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  1. Week Three Day 2: Workout: nope Tracking: Yes Classwork: Nope Made a couple shirts for some online orders, and watched Holi-date. Enjoyed it thoroughly, because I live for terrible romcoms. And Emma Roberts. Week Three Day 3: Tracking happened, but no other goals. Although I did take the pups for solid half hour romp through the snow, which is almost a workout. We went HARD working on our business all day! Hubs organized our storage room and I spent the day making proofs and updating our website. I'm genuinely proud of what we accomplished. Things are starting to pick up a bit of steam, so if we can keep it rolling, that will be amazing. I made beef bourguignon for dinner, and it was freaking amazing. It was a good day.
  2. It's always a good idea to keep some time off in reserve. I get it, anniversaries can be really tough - it took my husband several years to not be sent into a tailspin around the anniversary of his brother's death. But recognizing that it's coming and giving yourself some extra grace is the best thing you can do.
  3. Good job tackling all the annoying business stuff - boo to shit not working like it's supposed to though. Your food is making me drool though!
  4. I bet you will be feeling better soon now that you can have more solid food! Have you thought about making more egg cup thingies for those rushed mornings?
  5. Week Three Day One: Workout: nope. Tracking: yes! And it was a better day. Classwork: yes! Worked on it for about an hour, and finished the exercises for Chapter 2. I also worked an extra hour of work work, so it was a pretty productive day. Tiring though. Nothing in particular planned for today, but at least tomorrow is a stat! I had Thursday and Friday booked off too, in the hopes of visiting my brother, but it's not happening So I cancelled that, but took next Friday off and the Thursday/Friday after that, just to give myself a few short weeks in a row. We were supposed to be leaving for Mexico this Friday! (I booked it almost a year ago, so no idea at the time what the world would be like). So I have like a week of vacation time to reallocate.
  6. Much better now - I'm grateful that it was just bruised, not actually injured. I'm not holding my breath on the job posting - it COULD happen quickly, but it could easily be months if it happens at all. It's nice to have a possibility to look forward to though!
  7. Week Two, Friday - Sunday: Workouts: zilch. No excuses, im feeling better enough. Classwork: nope. Tracking: missed Saturday, but did yesterday and Friday. I worked a couple extra hours on Friday, which is good. Saturday I made a bunch of shirts for some friends of ours - they own a dog kennel, so we can trade for services... Except that we're not doing much traveling these days! That's okay though. In the evening, we went to the perogy place in town - they had live music. A local cover band of 60ish year old men - they were entertaining. And the food was good! I didn't even eat too terribly - hubs and I did share some deep fried pickles, which are my favorite, but for dinner I had a cabbage roll, kielbasa and sour cabbage soup. And just a couple little perogies. I made DH eat my leftovers yesterday, even though they are delicious. It started basically blizzarding in the evening, so I guess it's winter for real again here! Yesterday was cold AF. I got the dogs out for a brief walk, but it was unpleasant! Hubs had to go plow some parking lots for his dad during the day, so I went and picked up my sister so she could come over for a visit. Not a terribly productive day, but was relaxing. I will probably work more extra hours tonight - I still have 7 more I can use in the next week, and I need the $$$. I also cancelled my vacation days booked for Thursday and Friday, since it still doesn't look like I can go visit my brother probably not going to happen until things are better, pandemic-wise. It's starting to get bad around here. Ooh! And I forgot, I did a ton of work on our (disc golf apparel) website on Saturday and Sunday and started a contest, which has been going well! So I'm really hoping that we'll get some new people interested and ordering. I'm glad I laid the foundation for this stuff back in the spring, even though I dropped the ball after that. I think we'll see some fruit now, and since the stock is already purchased, it'll feel a lot like profit!
  8. Now I'm scared of my own stairs too, because they're just as slippery! Maybe I should get some kind of grippy stuff for them... Not bad, overall. As always, not meeting my own expectations, but it could be worse! Thanks Rhia! Even if I'm not quite there (on ANYTHING) there is cause for optimism.
