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  1. I'm working on a Certificate in Public Administration. It's just at the undergrad level, but I thought it would be a good boost to my resume for the kinds of jobs I'm interested in! I'm taking one online class at a time and will have 7 to go after this one, which is Intro to Management. (My degree is in Anthro, so I've never taken these kinds of a courses before!) I just queued up a guided meditation from Let's Meditate that was short and not designed to put you to sleep haha I used the extreme focus one. Actually that night I stayed up too late, I was reading one of the books I recommended in your thread! A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik. I even more strongly recommend it now! I'm going to buy a physical copy of it, is definitely home library worthy.
  2. !!! I am so impressed with your water drinking goal and its effect on your soda consumption! That is awesome. I feel like you are putting your effort into a real high reward area, and I'm so proud of you!
  3. Gah, I'm sorry about the contractor mess and general anxiety shit - it all just sucks, and I really hope it gets better for you on both counts in the foreseeable future. Scales suck, and I get it - I too need that regular feedback to keep me from lying to myself about how well I'm doing. I'm super trying to go down to once a week weigh ins, but it's hard. But it's by far worse to let the scale affect your mood and cause you to second guess yourself! What is the solution??
  4. Bah, I started to type up a reply yesterday, but I lost it (and angrily abandoned it lol). @Maigs I DID get started on my assignment. I did not get as much done as I'd hoped though. The weekend was good overall. Stuck to keto, even with drinking a few glasses of wine on Saturday. I really overcommitted myself on Sunday though, and it ended up a busy and not at all restful day. I spent a couple hours in the morning doing accounting stuff for our business. Then zoom meeting with the fam, including little bro and new baby. Then met sister for dog park adventures. Then made some shirts. Then cooked dinner. Then crashed. Like, not bad stuff. It was just go go go though. WEEK ONE DAY ONE: Official challenge start! Carbs: 20.5g Stretching: Nope Classwork: Nope Meditation: yes! So not only did I meditate before bed, which led to restful sleep and easily getting up on time, but I also used a guided meditation when my anxiety was threatening to overwhelm me during the day. And it helped. Brought me down from like a 7 or 8 (where 10 is a full blown panic attack) to a 4. I have every expectation that today is going to be a better day. (I did not meditate Sunday night, I stayed up WAY too late reading instead, and felt awful in the morning, so I didn't really set myself up for greatness.) I vow to make SOME kind of progress on goal 2 or 3 today.
  5. Yesterday was a good day. Honestly felt like the first time in a while that my mental health was good AND I didn't eat like a donkey. Like, deep down I know my brain functions better with certain things out of my diet. Both keto and whole 30 give me the same effect, so it's most likely grains that do me in, since that's the major mutual exclusion. I've been down this road a time or two. Oh well, still good to be back on a good track. The braised short ribs turned out AMAZINGLY (although I think the cauli mash made me bloat. It doesn't do it all the time though, so I keep eating it). Very chill evening though. Carbs: 24g Stretch: A tiny bit while working Class: Nope Meditate: No - I don't even remember falling asleep last night! I was reading.. I obviously put my phone on the night stand and turned the light off but I think I was mostly already out! All the classwork is happening today. I'm going to get a very very solid start on my assignment. Not much else planned! I need to make a few shirts for this weekend (our side gig has had a good month! It'll be a really nice boost financially) and the upstairs bathroom needs cleaning... But that is the extent of my ambitions!
  6. Thursday was a better day, mentally anyways. Carbs were a tiny bit high (33g) but only because i ate more rutabaga at dinner than planned for. Nothing bingey. The best thing about keto is being able to stop snacking in the evening! No alcohol yesterday either. I did a little bit of stretching - I used the ballet barre in my office for a couple quick movement breaks while I was working. I should do more, but it's a good first step. No class work - definitely going to go hard on my first assignment this weekend. I did use the meditation app last night. I slept solidly, but still had a bit of trouble getting up in the morning. TGIF! I'm making braised short ribs for dinner tonight (with cauliflower mash) and I'm so very excited
  7. Oh that sucks so much that you haven't been able to WFH at all! I know I'm fortunate that we haven't had to up until now (I go in once a month, by myself, so that's okay. And my December shift got cancelled because they're replacing the carpets so that's even better). I wish I didn't get emotional so easily... It's not a great professional quality. At least when I'm at home I have the option of turning the video off! I tried headspace too, but same, just didn't want to pay for it.
