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    Faille Rises

    Feeling pretty good this week! Still off my phone until after my shower in the morning. This morning I was even dreaming that I could do crow pose, so when I got up I practiced a little (spoiler: still can't but getting there!) I missed silks on Monday because I was SO TIRED from weekend festivities. I got home Monday night and went straight to bed. Fitbit had me at 12 hours and 40 minutes of sleep! So Tuesday I screwed up my courage and went to the gym. Tuesday is the intermediate/advanced class and open gym with a different teacher, so it was a lot of new, better people and I was al
  2. faille

    Faille Rises

    Made it through the first week! Mostly I focused on ab work this week, nothing dedicated, but a plank here, some leg raises there.. my pullover is a mess so I think my core is really where I need to focus. Didn't get takeout on the way home since Tuesday, even though I REALLY wanted to. Instead I dug in the freezer, found some old frozen stuff, and cooked it in my InstantPot. Now I have a couple nights worth of food in the fridge so I have something to look forward to when I get home. Also managed to stay off my phone before my shower. Still using that time to snooze, but at least I'm
  3. faille

    Faille Rises

    Hi all! Popping in from the Druids for this challenge About a year ago I started taking Aerial Silks classes once a week. When I started, I had almost no strength... couldn't hold my bodyweight on the silks, and I certainly couldn't climb. But it was SO MUCH FUN, and my teacher was amazing, and the other people in the class were so supportive. So I kept going. In July I was finally getting to the point where I could climb. I decided one day that I was going to go all the way to the top. I made it to the top, but part of the way down I ran out of strength, panicked, and let go. I
  4. Silks win - I climbed about 2 feet off the ground today! lol... usually i can get my feet in off the ground, then when i try to pull my legs up to climb again I just go nowhere. Today, I was able to inch up once, and then do another smalllll climb again! My teacher even started to teach me foot locks as a reward The move where you lock your hands and then go up into needle I was also able to do. Still need to support myself a little with the silks on the way up, but it was SO SO SO NICE to feel and see some progress again!!!
  5. Small win - I was able to do the 3x40 reps for incline push ups (ie on my kitchen counter) for Convict Conditioning last night! I wasn't able to do that last time I tried CC, so it is nice to see a little progress with my silks/strength training lately. I also started practicing Crow again and that is feeling attainable, too!
  6. Day 39 - Day 42 Wow, what a weekend. Totally exceeded my expectations.. let's just say what happens at the river never happened Since I was out of town, I didn't do my normal walk or silks. I did play a lot of volleyball, though, so I think that counts! Final Recap I'm a few days late on the recap because I kept working on it at work in notepad and forgetting to mail it to my personal address. So I'll just rewrite it now. Main goal: FINISH THE THING No starting strong then petering out. No disappearing during weeks 4 and 5. No missing a challenge goal and writing the entire thing
  7. faille


    My parents love to tell me that story, too. /shudder NAX. OMG. You are so freakin awesome and you are my hero this challenge. Look at all the shit you've accomplished. Best of luck with your thesis. And please listen to your doctor.. 6 weeks and maybe some softy abs is going to be so much more worth potentially over doing it and ruining your awesome results forever! Think about the long term. Besides, this will give you more time to focus on your salads and lumosity, because you won't be spending it in the gym
  8. Day 36 Uh oh, can't peter out at the end!Did my silks class, didn't really make any new breakthroughs but at least I am still having funLast day of PTO before I go back to work for 3 days, then another day of PTO (woot!) Day 37 Tweaked my neck at class yesterday so I'm going to be nursing that.Still doing some bodyweight exercises and looking for an "aerial silks conditioning workout" that I can do a couple times a week between classIt's really kind of amazing how little strength I actually (don't) have. I'm one of those "skinny fat" people who looks ok on the outside but inside I'm just...
  9. Day 34 My dad and I got up early and drove down to what was supposed to be my weekly dog walk. Unfortunately because of the rain, the park was closed So we ended up just driving back up to where I live and walking the dogs around that park for a little bit. It was so funny to watch him walking my yellow dog.. he kind of held the leash out front and she dragged him around Not much else challenge wise on Saturday, just went to eat, walked around, and enjoyed their visit. Day 35 Sunday we got up early (again!) and went to downtown San Diego for the annual Bay Bridge walk/run. This is an eve
  10. Day 33 MY MOMMY AND DADDY ARE HERE!! Yay!!! It's just a short trip and they're leaving monday morning, but it's so great to have them visit.I replaced the kitchen faucet today. It should have taken maybe an hour. Instead, it took me about 4, including 4 visits to hardware stores over 3 different trips! The sink faucet had a different size connector than the old one and it took FOREVER to find the right adapter. But I'm so proud of myself for removing the old one and installing the new one all by my lonesome.No workout. I had one penciled in, but it's not part of the challenge and I real
  11. I understand a LOT what you mean about seeing nothing change in your partner despite many many conversations and opportunities. I'm sorry that you are still dealing with that on top of everything else. Then things are pretty good again and you wonder why you wanted to leave... it sucks. Medical records job could be good for you. Have you looked at medical coding before, that you could do at home? Could you do a customer service taking phone calls? Not sure what your limitations are. but there has to be SOMETHING out there for you!
  12. Day 32 Took PTO today, tomorrow, and Monday because my parents are coming to visit. Woohoo!Lots of errands today.. fixed my phone, new tires, windshield wipers, changed brake light... sooo tired and so $$$$Did 21 Day Fix Plyo Fix. 5 day streak of workouts
  13. Day 31 (omg a month in really???) - did Piyo: Buns tonight - redid the knots on my little trx rig I made so they wouldn't slip. Think it is called a bowline knot? Then tried to do an inverted row. Not really happening still, but I'll get there! - which reminds me, I got up into wheel during warmup at silks on Monday. At least I think it was wheel.. They told us to do it, and I didn't really think about it and suddenly I was there! I remember that seeming impossible during other yoga tapes I've done, so all my on-off yoga has paid off! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Day 30 Did Piyo: Define Upper Body workout tonight after raids. I found a website that creates "hybrid" schedules for all the beachbody programs you say you have. So instead of just randomly picking one, I used that and planned out the next two months before comic con. Everytime I feel like doing one I know exactly which video to stick in! Ideally I would do this every day until con, so that I look my best and also to be stronger for silks class. But just HAVING the plan is a great step.Sunday I decided to go back on the spironolactone for my skin. I'm willing to try again with food, b
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