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  1. Fonzico

    Fonzico's Fierce Feats of Fitness

    Spare room done! It's not pretty, but at least it's clean up. I think I want to get some wicker baskets for the shelf so it doesn't look so cluttered. Also, did I ever show you guys the utter cuteness of the story our niece wrote about us (when she was like 7? She's 13 now..) Haha I love it!
  2. Fonzico

    Fonzico's Fierce Feats of Fitness

    Hmm let's see. So Friday, we did the pottery painting thing - I'll have to wait until this Friday to see how it turned out! It's so hard to tell before it's fired. We went out for dinner at a really great restaurant. I tried not to make totally awful decisions, but it wasn't quite keto. I got beef short rib, which came with mashed potatoes (which I totally ate) and veggies. And I had a rum+eggnog. Yesterday I was a cleaning machine! I FINALLY got caught up on laundry mountain (which made me realize that we don't have space for all our clothes when they're actually all clean and put away! But put together another bag of donations) The hall closet is also dealt with (pictured below) so that's another check off the master list. And the spare room is practically done, I'm going to finish it up today. I forgot to take befores... But I can assure you, they were both pretty awful. Technically, if I do so, I've met my goal for the challenge - since I also did the coat closet and took in donations already, that makes 4 checks. Sure, I dealt with some low hanging fruit, but still! And I still have a week to go so maybe I can get another one done. Last night I went to my parents for supper (baked chicken thighs and curried cauliflower, yum) with my niece, and then we went to see a radio play version of "It's a Wonderful Life". It was pretty good. Oh! And I can't remember if I mentioned this yet, but I did apply for that other advising job I was talking about. They have a "strong internal candidate" listed though, which I'm pretty sure is the admin assistant in the department, because they've clearly made amendments to the required qualifications by including "near degree completion" as acceptable, which describes her. Part of me is a little up in arms about it - I, on paper at least, am categorically more qualified than she is, and they should be obliged to seriously consider me... But I honestly don't think they ever don't hire the "strong internal candidate". And then another part of me thinks I should just be happy with where I am. Bah.
  3. Fonzico

    Fonzico's Fierce Feats of Fitness

    Okay, so I've been leaning a little on the "eff it" side of things, goal wise lately. I mean, the kitchen actually has been getting cleaned more often than not, but food has been a free for all. I didn't workout on Monday ( because I felt like death after going to physio, but still). Piano practice has been sporadic at best. But I've been TRYING not to just dive completely off the deep end. I don't really want to dig myself a hole to climb out of for the new year. Anyways. I made myself go to kettlebells tonight. We did the 12 days of Christmas, so it works like the song: 1 2-1 3-2-1 Etc. I skipped half of round 10, and didn't get to the last round at all, but I still did the rest of this! With a 10kg kettlebell (doubles for the clean and press and rows in addition to the ones labeled doubles) I'm dying now, but I'm glad I did it
  4. Fonzico

    Fonzico's Fierce Feats of Fitness

    The cats are a different story, unfortunately... Oh well, we'll get there.
  5. Fonzico

    Fonzico's Fierce Feats of Fitness

    Technically they're sharing the couch!
  6. Fonzico

    Fonzico's Fierce Feats of Fitness

    You're alive! It's so good to hear from you!! If you disappeared right after work got Hyzer, that means it's been like TWO YEARS! How's your little one??
  7. Fonzico

    Fonzico's Fierce Feats of Fitness

    Guys we got a 2nd dog! Omg, I saw her pic with a rescue a few weeks ago, and have been gently teasing John about getting a 2nd one.. They just reposted her profile a couple days ago, and I've been obsessed - can't get this dog out of my mind. Finally last night, I said, I just need to go meet her. We need to see if Hyzer will get along with her anyways, and if it's a no, then I'll let it go. He agreed. We both immediately fell head over heels in love! Meet the newest member of the menagerie:
  8. Fonzico

    Fonzico's Fierce Feats of Fitness

    Blatantly stealing [mention=9216]Tanktimus the Encourager[/mention] 's alliteration title inspiration! I like it. Waaah! Last challenge of the year! I actually love this challenge - I consider everything accomplished to be a head start on the next year, so it's all bonus gravy, baby. Also, I love Christmas. Usually. When I'm not stressed out. And considering that I have ONE MEASLY week left in my stressful job! I think I will not be too stressed out at all. Aaaaand even if I do not lose ONE MEASLY pound this month, I'm still like practically 20lbs down from the beginning of the year, and that's pretty cool. So yeah. I want to give myself a couple Christmas gifts though. I want to be a little fitter. I want my house to be a little cleaner. And I want to avoid going into the holidays all bloated and gross feeling. And so: 1. Keto. Keto keto keto. Yup. I found my thing. Feel great when I stick to it. Gotta keep it up. Goal is I will NOT make exceptions for the dinner theatre we're going to on the 8th (I mean, they're serving prime rib. Who needs carbs?!). Nor for the birthday celebration for my girl friend on the 14th. Nor the breakfast potluck for my new/old department. Mkay? Mkay. 2. Workout. 2x kettlebell classes per week. I'm considering getting a pass to the gym at my work too - I'll update this goal if I go ahead with that. 3. Clean kitchen before bed. This means: dished done, counters wiped, floors swept. I reeeaaaaally want to make this a perma-habit. Waking up to a clean kitchen is the best way to start the day. 4. Bonus: Tackle one of the persistent cleaning/purging projects each week. Choose from: 1. Coat closet 2. Linen Closet 3. Kitchen Cupboards 4. Spare Room 5. Rec room in basement 6. Bookshelf in Living room 7. Take an actual load of donations to a place that accepts donations. Obvs. can't be the first task. Alright my fair, fearless friends! Let us flay our foes and follow our fancies! Forward!