  8. I'm pro-napping, so no judgement here. What is a rude ball? I'm scared to Google...
  9. I totally get the cleaning struggle. For me it helps to prioritize the high-effect areas. Spaces I can see from my lounging area or the kitchen counter have the biggest effect on my mental health, so I do those first. Sometimes it brings me enough calm to do more.. But if not, it's okay too, because at least the coffee table is clear, or whatever it is. Just like the soda - baby steps!
  10. I use the Let's Meditate app! I'm pretty sure it's free. It's not as fancy or intensely curated as Calm for example (which is exorbitant, imho), but it does the trick. Specifically I use the Restful Sleep one - it's like half an hour, which isn't always long enough for me to actually fall asleep, but it doesn't seem to matter, I still sleep better when I do fall asleep.
  11. Glad to hear the passport mission wasn't hellish! Mmm fried chicken. I tried making it homemade last week for the first time, it was so stupid good.
  12. I'm currently reading "a Deadly Education" by Naomi Novik. I loved her book "Uprooted" - this one has a very different style and tone, but I'm still enjoying it immensely. Recently finished "the left-handed booksellers of London" by Garth Nix. SO good. I also loved his Abhorsen series. (I read a lot of YA fantasy, what can I say). 15% reduction in soda consumption in one day is great! You're doing awesome. That's like 37g less sugar!
  13. They keep saying "post secondary institutions are not contributing to the spread!" Because we've had online classes since March, you jags. Hard to spread when there's nobody interacting! Like, yes, there've been some labs and trades classes in person, but it's still basically dead on campus. Trust me, there are going to be outbreaks due to us once you bring 40% of students back on campus!
  14. 1. Net carbs: 22g 2. No stretching 3. No class work 4. No meditation So, funny story on the last point. I actually did START the mediation... But then my husband (who was still up) had a ridiculous coughing fit, and I felt compelled to make sure he wasn't dying. Which of course woke me back up. So I read for a bit to settle down again... And then passed out sans meditation. And definitely slept more fitfully and had a bit harder time waking up. More data needed, but seriously, I may have stumbled on something amazing for me here! GREAT news - my boss won her battle with regards to our return to work in Jan! We are going back to the original plan. Such a relief! Obviously she got a ton of pushback about it, although I didn't say anything (other than my question in the meeting that was not answered and resulted in me turning off my camera because I was crying...). I'm also down 2 lbs since starting keto on Sunday. Water weight, I know, but still nice to see it going in the right direction. I'm going to shift to once a week weigh ins though, so as not to make myself too crazy.
  15. Ditto on needing to hear the menu! Breakfast for dinner is my go-to meal for unplanned nights
  16. Net carbs for Monday and Tuesday were 22g and 15g respectively, so that's going well so far. One drink on Monday (rough day) and zero yesterday. Not a technical goal, but I'm still going to keep track. I haven't figured out a stretching routine or worked on my class yet this week. I have put on my guided meditation the last two nights while going to sleep though! I don't always get right into the actual meditation, but having it play still seems to do the trick. I've been sleeping through the night and waking up easily. Good news today - my boss has told us that she is still fighting for a phased in return to work for us in January (3 people at a time on a 1 week on, 2 weeks off rotation). We'll see, I really hope she's successful, as that makes me much more comfortable than just "everybody, all the time". If not though... I might have to play the asthma=underlying condition card. Hopefully it won't come to that though.
  17. That's all I need, friend! Hi! I will have to find your challenge! I'll take all the luck I can get, thank you! Keto is a big transition.... But it works. Which is annoying, because I want to eat bread and potatoes. But not more than I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. So, you know.
  18. As agreed upon at the end of last challenge, I am focusing on the things I can control. (I may rant a little about the things I cannot, but I'm not letting it take over). And what a great year to commit to healthfulness through the holidays! With no parties or events, there's limited temptation to indulge. I'm getting my butt back on the keto wagon. I know I've struggled to get back on it in the past, but it's still the only thing I've found that actually subdues my constant food obsession. And trying other tactics has only lead to like 15lbs of weight gain this year. Goal one: less than 30g net carbs per day. Do or do not, there is no try. Goal two: stretch or something! Like the only thing I ever do is walk. And my poor body is falling apart! Realistically probably not going to start a full on workout routine right now, so I am going to find a little 5 minute yoga flow or something and do it at least 3 times a week. Start small and build. Goal three: class work! Timing is good for this challenge. Get half way done my course (includes submitting assignment#1 and writing the midterm). Bonus goal: use guided meditation to fall asleep. Even if I'm not struggling to fall asleep, I seem to sleep better, deeper and wake up easier when I do this. Why not all the time?
