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  1. Headed over to the Adventurers for a while... still searching for all the components I need to finish my Iron Man suit.
  2. Week 2 status: Total days walked: 7 of 9 possible (2 of 3 for the week) Back rehab: 7 of 14 (5 of 7 for the week) Bonus planks: up to 30 seconds per hold from 20 seconds Thoughts: getting bored with "merely" walking. Uh-oh. I love getting outside, I love walking. I don't love the knowledge that walking is s-l-o-w work as far as getting where I want to is concerned. I found out bodyweight squats are out - a huge bummer but right now they hurt in a not-good way. Good news - planks I know are fine, and push-ups and pull-ups should be okay. (I'll test them to be sure.) So I can get a decent ci
  3. First week results: Walking: 5 days of 6 possible Back rehab: 2 of 6 Bonus: one 20-second plank, no credit Thoughts: Walking's good. Shins are always tight after the first 3/4 mile or so. I wonder if that's a short person thing... I've always had weird shins. Back exercises are, too - but I caved to the "I'm too tired" excuse or only remembered them once I was already in bed. I actually miss them if I don't do them so I'll be getting right on it. Randomness: I'm seriously contemplating taking up inline skating for my cardio days. Definitely a low-impact workout for the off-strength days
  4. I do keep track of total miles over on the Walking to Mordor Google spreadsheet. For the challenge, I'll base my pass/fail on whether or not I walk for exercise, period. But between you and me, I aim for at least half an hour. If I can only get in 20 minutes, though, it still counts.
  5. Still not out to win prizes, just trying to heal and enjoy life while I'm doing it. Apparently I can't (don't know how? maybe it's not possible) retroactively tag this challenge. If I could, 'chronic lower back injury', 'rehab', 'walking', and 'simple' would all be included. Challenge #5 Main quest: Make my back better (as better as it can be *hopehopehope*) and protect it while staying active. Support goal A: Establish a daily walking habit. STA 5 Method: Walk every day of this challenge, and the next, and the next, et cetera... Support goal B: Improve lower back strength, durability
  6. I've been dealing with a lower back injury too. Higher-impact activities trigger my spasms: jumping rope, running, basketball, etc. It still hurts to sneeze, and I'm stiff and crooked after sitting as well. As far as resuming activity goes, I also find it difficult to reach the balance between "listening to my body" and unnecessarily giving up activity completely. Gotta leave the ego out of it! What I have found helpful: AbsoLUTEly find an osteopath who specializes in manipulation. Look on the American Academy of Osteopathy website to find the DOs who do this. I'm still not back to regular
  7. Thank you, sir - and thanks for your support this challenge. Come back anytime
  8. Final update: It's been a blechy last 3 weeks. Back issues, hormones, laziness - all factors which are impermanent; I won't be staying in this funk long, you can be sure. I was able to work out and stretch routinely throughout the challenge until last Wednesday - by Thursday night I looked like this guy. Bah. (No worries - I have a doctor's appointment soon! And it's getting better every day.) I think every time I do impact-heavy stuff my lumbo/sacral/ileo area just says "Okay, we're done. Spasm time!" :-P I've been using the warm up from the NF Academy all month, which includes jumping rop
  9. Thank you very much for your kind words. Please realize I haven't figured it out yet, for sure! I'm still learning my limits, too. I'm more often than not impatient with myself, and really stubborn - especially with my lower back. I have a high pain tolerance on top of that - which is NOT always an asset. I've had to learn the hard way! The mental/emotional limits are a little easier for me to keep tabs on for some reason. So part of my philosophy has become - by necessity - to listen to my body and be aware of its limits. That'll be an ongoing endeavor; our limits aren't static!
  10. *bows* Thank you, Kishi. Thanks! Yes, this is my 5th attempt and will be my 4th completed challenge (I withdrew from the 3rd partway through). Links to my challenge summaries follow: I kept my introductory challenge pretty simple intentionally; I included one goal that's a bit of a no-brainer for me to make sure I got feel-good positivity from accomplishing at least one thing! I learned a lot about the NF challenge format/philosophy/my own goals and wants for future challenges. Second challenge I was still gung-ho, but I tried to do way too many things at once! That meant I had too
  11. Okay, major update needed! 11 workouts out of a possible 12. That's on track for an A. Thoughts: With my lower back issues, I occasionally make decisions not to work out or do stretching instead. That's not an excuse; it's a for real deal if I want to keep working out and living life in general. I won't count such a decision against myself. Laziness, on the other hand; doesn't get rewarded. Pull ups! I found out I like a wider grip today; I can bust out 7 and sometimes 8 good-form band-assisted pull ups pretty well. But shorten my grip a bit (as I had to do this morning at the latest pla
  12. Still going strong though I haven't been able to give a thorough update. Really liking the way my assisted pull ups are coming along.
  13. Ooh! Ooh! I can help out with that because it took me weeks until I found out. You highlight the text you want to hide the link in (that "here" you were talking about) then you click the little tiny chain w/a green + symbol on it - it's next to the 1,2,3 list button. Just paste the URL in the box that shows up, and voila! Hidden URL.
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