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  1. 21 March 2013:


    13up Goal 1: Swimming again! Still would love to complete a full underwater lap without coming up for air, working on staying calm and can easily finish 1 length with a little bit of gas left.  I refuse to hyperventilate prior to attempts due to the possiblity of shallow water blackout and nobody else in the pool. 


    21up Goal 2: More clubs and yoga, been working on clubs for 10 min. a day as well as yoga.


    15up Goal 3: Taking my brain to school!  Will be putting in time for GRE preps on the next challenge.

  2. 20 March 2013:


    20up Goal 2: More clubs and yoga.  Becoming more coordinated with the clubs and an excellent warmup for the shoulders but not sure about measurable strength gains.  The whole purpose was more about injury prevention and honestly they are a lot of fun to  swing around regardless :).


    14up Goal 4: Up spanish lessons, still moving along slowly.

  3. 19 March 2013:


    12up Goal 1: Went swimming for 35 min. again today.  Lights were down low and I was the only one in the pool, damn pool vaccum kept sneaking up on me...underwater ninja vacuum...


    19up Goal 2: More clubs and yoga.  After a couple more flexibility workouts I think I will shift to the intermediate workout.


    13.5: Another brain training session and a couple of spanish lessons before heading to work.

  4. Update 1    18 March 2013:


    So it has been 3 busy and wonderfully fun weeks which is no excuse for lack of updates. 


    Goal 1 (By land, sea, and air): Only 11 workouts thus far, no real progress strength wise but the variety has made this goal much more enjoyable and not as much of a grind. I plan on picking up the pace to meet my target.


    Goal 2 (Wind in the willow): At 18 days of limbering up, my IT bands are happier as is my range of motion with slight gains in flexibility.


    Goal 3 (Cook Man!, Cook!): Only 3 meals actually cooked so far so definite room for improvement.  I need to get out of the mindset of take-out or eating out to save a little bit of money and improve my skills.


    Goal 4 (Getting Smrter): At 12.5 I am right on track to finishing this one.  Getting back on spanish but still wanting to dedicate more time.  I have not picked up the uke at all as of yet :( I have always been a huge fan of spanish guitar which might keep it more relevant.  When I play the uke its usually for something fun like the Tetris theme.

  5. 14 March 2013:


    7up Goal 1: (Sea) Went swimming for 35 min. Talked with a police dive team conducting training for search and recovery operations, cool guys, and fun to watch the divers conduct training as I swam laps above them.


    14up Goal 2: Worked with the clubs throughout the course of the day and did a 30 yoga flexibility session.


    10up Goal 4: Couple more spanish lessons in addition to brain training on lumosity good stuff all in all.  


    Just got get back on the bandwagon for cooking tasty noms.

  6. 13 March 2013:


    6up Goal 1: (Air) Went climbing for ~40 min or so just concentrated on form, foot placement and letting joints take the majority of the weight as opposed to muscles.


    13up Goal 2: Finally got indian clubs in the mail! Basic exercises are not difficult to learn and def. enjoy swinging the clubs around. The moves involving more coordination will take some time though. Stretched for 20 min. and did a 30 min. yoga flexibility course.


    9up Goal 4: Did a few spanish lessons and a full round lumosity brain exercises.


    So here's to jumping back into the challenge headfirst.  I figure there's some lost time to make up for and feel like I'm getting off on the right foot.

  7. 04-12 March 2013:


    So took a little vacation and barely visited NF to update content, luckily there is some content to update so here it goes!


    5up Goal 1: (Land) Completed a hotel bw workout while traveling.  Working out otherwise was not going to happen due to an excessive amount of walking/overeating and lack of motivation.  On the plus side since going on vacation me and the wife averaged ~8 miles a day.


    11up Goal 2: Worked on diligently due to high walking mileage (for me).  IT band would tighten up throughout the course of the day and need some TLC.


    3up Goal 3: Made a salad to go with dinner, easy out I know but it still counts.  Used mixed greens with slices of clementines, walnuts, and diced salumi.  Pretty tasty and well received, though not as tasty as the sourdough, brie and mushroom grilled cheese.


    7up Goal 4: Other than reading some excellent magazine articles and expanding my mind with some excellent theatre I only jumped back on spanish and brain training over the past two days.  Have been enjoying short spanish conversations which have done wonders for putting things in perspective language wise and expanding vocabulary.

  8. 03 March 2013:


    4up Goal 1: (Land) Went for "I am Batman" workout #2.  Still working on shoulder strength as well as wrist flexibility but was sweating in 5 min. and dripping by the time it was done, good fun for those caped crusader wannabes out there.


    6up Goal 2: Same as yesterday, looking up a set of stretches as well to try and appease the tight legs.


    2up Goal 3:  Under instruction attempted to make homemade cinnamon toast crunch cereal!  Didn't work out, apparently the recipe was extremely conservative so our planned tasty cereal turned out more like whole wheat crackers :).  Till next time, also helped with making nachos but didn't go the distance.  I think next time I'll be able to take care of the full monty.

  9. 01 March 2013:


    3up Goal 1: (Air) Went bouldering with my better half, my wrist popped in different way on the first problem.  Should've warmed up more before tackling a moderate difficulty route.  Still had a good time and there wasn't a loss of strength or swelling.


    3up Goal 4: Yahoo! Got some new high scores on brain games.  Fun once I get started it just takes a little bit to get into.

  10. 28 February 2013:


    3up Goal 1: (Sea) Went swimming for ~35 min. and made it 1000 yds.  500 of which was non-stop freestyle followed up by which ever I felt like/had the energy to do.  Actually working on backstroke as I believe it to be my most awkward stroke... not that the other ones are beautiful but it probably looks like a cat fell in the water.


    4up Goal 2: Continued stretching out the legs with some heat followed up by a foam roller. Still not fun but necessary.


     2.5up Goal 4: Did a full brain workout! Need to get back on the spanish wagon though.

  11. 26 February 2013:

    2up Goal 1: (Land) I am Batman! Well maybe not but I did the workout and although it was very brief I got a lot out of it and will probably continue to use the movements for BW workouts.

    2up Goal 2: Used heating pad on IT bands, and used the foam roller, the lady of the house recommended an epsom salt bath but I didn't quite make it that far.

    1.5up Goal 4: At Red's recommendation I have just taken to throwing out spanish words that I think make sense for conversations. Maybe not as productive as a solid language session but def. a greater variety of phrases and funny looks.

    Also embarked on an epic walk of SF waterfront, ended up with 9 miles completed. After going for a short jog in the morning my legs are beat-up. VFFs not the best idea for 9 miles of concrete and sidewalk.

  12. February 25:


    1up Goal 1: Went rock climbing for 45 min. only goal was to complete all V0's totalling 10 for the day.  Working on footing and not relying on finger/upper body strength for problems. Things are getting easier and will try all V1 problems next time for a volume day.


    1up Goal 2: Rolled out the legs and stretched upper body constantly working on IT bands, really want to start trail running.


    1up Goal 3: I cooked a Frittata! Really it turned out pretty easy, ended up very similar to a scramble only baked.  The resident cook though it was tasty and finished hers before I even got started!


    1up Goal 4: Did 30 min. of lumosity, forgot how fun it was, big fan of the memory games as my short-term memory is terrible.


    All in all good start for Mt. Midoriyama.

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