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  1. I did the  "pain cave" mboilty wod today. I watched the video and was wondering what he meant by the pain  cave.


    Question on pain and stretching. I always thought you weren't supposed to stretch until you were in deep pain because you could injure yourself. I took a break after 1 minute of this excercise because it hurt so bad. But maybe I should be in pain and I just need to tough it out? How far do you push it? How do you know this is good pain that is helping vs causing harm?

    I think you're supposed to stay out of the pain cave... I though slight discomfort was about as far as you are supposed to go for any stretching or mobility work.  He does say to stay out of the cave because your totem animal will not be there to protect you :)

  2. 26 April 2013:

    That'd be an awesome update


    Me: So what did you do today?

    CH: Oh you know, juggled grizzly cubs while benching the mother... with my LEGS!

    Hmmm.... you guys might be onto something, If I start out volunteering at the oakland zoo and start out with juggling the wallabies...



    6up Goal 1: Went bouldering for 1 hr, started to get a little overconfident with newly realized bouldering ability. Warmed up and immediately knocked out 2 V2's said what the hay, and completed 2 V3's! Attempted another V3 with negative results and another until my fingers would no longer hold me up and couldn't complete a V1 for the cool down. Dishes are done!

    9up Goal 3: More club swinging with some stretching and mobility WOD, hopefully this gets easier over time because all it seems to do is highlight that I have a couple issues... okay a lot of issues when it comes to flexibility/mobility.

    Under the Sea: Completed general flexibility MWOD, splits are hard, must continue to work on hip bendy level.


    Work went a little long today but the dreaded training is over and I still got to go climbing.  It is now sleepy time and I shall return on la mañana, suenos dulces!

  3. I'm punkin' out tonight. Sleep caught up with me and my guts hate me. I think this was the same day last week that I crashed. Oh well. Not going to sweat it. Tomorrow I'll make up for it.

    I took a nap today too!!  :sleeping: Enjoy the rest and good luck on the challenge tomorrow.

  4. Machines are a lot like spreadsheets...

    They break and are often difficult to fix? Or they are cantankerous and sometimes useful? :)


    Nuala do you usually measure self at the same time everyday? I generally have a variance of 5lbs depending on when I jump on the scale. My scale also tries to determine body fat % but jumps up and down 2% which can be a little discouraging if you think 4lbs turning from muscle to fat in the course of 12 hours so I take it all with a grain or two of sea salt.

  5. I'd definitely go for the ambidextrous goal as well, for both your reason and the fact that I think everyone builds up an imabalnce of strength/balance/dexterity unless you focus on reducing the bias.  It did turn out to be a little awkward when I thought about shifting with my left hand and using the right foot for the clutch, my feet are too big and my arms aren't that flexible :).  Keep up the good work!

  6. Huzzah on teh back squat! I feel that picking up and carrying an assailant out of sight so as to remain undiscovered for a mission is a perfectly legitimate skillset for an assassin. Squatting them onto you shoulders and carrying them off would prevent tracks from being left in the dirt for someone else to discover :)

  7. 25 April 2013:

    Congrats on the V3!!!   I find it really helpful to watch other people climb, since often the optimal body position or footwork are kind of counter-intuitive.  Lately, it's just been my husband and myself climbing, so I've had no help (since he's 6'2" and tends to solve things differently than I do by using his height and strength).


    And wow for the pull-ups!  You're a total beast.

    Thanks! I usually try to climb when no one else is there so I can send at will, but may go more often at busy periods so I can watch how its done and try and emulate better climbers (When i go climbing with my wife I always tell her that I'm a bad example aka doin it wrong :) )


    Gratz for the V3! It's always such a joy when you manage to solve one! The difference of level between V2 and V3 is huge, that's when being strong is not enough, you need to be more technical :)


    And yay for habitRPG, if you feel like trying the "party" part, just give me your id (not the user name, but the weird number you can find in the upper left menu) I'm curious to see what that does. 

    Absolutely :), I have been enjoying bouldering on a more regular basis and think my finger/forearm strength is coming along thanks to the combination of pull-ups, climbing and club work which has made a lot of the previously impossible holds, slightly more so. I would love to party up but do you know if you can join one or more parties? My wife and I are trying to brainstorm an awesome party name and I don't want to exclude her if only one party can be joined.  I just purchased my first sword and my little avatar got a honking Broadsword! 


    I misread that at first. I thought it said "played with cubs." Like bear cubs. Which seemed pretty badass for a workout. Like, maybe doing bear presses or something. Or wrasslin'.

    That would be the epitome of awesome  :ph34r: , lions, and tigers, and bears oh my! I did an adventure race where we saw a couple of bear cubs but I had no intention of wrasslin' with them as momma bear was not too far behind :), Talk about motivation! Clubs are still fun though, good excuse to swing around oversized sticks and not seem as crazy...



    +2 on Really, Awesomely, Super fantastic training   :blink:

    Was getting ramped up for a challenging bw workout.....and took a 2 hour nap  :sleeping: .....  not necessarily planned...... fantastic, absolutely

    8up Goal 3: Played with clubs (I wish I got to play with cubs though, siberian would be cool) for ~10 min. today

    5up Goal 4: Studied for 35 min. for upcoming qualification board.

    Under the Sea!: Worked on staying out of the pain cave for the hip flexor stretch, ppl are starting to look at me funny as I try to stretch discreetly during mtgs.

