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  1. 4 February 2013:


    Goal 3 *Bonus Level!*: Went climbing today for ~1 hr, the goal being to climb all of the V1 problems (total of 10), most of which were straightforward but the of course the last was the trickiest and I no longer had the hand strength to overcome....Next time....next time


    13.5up Goal 4: I was off of work today so took the opportunity to dive into language lessons for the day.


    Burpee/Assassin Missive: knocked out the requisite burpees and joined the Gauls! for freedom, juice and ...throwing smelly fish at romans... *mushroom nom nom*.  Sun salutations and some distance for the cause.

  2. 3 February 2013:


    16up Goal 2: Completed workout after helping prep some dinner vittles.  Now on week 5/6 workouts where there are two sets of EVERYTHING! Def. stresses muscular endurance and trying to maintain form to the best of my ability, as predicted legs are unhappy due to DOMS.


    12.5up Goal 4: Finished a full lesson (30 min.) currently on Level 1>Part 2>Section B.  Which means i have a ways to go with 3 levels, 4 parts each with 5 sections to boot.


    Burpee/Assassin Missive: Kept up with all 34 burps but am now breaking them up into 2 or three sets.  Didn't punch out the Mushroom king though, need to find something else other than shadow boxing for MA activities.


    Tendons around elbows are a little tender as are the shoulders.  I'm planning on picking up some indian clubs to increase range of motion and strength for shoulder mobility and injury prevention.

  3. 2 February 2013:


    15up Goal 2:  Saving this workout after dinner and a movie not such a great idea, onto the week 5/6 workouts where most of the workouts are a minimum of 2 sets so a dramatic increase in the number of reps for each individual exercise.  (My legs will be unhappy tom.)


    12up Goal 4: Spent a time this morning while munching down on breakfast to wrap my head around espanol.  Reviewed one lesson out of 6 for a couple of incorrect answers.


    Burpee/Assassin Missive (Mushroom men and Da' King!): So squished a few more mushroom men but found it hard to be motivated to shadow box or kick without something to contact, I will endeavor to grind into the Mushroom King more tomorrow.


    Went for a great walk through Redwood Regional Park, some beautiful trails I def. look forward to incorporating into future challenges/workouts/trail running :).

  4. 1 February 2013:


    Goal 3 *Bonus Level!*: So my last bout of training for Mt. Midoriyama fell feet from my goal of reaching the summit of 4 separate V2 bouldering problems in one session.  This time I warmed up with some burpees (crushing some mushroom men) actively stretched and focused my chi for the next attempt.  I clambered up 3 problems with the "pump" settling its way into my forearms, weakening my grip and eroding my confidence.  I shook the the doubts out and started up the wall.  After I reached the top I could barely believe that I had made it!  Looking at the problem as a set the problems seemed much less complicated once completed, each foot and handhold evident in their progression through the problem.  I rested for a few more minutes and said what the hell, found a different V2 and again made my way up the wall!!!! 5 V2's in the same session, YAHOO!


    11up Goal 4: Worked slowly throughout the morning and afternoon to catch up on spanish lessons and complete 3 active recall quizzes for previous lessons. Back on track!


    Burpee/Assassin Missive #4: Continued working on burpees and got fully caught up as well huzzah!

  5. 31 January 2013:


    Goal 1 *Bonus Level*: Worked on sprint interval for freestyle and breaststroke.  I also tried to compare how efficient my strokes were but seeing what the fewest number of strokes I could use to swim a length. It was 6 for breaststroke and ~13 for freestyle.  Also working on 5 strokes between each breath as opposed to 3 for increased aerobic capacity.


    This is my friday night for the weekend so I was a little brain-dead and not as motivated that I wanted to  be.  I'll have to focus burpees and spanish to get back in the game.

  6. 30 January 2013:


    Goal 1 *Bonus Level*: Completed another 500 free but at 13:05, not sure if I did an extra lap or was just that much slower... I can be terribly bad at counting while running/swimming.   Did some back/breast/side stroke to even things out and force all muscles to participate.


    14up Goal 2: Still working on unsupported, inclined suspended pushups (what a mouthful). Body is def. sufficiently challenge and trying to stay consistent with form and full ROM.


    Burpee Challenge/Assassin Missive #4: Completed 30 to squish 90 mushroom men!


    Still working on shifting back to days, shifts my time constraints a little bit and I rarely feel like jumping into spanish lessons after coming home and playing some video games.

  7. 29 January 2013:


    Shifting to Day 12 hr shifts from nights:  Little rough so far, crashed early last night but woke up at 2am, couldn't fall back asleep and got out of bed to do stuff at 3am.


    13up Goal 2: Workouts still challenging but did not struggle as mush as last time, core planks and suspended crunches FTW. 


