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  1. It's been a tough last 6 months in Anathema-town. Lots of health issues, some wonky brain stuff, injuries, all the not-funs. And a few started and abandoned Challenges because the depression brain weasels were driving. Feeling much better now . . . foot injury on the mend, doctors figured out my meds, etc. Amazingly (I know, you never would have guessed!) combo of depression and injuries led to couch potatoing, drinking too much, eating too much. So the Blerch was winning. But the Blerch will be vanquished! Here's how: Food goal 1: Modified paleo. My version lets me have a small am
  2. I am in much the same boat as regards not finishing last Challenges. I'm not glad you had the issues, but I'm glad I'm, not alone. We can do this thang!
  3. Yay bullet journal! There are some Nerd Fitness Bullet Journal groups on Facebook, if that's your jam . . . I just started mine a few months ago and it makes me so happy, even the weeks where I barely record a darn thing. Accountability is kinda awesome.
  4. I love the Bag a Day thing. I did it last year and it rocked. And it really helped me keep that decluttering midset even after the Challenge was over (I am still cluttered--doesn't help that I'm married to The King of the Packrats . . . but better!). Like, I have a big bag in my bedroom, and every time I pull out an item of clothing and am like "Eh, do I really like this?", that means the answer is "no," and it goes in the bag for donation. Same with culling and donating books (I just finished a book that I'd never read again, and intentionally left it in the train station. Hopefully someone w
  5. One maybe helpful thing (or not! But ya never know!) . . . for one of my Challenges last year I did the "30 Day Bag Challenge"--where everyday you have to get rid of a bag of stuff. Like, a bag of clothes to donate, canned food to a food pantry, books to your local library, unloved art supplies to a school, etc. The bag doesn't have to be big, but it can't be trash either. I found it really freeing (I'm also lucky I live in a college town where there are tons of "free box" type spots where you can leave stuff you don't want and people in need can take it. I got rid of so much stuff
  6. Yay, and welcome! I just turned 51, and it's one of those milestones that even if you don't really care about age (which thanks to good genes and a immature attitude, I tend not to) it kinda hits you like wow, I think I might be a grown-up now! Your goals look good--I'm trying to add mindfulness and meditation in myself. Didn't make it an explicit goal as I figure yoga will help me get in that mindset, but not always easy. Enjoy! This is an awesome place and a great bunch of humans.
  7. Week One, Day One Sunday, Jan 8 • 166 lbs Whole 30: Yes 1/7 Yoga: Planned for Tuesday 0/1 Cardio: Walk-trot because weather too icky to get to the gym. Not a real run cuz foot injury, but it counts. 1/7 Efficiency: Not super relevant to weekend days 0/5 Sleep: Not so much. Took nighttime cold medicine last night cuz still coughing, slept in til like 8:30. 0/7
  8. Challenge Day -2 (getting started early cuz why not!) Friday, Jan 6 • 168 lbs Whole 30: Yes Yoga: Planned for Tuesday Cardio: No Efficiency: Just made up this goal, starts Monday! Sleep: In bed around 10:30, asleep by 11 or so
  9. San Francisco is a fantastic place to run. Along the Embarcadero up through Fort Mason and down to the Golden Gate Bridge (and across the bridge if you're doing serious distance) is lovely. And with a bit of a commute out of town, the Iron Horse trails go for miles and miles through really neat pockets of the region you might not see otherwise. Welcome to my little corner of the world, I think you're gonna like it!
  10. Last Challenge got derailed by a fun combo of depression, major illness, and General Ennui (worst military leader *ever*). Hey, new year, new me, new "screw you health issues, you can't mess with me"! So, here's my Challenge goals: Goal 1: Whole30 Complete the Whole30 that I started late for Jan (because I had bronchitis and didn't want to do something new and different until that was sorted). So, it goes through Feb 4. This is the first time I'm trying this, and I'm wary yet committed. Goal 2: Yoga Part of my health woes involved cracking under the pressure of str
  11. Hooo boy. So, major dental issues + post-election depression + best friend having major surgery and my needing to be there for him and his family led to . . . just losing the plot. I actually kept up with a number of my goals, but just haven't been tracking. The dental stuff (long story, basically major bridgework failed, waiting to see if I'm a bone graft candidate) means that I'm on mushy food only for the foreseeable future. I can almost recast that as a mindfulness practice (only small bites of things, chosen carefully), except for the first few days when I was already depresse
  12. Weds, Nov 2, Day 4: Sober: yes Calorie deficit: 300 cals Activity: Dancing Carbs: Less candy, but still some Screen time: Okay, need to get better. Total rewards: $2 • Cumulative: $13 Thurs, Nov 3, Day 5: Sober: yes Calorie deficit: 250 cals Activity: none Carbs: Naan with lunch Screen time: Okay, need to get better. Today, I institute more rigorous discipline. Total rewards: $1 • Cumulative: $14
