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    Surviving moving (as an introvert)

    I hate moving. I love going places, hate moving. I'm slow to make friends, even slower to make close friends. A month ago, I found myself starting over solo in a new city. I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to how to re-build my life and where to find community in this new place. For those of you who've done it, how did you re-build your life when you've been uprooted? How do you find 'your people'? (also, anyone in the greater Portland, OR area want to meet up and do something nerdy or fitness related?)
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    Surviving moving (as an introvert)

    I entirely agree. I forgot to mention, I work remotely. My closest coworker is 300 miles away, and most of them are in Quebec! I'm trying out a co-working space this week, but I'm out of town one week every month, so it makes it hard for me to be a "regular" anywhere. I've also joined a crafting meetup (the knitters don't mind me chip carving at their knitting table), a German language class, and am trying out gyms that have group classes. There's a point where the alone-ness is more wearing than the effort of going out and meeting people multiple times a week. I am slowly getting back into running. Once I can do 3+ miles, I'll think about doing a club.