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  1. Fonzico Battles On

    Thrifting was a success! I got a new pair of jeans, 4 shirts, a jacket and two dresses - one being a coral Guess dress that looks like it's maybe been worn once! One of the shirts is a high necked black crop top that I'm not ready to actually wear, but I figured it was a good "aspirational" piece. In other news, I ate all the things yesterday. They were delicious and they were keto but it was much too much... I managed to get the bathroom spotless yesterday, although I got sidetracked while doing the kitchen and ended up sorting our recycling cupboard? I don't know what to call it, it's the weirdest little space. It's like a closet, but the floor is raised up a couple feet because of the staircase underneath it. It does have a couple shelves, but you pretty much have to climb up inside it to get to them, so it's not much use as a pantry. I have no idea what it is intended to be used for... So we put recycling and cleaning supplies and the dog food in it. Anyways, it was PACKED with empty egg cartons, because I know several people who have chickens and I save them for them and forget to ever actually pass them along. It was very hoarder-esque. So those are all packed up in a box, and put in the truck to be taken to my in-laws and the recycling is sorted. I got the kitchen and livingroom finished today, including washing the floors. Just going to get some laundry put away, as this place will be decent. Bonus pic: other thrifted dress!
  2. Fonzico Battles On

    Dinner at the steakhouse was great! It was nice to see my in-laws - it had been too long. I got bacon wrapped filet mignon, with a wedge salad, mushrooms, asparagus, green beans and peppers. I couldn't eat even half of it (especially once I was donated extras from a veggie-hater) so I'll have an awesome lunch or dinner today Today I'm going thrifting with my sister! I'm in desperate need of clothes that fit... But I'm not willing to spend too much especially if they're going to be too big again soon (hopefully). Other than that, it's all about the hard core domestic rangering this weekend. Imma get this ship in tip top shape!
  3. Hiroro Prepares for 13.1

    Have omg so much fun with your wedding! We'll be here when you're done, dinna worry! Yay for good things!
  4. Elastigirl : The Mission Continues

    I hope geocaching was fun! What movie did you go to?
  5. elizevdmerwe - More Bush Adventures

    Agreed! Dove Grey and pale blue will be lovely and calming. And no to beige!
  6. Fonzico Battles On

    Okay, after a solid night's sleep (and dropping another 1.2lbs?! WTF I don't even know what's going on there.) and FINALLY starting to catch up a bit on things at work, I'm feeling better. Hubs is taking off sometime this morning. It's his nephew's birthday tonight though, so I'm going out for dinner with his family. To a steakhouse, thank goodness! And my coworker is on vacation today, which means I can justify working through lunch, and leaving early, so that we have walk-in coverage through the day - I would do that every day, if I could!
  7. Fonzico Battles On

    Yesterday was a bit better of a day. I got to go to a disc golf clinic for women, generously put on for free by a couple of touring pros who are in the area! It was really really well done and I feel like I got a lot out of it. It was 1.5hrs away though, so I had to leave right after work, and didn't get home until after 11 :/ But I packed a snacky supper and had a proper meal once I got home. Going to bed at 1230 is so not my jam though. Hubs is going away this weekend (to the tournament the aforementioned pros are in the area for). I'm a little sad to miss it, but it's for the best - I'm definitely on the cusp of burnout. It's going to feel really good to get my house in order too, and that's so much easier without the mister in the way I also don't think this tournament is particularly well run, so while I'll miss the social aspect, I would probably have just been grumpy about things. Our next tournament isn't until the end of the month, so I have a little time to recover and to practice Aaaand my return to strictness in the food department this week paid off - I'm down to 143! New low by over a pound. I've been bouncing around between 144 and 147 for like a month, so it's nice to feel like I'm making real progress again!
  8. Fonzico Battles On

    Ugh, I wrote up a big post, and accidently closed out of it... I'm too lazy to redo it. But here are a couple pics from the wedding! (I'm on right)
  9. Fonzico Battles On

    I'm feeling a bit better about life today. A good sleep probably helped! Work is still whatever, but I'm dealing. I'm also looking at other jobs - while I know I can go back to my old position in November, it's good to keep options open. There's a promising looking opportunity about 45 mins away that I might go for. I don't know how I totally feel about moving... we be central to a lot of things, but kind of far from everything, and it's in a smaller town. Eh though. Might be time for a change. And I dropped down another 1/2lb, so I'm almost back to my most recent low! Time to make some progress again. I'm also thinking that I should start bike commuting again! I finally think I'll have the time/energy for it. And going to yoga in the park. Yes yes yes.
  10. Fonzico Battles On

    In an attempt to learn from last year, where I "failed" (aka dropped out of) challenge after challenge, and proceeded to put ON weight over the summer, I am changing my approach! While it's not summer yet, the busyness is already starting for me, and I find trying to build 4 week challenges that work around all the stuff I have going on is a recipe for failure. Instead, I will be making some longer term goals, trying to check in here fairly regularly, and work more on my over-arching plan! I'm going to go with a 12-week goal format for now. I'll be formally tracking these from April 9th until July 1st, but I'm working on them all now anyways. Goal #1: Stay Keto. This way of eating is REALLY working for me, but I know my biggest struggle will be keeping it up while we're disc golfing/camping most weekends over the summer. I'm going to allow some flexibility while I'm in Mexico (we leave in 9 days!), but after that, it's aiming for <20g of carbs per day, with one higher carb (<30g) day allowed per week. I do have targets for other macros, but in a effort to keep things simple, I'm just going to report my averages each week, reflect on it, and decide what, if any, changes need to be made. Goal#2: Kettlebells I'm hoping to average 2x classes per week. I'm mostly making 3 right now, but it's unsustainable over the summer. With disc golf league night once a week, and the fact that we're going to be gone about 1/2 of the Fridays, I'm down to 1 free evening per week, on a good week. Trying not to make myself crazy. Goal #3: Practice disc golf! My competitive spirit really wants to get better at this... but I can't expect that to happen without putting in the work! Goal is to attend league night (1x week), do field work at least 1x week, and get in 3 additional practice rounds in on non-tournament weeks, 2 on tournament weeks (including the usual Friday night practice on the tourney course) Goal #4: Nourish my marriage I don't want to lose sight of the most important person in my life in the midst of all this self-improvement! I'm going to pick on thing to focus on each week, work on it, and reflect. I have some ideas in the back of my mind, but open to suggestion! Goal #5: Grow our business. With the focus being on the disc golf apparel side of things. This is kind of a monster goal. It involves some one-time things that need to happen, some habits we need to get in to, and some long term goals to achieve... I'm going to make a spreadsheet, and I'll post that when I'm done. I think between all of this, I've got a pretty holistic grasp on the important aspects of my life. The only thing not addressed at this point is the bike commuting that I intend to take up starting in May... I'm going to see how that goes, and maybe add it as a goal later on. I'm also okay with the fact that these are going to ebb and flow as my schedule shifts and changes and fills... and I'm okay with that! The important part is ensuring that I keep my priorities at the forefront, and don't fall back into bad habits. I'm not grading myself, per se, on any of this, but I want to make sure I'm thinking about it, reporting/recording it, and using that data to make decisions about how I spend my time and energy.