  9. So between my back injury and my hubby messing up his foot, we've had a pitiful week! I took Monday off so we could enjoy the nice weather and go to the mountains, but that didn't happen. I kept the day off anyways though, and it was nice. Got a few things done around the house, and chilled out. Tuesday I FINALLY worked on my class for a bit in the morning. Finished reading and taking notes on chapter 2. Still need to do the exercises. I should be at a minimum on Chapter 4 by now, so I definitely have some making up to do, but I'm trying. And OF COURSE we got offered more hours again, and I just can't say no. So I worked an extra hour Tuesday as well. Yesterday, I got groceries (mostly healthy!) and my friend came over to visit in the evening And today is my work-at-work shift. I've not been tracking since the weekend, but I'm picking it back up today. And I resisted getting something extra when I got coffee! I brought plenty of food, but it's always tempting... Work continues to be a mixed bag, but I'm not totally miserable, just occasionally grumpy. And my boss told me today that the International office is putting in another request for an Admissions Specialist! In these times of austerity, it's likely to be denied again, but that would be so cool. I would enjoy it and I think I would have a pretty decent chance of getting it. Nice to hope for, anyways! I DID have one drink on Tuesday, but abstained otherwise this week. Still a huge improvement! It's been really helpful that DH is joining me in this. We have some leftovers (Ham, cabbage and potato soup and some meatballs and spaghetti squash -see, I'm trying!) tonight, but I think I might also make this roasted vegetables and barley recipe I came across the other day. I'll let you know how it goes!
  10. Generally really well! I had fun, but didn't totally overdo it on food or drink, so that's a win. BUT I majorly biffed it coming down my friend's stairs, and landed directly on my back in the edge of one of the risers I'm okay, but I was pretty freaking sore for a few days, and couldn't sleep because of it. So I've been taking it easy since then. It's nearly better though.
  11. Week One Day Three and Four Update: Workouts - Yes, on Thursday I worked out in the morning. And it wasn't too bad! I mean, it was hard and I'm feeling it today, but I made it through most of it decently. Tracking: Yes, and things are getting every so marginally better. Under 2000 calories the last couple days, anyways. And now the cookies are gone, so there. Classwork: (averts gaze) BUT I made it to Friday without drinking! It was not easy. I very very nearly caved, especially last night (3 nights is almost as good a 4, right?!? Wrong.) But I did it (and so did DH!) This weekend should be fun - we're hanging out with bestie (and BF and 5 y/o and MIL) for Halloween, which should be a blast! And then some friends and their kids are coming over on Sunday to see our new place and have lunch together. I get off at 2 today, so we'll go do some running around and provisioning. I'm not going to pretend it's going to be a terribly healthy weekend, but I'll try to mitigate at least!
  12. I think the benefit of the piano is that it can't sound TOO horribly wrong - you may play the wrong note or your timing may be terrible, but all the notes are pre-set for you! Sometimes I like to turn on the "strings" setting on my keyboard though, and just mash - everything you play on that setting sounds beautiful! lol
  13. Yeah, I struggle with that translation thing too. I have to sit and really think about what's supposed to be happening before I can do it. Can't just sit down and play something. Probably the best thing was the easy A in a music theory class in uni! I get the concepts, but my fingers don't. Still, it's been fun working on it even if I'm fairly hopeless at it. Baby steps, baby steps.. Yeah, I'm fortunate that my parents were determined that we learned an instrument! My dad's family is so musically talented (my gpa played fiddle in a band for as long as I can remember, my dad plays guitar and mandolin and my aunt taught piano) it's a shame I missed out on those genetics! It's like learning a 2nd language (both literally and metaphorically) - easier to do with a squishy child brain!
  14. I did forget about one other positive from yesterday. It's not a formal goal, but I've been trying to play piano more often lately - my set up is better in the new place, and I've always regretted letting my hard-fought skills lapse (I took lessons and did up to Gr 8 Royal Conservatory growing up, but honestly have no natural talent for it, so it's always been a grind). I do still have some muscle memory, from reinforcing the few things I can play over the years, but haven't really improved since high school. Anyways, I have been playing more lately, and I had a good practice session yesterday. I finally decided to try watching a YouTube tutorial (I specifically wanted to learn to play "I will follow you into the dark" but I didn't really want to pay for sheet music and again, while I can read music, it's such a chore to actually learn to play anything that isn't horribly simple). Anyways, it went beautifully! It wasn't anything complicated, just basic chords, but I was able to learn to play it in about an hour. Completely satisfying and actually encouraging.
  15. I think you're the voice of wisdom here. There's not much point in burning myself out as that will end up with even less done in the long run. Doing a moderate amount more regularly will be good.
  16. I am SO feeling you, friend! I know it is frustrating. But we are here, we are trying, and our fitness levels and weight will catch up. It's a long grind, but it's worth it. Happy healthy vibes your way today!
