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  1. Bah, it's always so frustrating when something that was meant to be fun turns sour. I'm glad your 2nd attempt was better though, and ended on a good note. Weight loss really is such a slog - I think focusing on a workout program will be much more fulfilling for you! I hope you're able to find a good balance.
  2. Heck yes - great job with your respawn! I too am a little dismayed that I let so much of my hard work get undone, but you're right - we're at where we're at and all we can do is the work we need to from here. So great that your modified work schedule is in effect now too! That will help so much with energy and mental capacity and general dealing with it-ness. Way to crush it! You got this. (Also I am totally up for some accountability check ins! Just not Facebook, it gives me anxiety haha. I prefer WhatsApp, but I can download telegram??)
  3. I can't totally remember how last week ended, other than overdoing it Saturday night at a small party at my bestie's. So Sunday was definitely a recovery day haha This week is actually going really well though. While I'm not always hitting my veggies at dinner goal, it's still been moving me in the right direction. Overall my meals have been getting healthier, and breakfasts and lunches have been more whole food oriented lately. Tuesday and Thursday we played disc golf, so my steps goals are in the process of being crushed this week. And I actually DID workout on Wednesday! Nothing crazy, but I did a little yoga session in my backyard on my lunch break. It was kind of challenging, since I couldn't really see the screen and sometimes couldn't hear, but I muddled along. I wonder how annoying it would be to do with headphones on... The garden is coming along too! All the greens, the cucumbers and zucchini are coming up nicely. No sign of chives or dill yet though. And only one bean has sprouted so far! Hopefully its brothers and sisters will follow though. My aunt (who lives just down the street) gave me some shade-loving perennials that I've added to the bed behind the garage. Ferns, a little bleeding heart, delphinium, and something she called chocolate chip that I've just researched and is better known as bugleweed, which spreads aggressively and I think I'll pull out haha. They were all just plants she was thinning out of her own beds, not a particularly careful transplant process so we'll see what takes. The bleeding heart surprisingly looked like it handled it best though, which is nice, they're so pretty. Hubs is abandoning me this weekend to play disc golf, so I'll have to figure out how to entertain myself 😜 of course, it's been beautiful all week but is supposed to be cool and rainy all weekend. If it's not too bad on Saturday, I may go with my friends to hang out at a campsite for the day. That would be nice since I can bring the pups - there's water there for them to swim in, which will make their day. Otherwise some domestic rangering will be called for. Happy Friday! Here's to not backsliding on the weekend...
  4. Surprisingly well, despite the radio silence Although I think one of my goals for next time should be around actually checking in on my own thread and my friends! It's a really good idea, I'll need to think of what to do. I've tried picking up the barre workouts again several times, but I'm just struggling to make a habit. Maybe I can find a yoga one? For some reason summers make me want to do yoga.
  5. Oh man, did I EVER need this 5 day weekend. And now only 2 days of work and it's the weekend again! Let's see. Monday it rained ALL day. I basically played Diablo 3 all day, it was great. Dinner was spaghetti squash with meatballs and tomato sauce, caesar salad and garlic toast. Definitely met my veggie goal. Not much walking, because I did not feel up to braving the elements! Tuesday we drove to a disc golf course about 45 mins away. Brought the dogs and a picnic lunch and played a couple rounds. I think we ALL needed that! It was overcast and medium warm, so no sun burns or heat exhaustion. 14,000 ish steps, made up for the previous day! Dinner was... Fried chicken sandwiches. Not so healthy. But delicious - we picked up the chicken from one of our favorite restaurants and made the sandwiches ourselves. Wednesday: one last chill day before going back to work. I did get more gardening done - finished planting carrots and some flower seeds, and replanted a few rows that I suspect were unhappy with the cool spell right after I originally planted them. Also did a little bit of running around - I bought a clothesline kit, which I'm very excited to install! Dinner was a big ass salad with the leftover fried chicken, definitely got my veggies in. Did NOT meet my step goal though. I slept terribly last night, but got up on time. I'm off to walk the dogs before work. I think I'll take out a couple steaks for supper, and have asparagus and a salad (or asparagus salad?) with it tonight. I know I should work out. I keep thinking about it. And not doing it. Ehhhhhhhh.
  6. This was more validating than I realized I needed, so thank you. It's okay that it's hard. Social time is much needed - There's too many weeks when I see no one but my husband... Gardening is keeping my soul alive right now!
  7. Hey, no, I am NOT abandoning this challenge, even if I did mostly abandon my goals this week. I did make that shawarma salad I mentioned, so I did at least hit my veggie goal that night. And also yesterday - I made a big batch of roasted veggies (peppers, carrots, broccoli, onions, purple cabbage and zucchini), and turned some of it into a salad with spinach and lentils. And also hamburgers because, you now, balance. No workouts though and pathetically few steps. I met my goal yesterday but that was about it. It was rainy and cold all week. And the burnout is real. Ah well. Madly cleaned the main floor of the house yesterday, so that's really lovely. Still need to get caught up on laundry, but at least the livingroom and kitchen are sparkling. I did get some more gardening done - the perennials are in the ground in the front, and the tomatoes and peppers are in containers. I'm going to soak the blueberry's roots this afternoon so I can get that planted too. I need more potting soil though. I'm going to go meet a couple girlfriends for socially distant outdoor coffee this afternoon. Meatballs and spaghetti squash on the menu tonight - so many veggies (especially since I had roasted veggies egg scramble for breakfast). And I have the next 3 days off! I don't work into Thursday. And I have basically nothing to do, it's amazing.