  19. Oh my goodness, your vacation sounds so lovely and just what you needed! I'm so glad that it was restorative for you. Great idea to tackle the soda habit! Zero judgement to be found here, but I bet just being aware and tracking it will help pretty quickly.
  20. Here's to giving 2021 us a headstart instead of a hole! Following obvs.
  21. Congrats on the new suffix!! That's awesome! Can we see pics of the new-old place? I'm trying to envision it, but I could use an aid right now it's looking very Green Gables in my head (I'm currently binging Anne with an E, it's so insanely well done!) Omg I feel you on the mobility stuff - my body is falling apart! I may have to join you on this goal - I can't seem to convince myself to work out, but maybe I can at least stretch and roll... I'm sorry about the overwhelming nature of... Basically everything. I feel you. Nothing to be done but ride it out. And vent here, of course!
  22. I'm alive... Sorry for the radio silence! I'm okay(ish), just not motivated to update recently. I suppose this challenge just technically ended, didn't it? Hmm. General wrap up: Tracking: got semi-decently back into this as a habit. Definitely going to continue and to get more consistent. Overall, my food choices improved a bit over the course of the challenge, so I think it was a good step. Workouts: hahahahaha. Ha. Ha. I think twice total? This is at the bottom of my priorities right now, and while it's not ideal, I accept that that's true at the moment. Class work: still behind, but doing better. I'm on track to be half done by Christmas, and I'm supposed to finish by the end of Feb. Totally doable. Alcohol intake: while I didn't strictly adhere to the "weekends only" goal, I very successfully moderated my intake back down to an acceptable level. I'm feeling good on this one. I still need to stay on top of it, but current levels are ok. Life update: We got told that that we are going back to work on campus full time starting in January. I'm flabbergasted. We are in the middle of a huge wave that is projected to be much worse by January, not better! It was very obvious, although not spoken out loud, that my boss is also upset about this and her objections fell on deaf ears. It's coming down from senior admin, and short of a government mandate, the decision will not be changed. I'm pissed, I'm anxious and depressed all at once. Trying my best to deal with these emotions (preferably without food and alcohol). Wishing that I had some kind of alternative employment prospect so I could tell them where to stick it, but frankly my job security is so shit right now I don't feel like I have the option of doing anything but accepting it. So yeah. That's where I'm at. Focus on the things I can control, I guess.
  23. I'm a fan, so far (although I bought the premium version, so I can't comment much on the free one. I thought I would force myself to actually use it if I spent money on it!). Yes, it's a pain to have to re-enter my recipes, but it has some nice bells and whistles that MyFitnessPal doesn't (or at least didn't, I haven't used it in years). But there are a few things it doesn't do that cronometer does (what I switched from) so it's a tradeoff. Agreed! I'm grateful for our farmer and that I can trust him. Now I just need to source some chickens, I feel badly that I still buy that at the grocery store.
  24. Week Three Day Four: Workout: nope. What a depressing goal to keep checking in on! Tracking: yes. Classwork: nope. So I went over to my sister's place last night because it was my BIL's birthday (and they were having sushi, and damned if I'm missing out on that!). It was nice to see them and my parents. AND I didn't have cake! My sister is an excellent baker and made a super decadent black forest cake. But I knew with the sushi and a beer I was already over my calorie limit for the day, and I decided it wasn't worth it. So that feels pretty good. I got a new food tracking app (loseit!) mostly because I felt like some novelty would help me become re-interested, and it's working so far. Aka this week. I've brought my calorie closer to goal, and my protein up a bit every day so far. And if nothing else, I'm less bloated, as I've gone down a notch in my belt! Def realizing that I need more protein in general though. I'm not eating enough by any standard. Not surprising, since I've had a mild meat aversion for the last few months - I just want veggies and fatty starch! This is exactly what led to me being vegetarian for a few years (a long time ago), and while I recognise the value in that, it was NOT good for me health-wise - my body does not handle beans or soy well AT ALL. But I have a freezer full of ethically raised and slaughtered local beef and between that and eggs, I can work on getting my protein up. I should probably eat more fish, come to think of it.
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