  17. Week One Day Two update: Workout: negative. I feel lately like I have the capacity for 1 (one) extra thing per day. Like I can work extra, OR workout OR do classwork. I can't decide if I should fight against this or accept and work around it. Anyways, yesterday was extra work, but that should be done for a bit now. Tracking: yes.... But it was bad. Making cookies at like 8pm was not my best decision. What TF are you supposed to do when you want to improve but don't have willpower or motivation?? Classwork: ugh, no. Okay, so absolute shite day, goal wise. Hubs and I both had rough days, mentally. We worked through some shit, but it's disheartening sometimes... Positives: no drinking for either of us (I was strongly tempted again) AND we took the dogs out together for a solid romp after work, which is good for all four of us. Well, all I can do is try to rally again. Workout or classwork MUST happen today.
  18. Oof! Sorry for the extra painting work, but I'm glad you got it sorted! Having a comfortable home base is so freaking key to mental health, it's so good that you're improving your space. AbsoLUTEly worth it for 2-4 years. Yeah, it rained here last night and then froze - it was a fraught puppo walk this morning! I would NOT run on that nonsense.
  19. Week One Day One Update: Workout - Did not happen. Tracking - Yes, happened. Aaaaand when I felt snacky, I had carrots and celery with dip, which is better than several alternatives, (even accounting for the large quantity of homemade ranch!) Still way too high calorie-wise. I am going to do better today. Classwork: Nope. Nerd Check ins - I read some threads, but just lurked. I'll get to commenting today! I ended up working an extra 1.5 hours yesterday (not overtime, sadly, since with our hours being cut, it's still within normal hour limits. But still some extra scratch). It was not the best workday - I felt frazzled and annoyed most of the day. Evening = food, TV and a little piano playing. I am going to be working extra time today as well, and then I'll have worked as much extra as I'm allow to, for now. I've decided that I'm going to aim for zero drinking Monday-Thursday in my effort to cut back. Hubs is on board too. I had zero drinks yesterday (despite the open bottle of wine the fridge, taunting me! I might have to cook with it, just to use it up :P)
  20. Nicely done on the pic editing - that looks great! Now eat a damn vegetable!
  21. Yeah, the dark evenings aren't great either. Either way, I just want it to stop changing! It's the stupidest concept. They've even done several public surveys in our province and overwhelmingly people want to get rid of it, but they keep dragging their feet on actual change. It's been a bad year for habits, one way or another. Right? Haha at least the booze is relatively cheap here, but those bottles disappear dismayingly quickly! We. Got. This. For real.
  22. That's the worst part about challenges... Once you make the goals, you're supposed to actually do them! No fun.
  23. Being here! Doing things! Thinking stuff! You're already halfway there.
  24. Update: I've been consistent with tracking, but not improving the contents. I'm hitting around or over 2000 calories a day, which is not going to result in weight-loss, I hate to break it to you, hun. I also don't want to type this, since it means that I have to address it, but frankly I could probably resolve most of my overages by stopping drinking. I'm definitely trending towards a little too much of that. It's been a bit of a crutch this whole pandemic, but since there's no end in sight, I should probably deal with my own shit. **Insert childish foot stomping and pouting here** I DID at least attempt to work out yesterday. I'm in awful shape and I only lasted 20 minutes into it, but I went hard for those 20 minutes, so I'm okay with myself. I'm going to keep repeating week one of the program until I can get through them all decently. Still no class work. I am debating about what to do this morning - I am allowed to put in a few extra hours for work, which is good because $$. But I really need to get going on this class stuff. And realistically I probably won't do both. I am thinking classwork today, and if I make some good progress, I'll do work work tomorrow. My dogs are losing their minds this morning too, so I had best go feed and walk them (practically in the dark! Can we just do away with daylight savings time permanently please?) first, and then do responsible adult things. Happy weekend friends! Be nice to your Monday selves.
  25. I'm sorry about the tooth pain - hoping the other dentist is about to diagnose and treat you. I understand the "fuck it" feeling that comes with it, it's hard to feel like your goals matter when you feel like crap. But try to remember that there's a future Rhia out there who will not be suffering from tooth pain and who will appreciate all the actions you take for her today! (This is also a reminder for myself. Be good to future self. I can often keep my house clean with this mantra, but food stuff is way harder.) Yay for the weekend, at least! Do you have anything going on to distract you??
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