  8. I'm sorry your Sunday was rough. It sounds like you managed to correct course though and hopefully set yourself up for a decent week! What did you plan for meals? Huzzah for garden/yard progress! It's going to be such a gratifying project. And HEY! You survived tax season! You can breeeeeeeathe now! It's gonna get better.
  9. Week Two Day One: Met my veggie goal, but that was about it! It was a very brain draining day at work. Fine, overall, but just mentally exhausted by the end of it. I did take the dogs for a decent walk on my lunch break, but it wasn't enough to get my 7000 steps in. It's supposed to get rainy and cold for a few days here Of course, I try to push the garden planting up by a week (May long weekend is traditionally the first planting weekend around here as it's usually after the last frost date) and now it's going to drop below zero overnight for a few nights in a row! But I have some old windows that I'm planning to make a cold frame out of (but haven't yet), so I'm thinking that I can just lay those over the beds to protect them. And I can throw an old sheet over the trellis. At least I didn't put the plants I bought at the greenhouse in the ground yet! They can wait until the weekend and hopefully we'll be good from then on. It's not raining right NOW though, so I think I'll take the dogs while I can. And I must fit in a workout today. I've got chicken thighs out for dinner tonight - I'm thinking shawarma salad. Don't stop, get it, get it!
  10. That is awesome! Our yard isn't big enough for much, but we do have a basket out there for putting practice.
  11. Week One Recap: 2 servings of veggies with dinner: 5/7 I'm happy with this goal - it definitely succeeded in making me eat more nutritious food that otherwise would have been replaced with carbs, most likely. I'm going to repeat it again this week, and aim for 7/7. Plus bonus points for higher veggie content in other meals too. If that goes well, we'll add on another nutritional baby step in week 3. Workouts: 2/3 technically. However, I was SO much more active this past week than I have been lately, what with yard work and disc golf. Overall my body is feeling better so that's cool. No change to this goal. 7000 steps per day: 44722 = 6388/ day average. Not bad, especially considering I didn't wear my watch on Tuesday (which was my vaccine recovery day). Not that I got many steps that day, but that's a one-off anyways. Same goal this week, except I'm going to meet it this time Decent week one. I feel like I'm moving in the right direction. I also have a good idea of where I need to go, but I'm really trying not to burn myself out getting there. So, we will let the little habits become true habits and be ok with that progress.
  12. Weekend recap: Veggies with dinner: No on Saturday, Yes on Sunday No workouts 8600 steps on Sat, 5400 on Sunday. So on Saturday we went to go test out a proposed layout for a new disc golf course that is getting installed. It's only like 20 minutes from our house, and it is going to be great one it's in! They're just starting with 9 holes but there's a plan for 18, although the back 9 is going to require a decent amount of labour to create as it's pretty grown-in. Still. Awesome. Also got WAY too much sun, and basically passed out as soon as we got home. Around 7 we went over to our friends' house for a fire, which was really nice! Hardly ever see anyone these days... And then picked up Wendy's on the way home. I mean, Wendy's has the potential to be at least semi-healthy, but the choices I made were not. On Sunday I woke up early to go to the greenhouse with my sister, in an attempt to beat the crowds. It worked, but it was already getting crazy busy by the time we left, so I'm glad we went early. I got a couple perennials for the front bed, some herbs, a couple tomatoes, a couple peppers and most excitingly, a dwarf blueberry plant! Fingers crossed that it will thrive where I plan to put it. Apparently it's self-pollinating, so I shouldn't need a 2nd one. Did some minor domestic rangering when I got home, so at least the kitchen and living room don't look totally tornado-struck. Then some yard work - I assembled and installed the trellis situation that I had planned. Really hoping this works! The idea is to grow cucumbers and zucchini up the trellis, and then I've got greens growing underneath where they'll be protected from the straight sun. Between facing east -ish and the white garage wall, it gets pretty harsh on those beds. The little bed on the left has strawberries and chives. I've planned green beans to grow up the trellises that go up the wall, and I plan to put carrots in front. Oh and there's dill on the right side of that bed. The beds wrap around the back of the garage although that gets less sun. I'm mostly going to plant flowers over there, we'll just see what succeeds. I think there are day lilies coming in over there already? A little early to know for sure. And our firewood is also stacked back there, so it's not a ton of space to fill up. Anyways, I'm pleased with how things are coming along! In the evening we walked over to the corner store - they just started selling hard ice cream.... Danger! It was so good, it's hard to regret, but between that and the late night peanut butter toast, I'm very much bloated again.
  13. I weep for you - brassicas are life. Solid plan though, moving towards higher nutrition without aggravating your insides. Is it just peppers that are bugging you lately, or is it all nightshades? At least squash and leafy greens exist! 😬
  14. Gaaaaah I typed up a whole big update and LOST it before I posted Am sad. And not willing to redo it. Summary: Yesterday was good. 11000 steps. Disc golf was good. More disc golf this morning. Yardwork later. Greenhouse tomorrow with sister. Sushi was delicious. And so inexpensive. Bloating is down! Diet improvements make happy body even without perfection. The end.
  15. I did! And it was great. Well, I didn't play great, but it was lovely out and we had a good time.
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