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  1. Tzippi Longstockings

    Tzippi Becomes a Waterbender

    There's a filled cookie from west-central Europe that was popular in the middle ages and called "Mohntaschen" or poppyseed pockets (or something like that). The "Hamantaschen" name is probably a pun, and now that version is more famous than the older inspiration. I learned that they were to represent Haman''s three cornered hat (was he an ancient Persian pirate?) Or his ears (he was hanged, why would his ears be relevant?) Or his purse, stuffed with coins because he took bribes to get to his position (poppyseed are round like coins?)
  2. Tzippi Longstockings

    Tzippi Becomes a Waterbender

    WEEK ONE. 3/21 Long day today. Working food service is more exhausting than I remember. Maybe it's busier, maybe I'm still learning, maybe I'm older. But man oh man, does a four and a half hour shift knock me right out. Anyway, afterwards I had a great dinner f fish and carrots so that's 1/2 of my plantbending goal. I also practiced my Tai Chi (barefoot, on the slightly cold stone of a backyard patio, heaven). Late and I'm tired, so I'm going to get ready for bed, do my meditation, and pass right out. Thanks for the support, everyone. I'm doing OK and trying to really celebrate that, and also some of the other things I'm doing well, like weaving stuff for my friends, taking care of my garden, having a great time with my son, and getting stronger a little bit at a time.
  3. Tzippi Longstockings

    Tzippi Becomes a Waterbender

    I have to make sure I don't take advantage of "self-care" to always be beer, fried stuff, and country music. Bit every once in a while, it's good. I found out some things about her I did. Not. Know. O_o
  4. Tzippi Longstockings

    Tzippi Becomes a Waterbender

    I often don't think the cookie part is very good. This recipe is a very delicate butter cookie. It made them fiddly to make, but tastes crumbly and lovely. I didn't have enough of any one thing to make the dilling, so it's raisin's cooked down in some brown sugar bourbon with cinnamon, chopped walnuts, and applesauce and chia. It held really well and was tasty. Poppy seeds are very traditional, so I put them in the cookie. Next year, I'm going to try to start earlier, and make a batch of savory ones, too- kind of a triangular pasty.
  5. Tzippi Longstockings

    Tzippi Becomes a Waterbender

    Week One, 3/19 and 3/20. Tuesday was an utter failure on all three bending subtypes, but I feel like I did manage something impressive. I was having a major freak out over things, and was texting my friend, and even though I was feeling like I was completely alone and no one would have any time for me, I asked if she wanted to get together. So at 8pm I left the house (after helping Mr. Longstockings get weeStockings to sleep) and went and shared a pitcher of beer and a plate of fried stuff with a friend, and was more honest than I've been in a while. So while it wasn't the healthiest occasion (beer and fried in a bowling alley bar), it still felt like not a bad self-care moment otherwise. Wednesday is so busy! I made the last hamantaschen for Purim and got them mostly delivered, went and ran some D&D 3.5 for a bunch of teenagers, and made it to the big Purim party tonight. I'm home now, and cleaned the cat box and made a big, bagged, shredded cabbage salad. So I'm just catching up on posting here before eating two servings of it, doing some Tai chi, meditating for five minutes,and falling into bed.
  6. Tzippi Longstockings

    Tzippi Becomes a Waterbender

    Thanks belong entirely to @sarakingdom for helping me refine my goals. Not sure on Zupas as a place to work yet. I've only had the one shift. People seem nice, but it is a really high-volume, fast paced place, and so far the training seems kind of slapdash. Maybe they try to weed out those who are too easily overwhelmed? I'll see in the next week or so. The garden is doing well so far. Watering it and waiting for it to get a bit established before I start raiding it for salads. In the meantime, keeping the neighborhood cats out.
  7. Tzippi Longstockings

    Tzippi Becomes a Waterbender

    WEEK ONE MONDAY 3/18 Plantbending: Managed two veg by having sweet potatoes for lunch and leftover Chinese with broccoli for dinner. Waterbending: After doing some Purim baking tonight, I'm going to practice my form in the kitchen. Cloudbending: I turned off my streaming device and mindfully scrubbed the tea stains off my teaspoons and the baked-on grease off my muffin tins. I also plan to do a 5 minute meditation on Calm before bed.
  8. Tzippi Longstockings

    Tzippi Becomes a Waterbender

    Finished out last night by making this BuJo spread for this challenge, with a box to tick for each day.
  9. Tzippi Longstockings

    The Meditation Chamber

    Nice! I'd like to get back to spinning someday.
  10. Tzippi Longstockings

    The Meditation Chamber

    I've been weaving lately, making straps and trim for my SCA friends, and as largesse (gifts to the society, so then royals and barons, etc can be generous without bankrupting themselves). Warping the loom takes a lot of mind space, but the weaving itself doesnt. I'm going to try short stints of mindful weaving, really focusing on what I'm doing without watching a show at the same time. Anyone else working on a mindful craft?
  11. Tzippi Longstockings

    Tzippi Becomes a Waterbender

    Went out with weeStockings today to the park, and ran around the play equipment to help him up larger steps, prevent falls from open playforms, and be there to catch at the bottom of slides. We also watched two girls practice pitching and batting, and helped pick up softballs when their bucket was empty. So far just once through my form (I'm to the cloud hands bracketed by single whips), but will get a few more this evening when the Lil'Un goes down. And yes, the hair shadow is from me hanging upside down from on top of the crawling tunnels.
  12. Tzippi Longstockings

    ATLA: Treva vs the Fire Nation/Ozai

    Novice waterbender here to follow, cheer you on, and remind you to hydrate! Also to steal your Iroh gifs and leave you a bunch of Sokka ones.
  13. Tzippi Longstockings

    ATLA: Treva pounds it out in the Earth Kingdom

    I followed the wrong challenge! See you over there!
  14. Tzippi Longstockings

    The Monastery Kitchen

    My cat is named Gytha (she'll be called Nanny when she gets older). Younger cat is named Carrot,but should have been named Nobby. He not so smart. In the words of Esmerelda "Granny" Weatherwax, "Cheese, is good."
  15. Tzippi Longstockings

    Tzippi Becomes a Waterbender

    It's the IKEA SOCKER. It says it's indoor/outdoor, but I wouldn't use it outside without sealing the white painted metal with something. Then again, long term, I'd want to make a whole cold frame for outside.