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  1. W1D5 was a bust. Had insomnia and only got 2 hours of sleep the night before, so just slept when I got home.


    W1D6 tho...I already got in an hour of racquetball today, 20 minutes of stretching and 1.5 bottles of water. Still time for a walk later. :D



    I played by myself today, which I do sometimes when I don't have a partner. I'd rather play by myself than not at all.  :)

    How'd you finish out the weekend? You were on a roll and hopefully finished strong. I hear what you're saying about racquetball, I like to practice shots or serves when no one is available, do your courts have a bulletin where you can put that your looking for r-ball victims...err opponents?  I recently joined a tournament so I can play new people and hopefully play a little more often.

  2. Hmmm.... are the endeavors of the spreadsheet crusade out to record all data in order to categorize and classify individuals into tidy boxes? Well I am generally disorganized and messy so... down with BIG BROTHER!


    Oh yeah, nice progress Aeryn, keep up the good work.

  3. I do think the rock gyms in the Bay Area are pretty advanced.  I climb at the GWPC which is part of touchstone fitness in California and most of holds are tiny and balance moves like you suggested. It definitely requires a more diverse skillset and hand/wrist strength in ways I haven't ever trained before.  The good thing is that it is forcing me to use my legs quite a bit more and utilize body positioning in the end I think it'll make me a better climber, for now I still feel like a total Noob :).

  4. 20 April 2013:

    Ready to give more pullups a go and another focused day.


    2up Goal 1: Went bouldering for 1.5 hr, mostly V1's with a few V2's conquered, was consistently baffled by the ability of others to make climbing look graceful and knock out routes I can't begin to attempt.


    2up Goal 2: Completed second day of 6-week program; 7,6,6,8,9 taking the full 3 min. break between sets, prepare for more DOMS!


    3up Goal 3: Played with clubs for ~10 min. today, trying to work on new movement and streamline the basics.


    3up Goal 4: Back on Spanish


    Save the Bacon!: 20 pushups

  5. 19 April 2013:

    A little sore nothing too crazy.  Slow day after work and too much Injustice! PS (I am Batman)


    2up Goal 3: Played with clubs for ~10 min. today, trying to work on new movement and streamline the basics.


    2up Goal 4: Back on Spanish


    Save the Bacon!: 55 sec. crow

  6. KBG as far as the snatch test if it seems like you are on the cusp of believing you can do it.  I would say go for it but I usually just get a goofy grin after I fall on my face before trying it again.  Maybe I'm just a sucker for punishment but I feel like accomplishing something thought to be just outside the real of possible to be much more rewarding them breezing through a challenge or goal. I realize that everyone approaches goals differently but if I fail it makes me that much more determined for the next round. Best of luck glad you enjoyed some sun!

  7. Aha! It's great that you know what you want and what you need to get done for it. Good luck with that :)


    Thanks, it'll be a lot of work but I think I'll be worth it in the end.

    Nice job on the goals. How is the weekend treating you? Keep it up!

    Gracias! Weekend has been great, had to go to work on Sat. unfortunately but got to go to a Mezcal event last night and race my miata today.  All in all good stuff.

  8. 18 April 2013:

    Alright, first day acting on arena challenge.  Feeling fairly optimistic about inevitable DOMS.


    1up Goal 1: Performed NTC bodyweight workout


    1up Goal 2: Completed first day of 6-week program; 6,6,4,7,9 taking the full 3 min. break between sets, prepare for DOMS


    1up Goal 3: Played with clubs for ~10 min. today, trying to work on new movement and streamline the basics.


    1up Goal 4: Back on Spanish, knocked out a few lessons before putting together a delicious tomato, cucumber and sweet onion salad


    Save the Bacon!: 30 sec. handstand, 30 pushups and 60 sec. crow

  9. Hey, nice set up for this challenge. Hope you rock it. :)


    Thanks BettyRae!

    Hey hey! Muy bien objectivos! Pero el mas mejor camino para aprender espanol es a hablar como tu sabes espanol, te vas a callier pero es natrual para aprender!

    Muchos gracias! Yo tengo pequeña comprendo la lengua español.  Yo necesario practico mucho. 


    Welcome back Crazyhawaian! Remember the bacon, errr piggies are counting on you! :D

    Mmmm candy smoked bacon,  I mean friendly pulled piggy allies!


    Yay to you for not procrastinating :)

    What's a GRE?

    Graduate Record Examination, basically a standardized test that is required to apply for most post-graduate degrees. I want to change careers and hopefully start my path to becoming a physical therapist.

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