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  1. WOW... I can't believe I never knew how many people would be with me on this. After talking to a few friends I find out that each one is going to help keep me in check. Always good to have a lil support team to keep you going. Also, I am also having a great 1st week. After a few modifications to my diet and the addition of a doable workout regime I have lost 6.5 lbs. I have my friend Tara to thank for helping me come up with a sweet workout that is centered around cardio but does include a good mix of strength training. Stoked to see how this goes after 28 days...
  2. That does suck. Hopefully you will recover quickly and be back in the game in no time. I would agree with Robotrogue and try what he mentioned as those are probably your better options.
  3. April 10th Journal Entry Daily Activities Messed around outside for the most part of the day in the garden, playing with my son, working on my truck, etc. Tomorrow I am looking at Cardio plus a little hike with my son. My Daily Intake Lunch was a turkey bacon wrap. Had my favorite meal - fried chicken, mashed potatoes, fresh green beans and southern fried apples with Sweet Tea. (Not the healthiest but man it had been SOOO long since I had this last...) No snacks today. H20 intake was 9 glasses. On to the next day...
  4. April 9th Journal Entry Daily Activities Push-Ups Set 1: 6 reps Set 2: 6 reps Set 3: 6 reps Question: I have always had trouble doing push-ups. I was wondering if my height (6ft 7in) is working against me on this. Any ideas? I am following the proper form (or so I have been told). Of course it could be I need to really work on my upper body strength. Bench Dips Set 1: 10 reps Set 2: 10 reps Set 3: 10 reps Front Plate Raise Set 1: 10 x 25 lbs Set 2: 10 x 25 lbs Set 3: 10 x 25 lbs Farmers Carry Set 1: 80 lbs x 35+ yards I watered my dogs using 2x 5 gal buckets full of water. (1 gal = 8 lbs, 1
  5. Sweet. I never knew there was a strongman event related to that. I do have to walk up hill part ways and then around several obstacles (trees, fences and such). So this would fall almost exactly within the numbers you provided. I am a wee bit heavier than 200lbs :shock: so I am looking at roughly 371 calories burned for 15 minutes. Now it doesn't take me 15 minutes to do it but I plan on making that work for at least 15 minutes from here on out. Thanks 67alecto
  6. I have 2x Australian Sheppard's that I water every other day. Each dog get's 1x full 5 gallon bucket. If my math and memory serve me, water is 8lbs per gallon. Each bucket is approximately 40 lbs. I carry them both over 35 yards - one in each hand. If I do this every other day (at least 3x per week) how many calories do you think it burns? Wow, that sounds like those math problems I used to hate in school... lol
  7. Thanks! I am always looking for new healthier recipes.
  8. Today being the 9th I am already 4 days behind the rest so I have some work to do. Let's get started. Current Stats Weight: 297 lbs My Goals Drop at least 20lbs. It may be a stretch but I seriously believe I can pull it off. Drop One Pant Size. I know my pants are a stretch but I would love to lose one size when all is said and done. Work out at least 3 Day's each week. I'll be pushing for 5 Day's each week. For someone who doesn't have a regular routine this is big. Enjoy my time off more! Instead of stressing over the little things I plan on enjoying my time off relaxing, working out and
  9. Hi all! My name is John (as the user id implies). :roll: I am a 29 year old, single father that has found myself packing on more pounds than I care to admit the past couple years. I have a rather large frame standing at 6ft 7in tall with broad shoulders. My weight gain began when I started working for a call center where I spend my 9 hours a day sitting on my can. Fast forward 2 years and I am now 285lbs. When I am not at work I am chasing around my 3 year old and doing regular day to day activities. I haven't exercised in almost 4 years (back when I was working EMS). I find that by the e
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