  13. Ah, the Halloween candy at work got me! But not too badly . . . I resisted until those late-in-the-day doldrums. And I reckon it'll be gone today by that time, so I'm safe! Need to get some Stevia or such so that when I have that afternoon sweet craving I can have something sweet in my tea. That usually works but my work just has regular sugar. Note to self. Day 3: Sober: yes Calorie deficit: 500 cals Activity: Core workout at gym Carbs: Fell face first into the candy bin! Screen time: Another day that was largely good but got a little sketchy towards the e
  14. So, I started late but I'm going to count from Day One even though I didn't know I was on the Challenge yet! Starting weight: 166.2 (slightly high because I forgot to weigh in til after tea and smoothie, but we'll just see how that goes. My OCD requires I document Day 1 even if it's not 100% correct.) Day 1: Sober: yes Calorie deficit: no Activity: yes (45 min run) Carbs: no Screen time: no Total rewards: $2. Cumulative: $2 Day 2: Sober: yes Calorie deficit: 850 cals Activity: yes (30 min run) Carbs: y
  15. Ah, I should actually do my reward system again, thanks for reminding me! Before I gave myself $1 per day per goal, "paid" weekly (aka, put in my savings account), towards my tattoo fund. I'll do that again. It's definitely inspirational! And as to program, I've done 12-step stuff before and I find it really tedious, though there are things I like about meetings (support, good strategies, etc.). I think I may do some meetings but not the full program, because it just doesn't do it for me. I do have really good sober support in my "real life" and I'm using that group of sober friend
  16. Slight irony alert due to joining a day late, but "Slight Irony Alert" might be the road sign for my life. Except actually I think my road sign is the fantastic one, below, which I spotted on a run some time ago. Anyway, many of my prior challenges fell apart due to my tendency toward overindulgence of the non-good kind. Me, booze, and goals don't seem to be a good mix. So, here's the goals for this Challenge. Goal 1: Stay sober. I'm on Day 20 so far, goal is to keep the streak going. One day at a time and all that, but I'd really like to make this a thing. Goal 2: 500
  17. Thanks guys! I'm thinking about the Cloverdale marathon, October 23. It's near my in-laws' place, so I could do the race, then my husband drives us up there for a visit and for my mother-in-law to feed me ALL THE CALORIES. Plus it's a beautiful area (near where I grew up). http://www.runthewinecountry.org/
  18. I am the unexpected item in the bagging area.

  19. Hey friends . . . so I've been absent for quite some time. Various things--struggling with getting clean and sober, some health stuff, some stress and panic, you know, that whole wacky "life" thing the kids are doing. Decided to return. Discovered I was late into the first week, but hey. Better late than whatever that other thing is, right? So, hi, I'm back. My goals are pretty simple as I get myself back in the swing. Nutrition: 1. 750 calorie deficit a day. My eating has been pretty atrocious. I have an amazing and rather skimpy bikini I want to wear. The blerch must be tame
  20. Yeah, I have to do it in the morning or I just don't do it. X% my just being a (oh, the shame!) morning person, x% easier to clean in full daylight x% just too tired when I get home. I set the alarm on my phone for 15 mins (just upped from 10, which I'd done off & on for ages), and when the alarm goes off I can stop, even if the dishwasher is only half-loaded or the living room half mopped. Of course, I generally finish the task, so that means a little over the goal. Not to sound all Martha-ish, but it's amazing what you can accomplish in even as little as 10 minutes. Sent from my iPhone
  21. Monday, Jan 25 • 154.6 lbs Goal 1: Modified paleo. Rocked it! Goal 2: Cardio: today was a strength day Goal 3: Strength. yep 1/2 for the week Goal 4: Time management. largely stuck to plan Goal 5: Tidying. Yep! Tuesday, Jan 26 • 153.6 lbs Goal 1: Modified paleo. Largely good but then had some Chex mix late when I was really hungry. Should have bought special post-workout snacks! Learning experience. Goal 2: Cardio: yes, at gym Goal 3: Strength: cardio day Goal 4: Time management. Okay, not perfect Goal 5: Tidying. skipped a day due to work, doing double on Weds Wednesday, J
  22. Ugh. I am terrible at posting images. Help? I never seem to do it right . . .
  23. At the "Level Up Your Life" book party in San Francisco, with the "live like James Bond" theme. That's me in purple, my friend Rose, who was the one who introduced me to Nerd Fitness, in red. And Steve looking all James Bond in the middle, of course. "http://instagram.com/p/BA7sSElPJj0/"
  24. Oh sigh . . . well, I did pretty well on the trip in terms of taking care of myself. But the sinus thing morphed into a cold that all of my co-workers had. Oy. So anyway, I'm just going to go back to my plan for the final week, stick with it through the break, and have a good platform for jumping into the next one. Just because fate has a hilarious sense of humor, I seem to have some sort of muscle strain in my right leg . . . I'm guessing maybe from all the walking I did in the conference center on cement floors. Gonna try to be smart about it, do nonimpact for a couple days, maybe whirlpool
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