  8. WOOT! I'm just celebrating for the sake of celebrating mind you :).  I've become an instant convert to HABIT RPG, I've used it to expand on goals outside of NF and to curb rewards like a ginger beer whenever I want and have to decide between short and long term prizes!

  9. 24 April 2013:

    +1 on Really, Awesomely, Super fantastic training  :nonchalance:


    5up Goal 1: Went bouldering for 1 hr, starting to feel like I am getting into a grove, 4 V2's and 1 V3 after the warm-up.  In between problems watched a lot of other climbers to check out their strategy and overall route. WOOT!

    4up Goal 2: Into the second week of pullup program ; 9,7,6,7,8 taking the full 2 min. break between sets, accidentally started week three workout instead of 2, caught it before attempting to knock out 9 at the end.

    7up Goal 3: Played with clubs for ~10 min. today, and used the foam roller

    4up Goal 4: New vocabulary for clothing items, linen as well as verbs for clean/dirty, wet/dry

    Under the Sea!: Tried the outer hip rotation hw with ball to loosen thing up on the deriere, ouches


    Really enjoying HABIT RPG and have been delving deeper into habits I want to develop or rewards I should probably regulate a little more often.

  10. W2D3


    One bottle of water down, one to go. Drinking tea right now. Haven't walked yet, but will later before bed.


    This isn't close to everything I want to be doing or "should" be doing or will be doing, but I refuse to let myself do more right now because then I'll just eff it up. I want to change my diet and lift heavy things and run and on and on, but that is always where I jump ship on the challenge. So right now my only goal - my one simple umbrella goal for this challenge - it making an every day routine and being consistent. The absolute baseline for this challenge is to walk every day and drink 2 bottles of water. I have to keep telling myself that that is enough for right now. That keeping it simple and doing it consistently is better than trying to do too much and failing at everything. That this is a single step and the wet cement of the foundation of my health and fitness that my next 6 week challenge will build on. That challenge will definitely involve diet/nutrition. But for right now...walking and drinking water every day. It's kind of sad, but my 10 days of solid routine (excepting the one day I just slept) is one of the biggest successes of the kind I've had in years. :mellow:


    So, I'm mostly just pep talking myself here because it's always so hard to do so little even though it's actually the thing that's making it work. This seemingly insignificant 1 mile walk + 2 bottles of water is a good thing. It's not doing much for me physically, but mentally it's making a big difference right now. :ph34r:

    Starting any endeavor is usually the hardest part but even harder I think is sticking to the path. Beginning strong and finishing strong are easier than challenging yourself throughout the entire journey.  Keep up the hard work and stay consistent, KISS is an excellent way to make this easier and I think your well on your way :)  


    PS How goes your HABITRPG? I just started one and think it is a fantastic idea!

  11. I call it beign creative when I make up my own names to what I'm doing. Interesting, I think they sound harder than normal handstands

    Isn't that some crazy yoga bird pose too?? Glad your making the most out of limited wall space, it usually forces me to try some routes I may not be quite as fond of. Is there any half-pipes big enough to simulate the warped wall for Ninja Warrior? Cuz that would be awesome, keep up the great work.


  12. Hey Bub, glad your back on track and healing up fast.  Definitely a good call on paying very close attention to your bodies signals and cutting down on reps, Docs are great at general recommendations but you are the best judge of your own Health and well-being.

  13. 23 April 2013

    So a hellacious day was had in a classroom today for work related training, luckily I was able to salvage with a quickie of 35 min. in the pool.


    4up Goal 1: Went swimming during the lunch break today, trying to focus on technique instead of muscling through the water.  Pretty busy today at the pool but it was fun trying to keep up with the real swimmers.

    6up Goal 3: Rolled for 15 min., things seem to be getting easier in regards to pressure points or stiffness through typical mid-thigh.

    Under the Sea: Worked on the Psoas today in one of the other hip mobility wod. Really enjoying this mini-challenge and will have to reattempt 10 min. squat later on this week.


    Nice progress, keep it going CH!

    And thanks Red!

  14. 22 April 2013:


    It will make you a much better climber in the long run.  For each grade, I have to learn the technique as well as develop the strength for some of the power moves.  You'll just have to learn the technique, so you should advance much faster.  I've been stuck for a few months on routes requiring lockoff moves, and the only solution for me to to keep working on the lockoff until I'm strong enough to do it.


    I'm jealous that you're in California, since you have such wonderful outdoor climbing and bouldering.  We east coast people have to travel pretty far to find any good outdoor climbing.


    I am pretty fortunate with the gyms out here.  The gyms that I've been to before would not hold a candle to the difficulty of the current.  I need to start going more often as they change routes about once a month so any old favorites or familiar challenges are soon replaced.



    3up Goal 1: Went bouldering for 1 hr, mostly V1's with 3 V2's conquered, and so very close on a V3 still baffled by the rest of the spider monkeys.

    3up Goal 2: Completed day 3 of 6-week program; 8,8,8,6,10 with 2 min. breaks between sets, the last set was for max so I think ten is good considering rockclimbing and previous pullups

    5up Goal 3: Played with clubs for ~10 min. today, and completed yoga flexibility series

    4up Goal 4: Mas estudio

    Under the Sea: Attempted 10 min. squat, had to stand up to readjust ever 2 min. or so, keeping the feet straight proved to be extremely difficult and I think my feet were most sore after the exercise.

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