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  1. Curry eggs for lunch, cleaning kitchen and making fresh lemonade like a boss, warped the loom last night.
  2. Good hour of hiking and playing outside with weeStockings, now home for a salad and rice and beans, naptime for him, and some gardening for me!
  3. Ok, littleStockings is napping, I'm making veggie and legume curry and rice/quinoa, cleaning the fridge. Going to take the wee guy out for a hike when he wakes up.
  4. Goals for 'finishing' this week - clean out fridge to make room for new and better food. cook one batch meal - veggie curry, butter "chicken", rice. Take weeStockings out Saturday, Sunday, Monday Weeding Warp Loom Spend 30 minutes cleaning front room. Plan summer school activities, check in with other teachers,
  5. I promptly got distracted by the end of the semester and a bunch of my students gearing up to graduate! So, late to the party after RSVP'ing early. Successes: I have been moving a lot. It helps that it has been a rainy, lovely May here in SW Idaho (which is unusual), so I try to get out in the weather as often as I can if it isn't thunder-and-lightning-y. The 'Writing diet" has been good, too - I'm having more time to work on knitting socks and planning some other crafting ideas, plus writing poems and filks that I could potentially use for SCA Bardics with a few chan
  6. So, I've been remarkably creatively productive recently. My friend and I have cowritten well over 300k words in a little over a two months. Prose, a ton of poetry (since when do I write poetry?) and I love it, but I'm . . .not doing anything else. I'm not moving, barely cooking, doing the minimum at work because the only thing I really want to do is write. I'm not dealing with the quarantine much - I still go to work, etc, but the lack of socializing with anyone has been hard, and I've been concentrating on fantasy way too much. I've also been ignoring my other hobbies and interests.
  7. Back to a job that I love. Some of you may remember when I was unemployed for half a year, and went to run D&D for my friend's students twice a week. Well, now I am working at that school, running two sections of SCION, an English class, a Life Skills class, and general teacher aide-ing. I love it, and by not sitting at a desk eating all day, I have already lost ten pounds. Still ttc, need to work on cutting back down on sugary caffeine, and then caffeine in general. Have access to hot water, so I can make genmaicha or black tea with a splash of milk. School lunch doesn't alw
  8. Got a job where I can be online again and check in during the day! So proud to see what you're all doing! missed my Rangers!
  9. I was a GoT/ASOIAF refugee, searching for a fantasy epic, and the Netflix show has definitely delivered. I gorged on the show like a striga gnawing on courtiers, and now am reading the Last Wish. I'm not a very competent video gamer, but I am interested in the games, I may have to watch some let's plays if anyone can recommend a good channel. Or try to watch my husband play them, but Mr. Longstockings is a compulsive completionist, and I get really bored and frustrated. Is there a "super easy, I just want the story and art" setting to the Witcher games? I have spent fa
  10. It's 2020 and everything is new. I am once again attempting to spawn a n00b, and as such I need to think about eating right and moving my body. Depending on what the next half a month brings, I may start the next challenge very differently, but we'll see. Eating a little better, resisting office snacks. Sleeping a lot.
  11. Came in late, but following to steal memes and get my fix of Witcher inspiration!
  12. Eek! Is it really week three already? I have so much to check in about - good thing I have my Bullet Journal spread to keep me honest. Week Two: I did a bunch of planting and yard work, and went to my last Tai chi class for a little while. Did greens 5 days out of seven, achieved my "five days of activity" goal, and crushed my strength training goal by spending a good two hours outside on Saturday, building and carrying and hacking and sawing. Coffee kept to 3/week so far. Also managed my Craster goals, planting two varieties of summer squash, a winter squash, and cucumbers. Medit
  13. Week one pictures: my BuJo spread, my lilac wine (check out that color!), weeStockings on my friends' garden.
  14. Week One, Days 3 and 4 Wednesday - I really felt gross and nauseous, so I failed my greens/Foraging goal, because I barely ate anything.Also didn't meditate with the Weirwoods, because I fell into bed instead. Thursday - Used my third coffee this week on Thursday, seems I'm more reliant than I'd thought. Had a nice big green salad for lunch with the last of my sesame seed dressing. Ran around with weeStockings a ton, and realized I have forgotten a lot of my Tai Chi form, so I reprinted it out and pasted into my Bullet Journal. Did do a nice meditation on sleep before g
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