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  1. I'm a fan, so far (although I bought the premium version, so I can't comment much on the free one. I thought I would force myself to actually use it if I spent money on it!). Yes, it's a pain to have to re-enter my recipes, but it has some nice bells and whistles that MyFitnessPal doesn't (or at least didn't, I haven't used it in years). But there are a few things it doesn't do that cronometer does (what I switched from) so it's a tradeoff. Agreed! I'm grateful for our farmer and that I can trust him. Now I just need to source some chickens, I feel badly that I still
  2. Week Three Day Four: Workout: nope. What a depressing goal to keep checking in on! Tracking: yes. Classwork: nope. So I went over to my sister's place last night because it was my BIL's birthday (and they were having sushi, and damned if I'm missing out on that!). It was nice to see them and my parents. AND I didn't have cake! My sister is an excellent baker and made a super decadent black forest cake. But I knew with the sushi and a beer I was already over my calorie limit for the day, and I decided it wasn't worth it. So th
  3. Week Three Day 2: Workout: nope Tracking: Yes Classwork: Nope Made a couple shirts for some online orders, and watched Holi-date. Enjoyed it thoroughly, because I live for terrible romcoms. And Emma Roberts. Week Three Day 3: Tracking happened, but no other goals. Although I did take the pups for solid half hour romp through the snow, which is almost a workout. We went HARD working on our business all day! Hubs organized our storage room and I spent the day making proofs and updating our website. I'm genuine
  4. It's always a good idea to keep some time off in reserve. I get it, anniversaries can be really tough - it took my husband several years to not be sent into a tailspin around the anniversary of his brother's death. But recognizing that it's coming and giving yourself some extra grace is the best thing you can do.
  5. Good job tackling all the annoying business stuff - boo to shit not working like it's supposed to though. Your food is making me drool though!
  6. I bet you will be feeling better soon now that you can have more solid food! Have you thought about making more egg cup thingies for those rushed mornings?
  7. Week Three Day One: Workout: nope. Tracking: yes! And it was a better day. Classwork: yes! Worked on it for about an hour, and finished the exercises for Chapter 2. I also worked an extra hour of work work, so it was a pretty productive day. Tiring though. Nothing in particular planned for today, but at least tomorrow is a stat! I had Thursday and Friday booked off too, in the hopes of visiting my brother, but it's not happening 😕 So I cancelled that, but took next Friday off and the Thursday/Friday after that, just to
  8. Much better now - I'm grateful that it was just bruised, not actually injured. I'm not holding my breath on the job posting - it COULD happen quickly, but it could easily be months if it happens at all. It's nice to have a possibility to look forward to though!
  9. Week Two, Friday - Sunday: Workouts: zilch. No excuses, im feeling better enough. Classwork: nope. Tracking: missed Saturday, but did yesterday and Friday. I worked a couple extra hours on Friday, which is good. Saturday I made a bunch of shirts for some friends of ours - they own a dog kennel, so we can trade for services... Except that we're not doing much traveling these days! That's okay though. In the evening, we went to the perogy place in town - they had live music. A local cover band of 60ish year old men - they were
  10. Now I'm scared of my own stairs too, because they're just as slippery! Maybe I should get some kind of grippy stuff for them... Not bad, overall. As always, not meeting my own expectations, but it could be worse! Thanks Rhia! Even if I'm not quite there (on ANYTHING) there is cause for optimism.
  11. So between my back injury and my hubby messing up his foot, we've had a pitiful week! I took Monday off so we could enjoy the nice weather and go to the mountains, but that didn't happen. I kept the day off anyways though, and it was nice. Got a few things done around the house, and chilled out. Tuesday I FINALLY worked on my class for a bit in the morning. Finished reading and taking notes on chapter 2. Still need to do the exercises. I should be at a minimum on Chapter 4 by now, so I definitely have some making up to do, but I'm trying. And OF COURSE we
  12. Generally really well! I had fun, but didn't totally overdo it on food or drink, so that's a win. BUT I majorly biffed it coming down my friend's stairs, and landed directly on my back in the edge of one of the risers 😕 I'm okay, but I was pretty freaking sore for a few days, and couldn't sleep because of it. So I've been taking it easy since then. It's nearly better though.
  13. Week One Day Three and Four Update: Workouts - Yes, on Thursday I worked out in the morning. And it wasn't too bad! I mean, it was hard and I'm feeling it today, but I made it through most of it decently. Tracking: Yes, and things are getting every so marginally better. Under 2000 calories the last couple days, anyways. And now the cookies are gone, so there. Classwork: (averts gaze) BUT I made it to Friday without drinking! It was not easy. I very very nearly caved, especially last night (3 nights is almost as good a 4, right?!? Wrong.)
  14. I think the benefit of the piano is that it can't sound TOO horribly wrong - you may play the wrong note or your timing may be terrible, but all the notes are pre-set for you! Sometimes I like to turn on the "strings" setting on my keyboard though, and just mash - everything you play on that setting sounds beautiful! lol
  15. Yeah, I struggle with that translation thing too. I have to sit and really think about what's supposed to be happening before I can do it. Can't just sit down and play something. Probably the best thing was the easy A in a music theory class in uni! I get the concepts, but my fingers don't. Still, it's been fun working on it even if I'm fairly hopeless at it. Baby steps, baby steps.. Yeah, I'm fortunate that my parents were determined that we learned an instrument! My dad's family is so musically talented (my gpa played fiddle in a band for as long as I ca
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