    5up Goal 3: Went bouldering in the wee hours of the morning once the rock gym opened up.  Took my time and rested between problems and followed Scarlet's advice and placing feet as quiet as possible from hold to hold.  Knocked out 3x V2's!!!!  As hard as I tried to get the fourth my fingers/hands/forearms wouldn't let me take it all the way.  Also completed 2x V0's as warmup and 1x V0/1x V1 for cool down.


    Burpee Challenge: Double dipped on the burpees for the Assassin missive and 100 burpee challenge :).  Threw in a couple more for ole times sake. 

  8. Jumped on some mushroom men and scooped up some stragglers.  They tried to poke me with their little makeshift spears but I diced some up (with olive oil, garlic, italian parsley, thyme, crushed red pepper, salt, lemon juice and water) for some delicious mushroom bruschetta *adds more garlic* Mmmmm  :mushroom:

  9. Goal 1 *Bonus Level*: 500 free in 12:07, worked on 5 more laps.  Felt pretty sloppy in the water, I blame it on upper body TRX workout 45 min. prior


    12up Goal 2:  Really want to work on the incline/almost handstand presses.  Need to pick up some raised platforms so my face doesn't squish the ground before full range of motion.


    9up Goal 4: Another 30 min. Huzzah!


    Burpee Challenge: Guh, 53 burpees today, had to do them in 3 sets.


    Assassin missive # 4: More planks, crunches and L-sit's.

  10. 26 January 2013:


    Goal 1 *Bonus Level*: Swam 500yds free w/o stopping again.  Followed up with some breaststroke trying to see what the fewest amount of strokes it takes to cross the pool to improve form and glide.  Need to bring               a watch for timing purpose.


    8.5up Goal 4: Asking a few more questions each day, usted, nuestra, nuestro etc. probably focusing more than I ever did on English for correct grammar.  English I def. learned by feel than obeying rules.


    Burpee Challenge: Forgot to do them... tomorrow's gonna suck.


    Assassin missive #4: Also omitted from daily training routine, must work for da juice!!!

  11. 11up Goal 2: Not nearly as shaky legged as last time but still left me sweating like a hot meal in a closed container.


    4up Goal 3: Went bouldering today.  Started with 3 V0's and climbed one V1, didn't make it up 2 other V1's, said screw it and tried 2 V2's and was victorious!  No other V2's were attempted.  Kill count 6 V0's, 1 V1 and 2 V2's.  Need to keep making it to the rock gym and observing more experienced practitioners.


    8up Goal 4: Soldiered on through finishing Part 1 Act 1 of Spanish 1 :). If certain words are phrased to me in the exact order that I may understand them, I may have the capability to reply correctly...if given appropriate multiple choice options :).


    Adventurer Mini-Challenge 3: Thank ye gods that one is over!!


    Assassin missive #4: Abs for the Juice! Not Armstrong Juice, just juicebox or wine :D.  All TRX, L-sits and Hanging leg raises thus far!  Must have juice!!!!....I wonder if could substitute chocolate milk, they can come in juicebox like containers!

  12. 7up Goal 4: Had to redo a lesson or two.  Learning grammar in spanish is heard, especially because I was never that great with the english language and speak and write more through "feel" than knowing all the rules and conventions.


    100 Burpee Challenge:  Completed in 2 sets of 12 due to Adventurer/Kobold Slaying challenge.


    Assassin Missive Challenge 2:  Thought I was in the running for the stretching dog title but didn't add anything today due to my pushup frenzy, didn't want to put any more strain in the shoulders than possible. Damn, maybe next time.


    Adventurer Mini-Challenge 3: Gave it my all.  Currently on nights so from midnight to 6 am I knocked out my fingertip pushups (to strenghen for climbing) between rounds of Call of Duty. Slept till 1pm and did the rest on my fists (for stronger wrists). Total number of Kobolds taken out 525 and wishing myself luck to escape bed tom. :)

  13. Grew up in in Hawaii so always swam for fun and comfortable in the water.  Then I started training to be "aquatically adaptable" for 5 months at Dive School.  I've found swimming to be the single greatest benefit for aerobic endurance and usually makes me a better runner than trying to slog through miles. Supremely comfortable but have been working on freestyle specifically and being able to pace myself to finish 500 yds as opposed to sprint 50yds and be out of breath!  Knocked it out with my challenge and happily going to continue swimming, hopefully increasing duration, distance and speed :).

  14. January 23 2013:


    3up Goal 3: Went to an intro to climbing class with my lovely lady so we can go top-rope together! Proceeded to climb for ~25 min. 3 V0's and 3 V1's


    6.5up Goal 4: Moving into some unknown or at least very unfamiliar territory in regards to grammar, will def. need to clarify with my in-house translator tom. :)


    100 Burpee Challenge: 23 knocked out hopefully before downstairs neighbors were in bed, I can only imagine the looks I get trying to explain that the thudding is from exercising at 1130pm.


    Assassin Missive Challenge 2: Used it as a cooldown after bouldering, same pigrowatog as last time

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