm am 100% caught up on finances now! Go me. And I went grocery shopping after kettlebells, so we are stocked up on good stuff. It was a busy day! I was done by the time I got home. Today's focus is just to get back on track food wise. Carbs have been creeping out of the acceptable range lately and calories are just too high. My pops is coming over tonight, to drop off some shirts he wants me to decorate -but mostly for some puppy snuggles. Which means some frantic cleaning when I get home haha. I actually did get a decent bit done on Sunday, so really I just need to do the bathroom, and re-tidy the kitchen and livingroom.
  2. Fonzico

    Chris Pratt is Fonzico's Spirit Animal

    It's just about being realistic, right? Morning Fonzico doesn't have the time, and right-after work Fonzico just gets irritated that she needs to clean before cooking. So before-bed Fonzico really is the best candidate to do it, even though she tries to get out of it!
  3. Fonzico

    Elastigirl's Challenge

    Did you ever play the Monster Rancher games? The pixie was always my favorite for this very reason! A little squishy to start with, but unbeatable once trained up.
  4. Fonzico

    Hiroro Gets Her Head On Straight

    Sometimes I like to drunkenly clean as well, so I get it! Not the most original idea, but absolutely blasting music helps me get through it whilst sober. I'm pretty sure you should just hire a maid once you're pregnant though [emoji14]
  5. Fonzico

    Xena will be Under Pressure

    So I borrowed some of the panda planner concepts this week - did a reflection on last week, what can be done to improve on it, picked a focus and listed out my major tasks. I'm going to try to add a daily gratitude piece too. We'll see how it goes but I appreciate the inspiration! I hope you and your trainer can figure out a plan that flows better for you this week
  6. Fonzico

    Darkfoxx 55: Throwing More Spaghetti

    Have fun yoga-ing today? Or has it already happened? What's the time change like?
  7. Fonzico

    Chris Pratt is Fonzico's Spirit Animal

    It WAS. My arms are still hella sore. I gotta say though, these brutal workouts are kind of addictive...
  8. Fonzico

    Chris Pratt is Fonzico's Spirit Animal

    Week One Recap: Goals: Drink alcohol on no more than 2 days per per week. Result: I drank on 3 days. Grade: B Thoughts: This is a good goal. I messed up by drinking on Monday. I should not use drinking to cope with bad days. I will attempt another tactic next time. Attend Kettlebell class twice Result: I attended kettlebell class twice. Grade: A Thoughts: I love kettlebells. That is all. Track Food intake Result: I did this thing. Grade: A I need to be a little more proactive about recording things before I eat them, as it's too late to make any adjustments after the fact. Still, I stayed honest with myself this week about what I was eating, and that's good. Clean the kitchen before bed every night. Result: I cleaned the kitchen 5/7 evenings. Grade: B - Thoughts: Morning Fonzico likes this very much. Weekend evening Fonzico cannot for the life of her be bothered though. I'm trying to decide whether to force the issue, or just aim for Sunday-Thursday. DO NOT BUY FOOD AT WORK. Result: I bought food once. Grade: B+ Thoughts: Well, I messed this up first thing on the first day without even thinking about it.. Whoops. It is a very good goal though, and will most certainly be continuing on. Overall, I'm happy with week one, despite the false start. It wasn't perfect, and often I find a lack of perfection to be enough to say screw it, and I didn't let that happen. I am most pleased with the progress I'm making with my strength levels lately - I'm probably the strongest I've ever been right now.. or close at least. When I was going to KBs 3x per week, I was pretty badass, but that was a brief period of time, and I know I'm pretty close to that, despite only going twice a week. Anyways, whatever. Point being, I DID actually meet one of my 12 week goals before the deadline, which was to get 10 consecutive full pushups, which I achieved yesterday! And I feel better about my slow weight loss knowing that I am putting on some muscle, so that's a thing. For Week Two, my impromptu goal is going to be getting up earlier. Now that it's getting nicer out, I want to take the dogs for longer walks in the morning, so I need a bit more time. Right now I get up sometime in between 5:45 and 6:10, averaging just after 6. I'm going to try to move that to a firm 5:45 to start.
  9. Fonzico

    Sloth's Power to Weight Ratio

    I like to just tell myself that kettlebelling IS cardio and move on with my life.
  10. Fonzico

    Hiroro Gets Her Head On Straight

    Fantastic job on the run! That's awesome and you are awesome and you are just crushing things one goal at a time I do sober months once or twice a year, and EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. my friends think I'm pregnant. Even though they all know we don't want kids. But yes, at least if you resist a couple times before it happens, it'll give you some plausible deniability
  11. Fonzico

    Chris Pratt is Fonzico's Spirit Animal

    Friday treats were successfully resisted! Week One Day Five: Alcohol: 1 glass of wine Food: tracked and none bought at work Kitchen: nope. I really cannot motivate myself to do it when I know I don't have to work in the morning! I was completely wiped - the workout from Thursday really did me in, plus a fairly heavy convo with the hubs in the evening added to the mental side of it. We went to putting league anyways - neither of us did particularly well, but I'm glad we went. Always good to see the crew And things are REALLY melting quickly around here now. There was a ton of snow, so I'm sure we're in store for some flooding, but disc golf season is fast approaching! Week One Day Six: Uneventful. I took the pups for a nice long walk, did a modicum of domestic rangering and took a long ass nap. Probably should have done any number of other more productive things, but hey, what can you do? Alcohol was had (have I expressed my recent appreciation for gin fizzes?). And food was tracked (hotdog pizza anyone? Lol) Today we're going to in the inlaws for smoked brisket (yes, please!). Normally we'd bring the pups, but it's going to be a mud pit out there, so instead I'm going to walk them before it gets all melty. Happy Sunday, nerds!
  12. Fonzico

    Chris Pratt is Fonzico's Spirit Animal

    Week One Day Four: Alcohol: none Food: Tracked and none bought at work Kettlebells: crushed Kitchen: cleaned Another super solid day! And I'm feeling extra nice today, because I finally weighed in under 150 again! Just 8lbs over my all time low, and this time I'm going to surpass it, dammit! Current mood: resisting work treats like a boss.
  13. Fonzico

    Chris Pratt is Fonzico's Spirit Animal

    Ugh burpees. Who ever invented those sucks. For the jumps, you just hold it down between your legs, and do a little squat at the bottom of the motion so it touches the ground... So no danger if you drop it! I feel like jumping is hard enough without being weighted though haha
  14. Fonzico

    Xena will be Under Pressure

    I love the idea of incorporating so much gratitude and positivity - I think that's an amazing habit to build for mental health. Overall, it seems like a LOT going on - personally it's a bit much, but then again I'm more of a minimalist journaler. I'd love to see what your "homemade" version consist of though! I'm thinking I want to incorporate some of the ideas into my "bullet journal" (which I totally do not use correctly, so I'm not sure if I can call it that - it's pretty much just a monthly calendar and challenge tracking, with some trip journaling thrown in).