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  1. Hi! I like your goals! I'm learning Spanish through Duolingo right now too, and I LOVE the idea of listening to podcasts.. That's great. I also love the aimless wanders.. more so in the summer time, but I have to remind myself that winter walking is wonderful too! I just got a pair of nice winter boots, so it's off to tromp the fields I go. Best of luck to you!
  2. Update #1: 1) Haven't worked on the pull up in the last couple days. Well, I did do some general arm exercises (overhead press and planks) but that doesn't really count. 2) Have had small amounts of wheat. This is what I'm trying to cut out. I've drastically reduced the amount of wheat I eat (I haven't had pasta in over 6 months, bread only very once in a while) but it's the little bits here and there that I'm trying to stop. Wednesday night we were out for my SIL's birthday, and I had a little bite of the garlic bread - totally not worth it. And then yesterday I had some creamy soup that had wheat in it. Sort of worth it. 3) I did about 15 minutes of yoga this morning, and I'm feeling fantastic for it. 4) I got up at 6:30, beating my goal by 20 mins! This was wonderful, it gave me time for the aforementioned yoga, plus I made coffee for the hubby, which put him in a good mood too. It's a beautiful circle, ain't it? So, two out of four so far. I have to say though, I like this challenge. When I'm feeling my motivation flagging, I remember that I need to level up! Heh.
  3. Oops, I forgot to post my starting point. I'm 26, 5'5, 170 lbs. I cannot do a pull up, but i can do 6 negative pull ups. I currently rarely eat wheat, but I'm trying to stop completely. I don't do yoga regularly at all right now, although I have in the past. And while I ought to get up at 7, I often stay in bed until 7:15... which drastically undermines my charisma, I assure you.
  4. Hey, thanks for stopping by I have a history of setting unrealistic goals, so I decided to make these things I can definitely accomplish, but that will still constitute an improvement. I hadn`t been using "how to finally do a pull-up" but I just checked it out; it should be helpful, thank you. I don't have access to a gym, but I do have a pullup bar at home. Mostly I've been trying to do eccentric (negative) pullups, but it's been sporadic and I want to put more focus on it.
  5. Hai people, I am a brand-spanking new rebel, and the challenge sounds like fun! And I would like to be more awesome. I hope I'm doing this right. 1) I am going to do a chin-up (STR: 3) Not happening due to shoulder injury. Instead: I am going to do P90X yoga for at least 25 mins, 3x a week. (STR: 2, STA: 1) 2) I am going to not eat any wheat products for the next 6 weeks (CON: 3) 3) I am going to do 10 mins of yoga, starting with 3x a week, working up to every day. (DEX: 3, WIS: 1, STA: 1) Life goal: 4) I am going to get up at 6:50am on weekdays (10 minutes early) (CHA: 2, WIS: 1) Now: DIEEEEEEEEE DRAAAAAAAAAGON! Edited Jan 12, 2013: To change pull up to chin up, and add "on weekdays" to my life goal. Edited Jan 29, 2013: To cancel chin-up goal.
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