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  1. 3/25 Update: Goal #1 Learn to manage my time and stop procrastinating Using the other goals as references, I can say this is going well. Goal #2 Focus more on school work again Yes, staying focused. Goal #3 Keep up with work-outs Continuing my workouts as planned. Goal #4 Go out in the park/outside more I stayed out for a day to help paint and watch baseball. I'm thinking about playing baseball, but that's more of a scout activity, so I wonder how the path will go.
  2. 3/19 Update: Goal #1 Learn to manage my time and stop procrastinating Mm, I'm visually slipping on the map. Goal #2 Focus more on school work again I was able to pick up grades so I do not have anything horrible. However, it would always be better to bring them up. Goal #3 Keep up with work-outs 4 out of 15. Not much progress due to Spring Break. To make up for this, I am doing 3 work out days each week. Goal #4 Go out in the park/outside more I've been traveling outside more than usual and I am quite happy about it c:
  3. Whoops! Missed the update day! Well, two goals I will not be able to do this week, but I will be able to find ample room for going outside and working out, however technically, I'm one off in my work out count. My friends went bike riding with me today, and I got to find new places around the suburb. Good things to know.
  4. 3/4 Update: Goal #1 Learn to manage my time and stop procrastinating I cannot tell if I have made much progress here yet, but I noticed I have some more "free time" and my work is being done. Goal #2 Focus more on school work again Unfortunately I cannot see the actual results until Tuesday, but I have been successful in getting what missing work finished last week. Goal #3 Keep up with work-outs I was able to go through the first week as planned with a total of 3 out of 15. Goal #4 Go out in the park/outside more No progress yet.
  5. Wolverine, my days have been very good considering my goals. I have been focusing on school work and fitness. c: Raina, I'm glad I was able to find a friend so soon!
  6. Haha, well, considering I'm still a bit new, I think a simple "who can follow through their challenges" will have to do. c: Other than that I am very uncreative when I consider 'physical challenges', ha, sorry
  7. Raina, thanks for the tip! (however intentional or not, haha) We should have a friendly competition to help us complete our goals C: Wolverine, thank you for notifying me of my mistakes, I'll go fix this!
  8. Okay, this is my second run! Last 6 weeks focused on starting to be more independent, work out for the first time, and start talking to people. I learned I also need to fix my time managing skills and productivity, so, I'll be focusing on that. Goal #1 Learn to manage my time and stop procrastinating How to measure the effort? If I do the next challenges effectively enough, it'll mean I managed my time correctly. So, I'll use the mean value of the next challenges to rate the first goal. WIS+3 The other goals are: Goal #2 Focus more on school work again Working with others can hurt...my g
  9. Whoops, I guess I have to fill out here,too. Goal #1 - Start making my own lunches for school Full Reward: STA+3 CON +2 Grade: A for managing to continuosly carry out the manner of lunch making Given reward: STA+3 CON +2 Goal #2 -Start to workout 2-3 times a week Full Reward: STR+3 STA+2 Grade: B for slipping up on a few for the last weeks Given reward: STR+2.25 STA+1.5 Goal #3- Work with the theater group as a team Full Reward: CHA+3 WIS+2 Grade: A for participating as near much as possible and getting to know/work with the cast and crew Given reward: CHA+3 WIS+2 These weeks made me
  10. Okay! Thank you everyone! Now I have to set some new challenges! Thank you Happienumber, Emissary2Ornj, and Nuala! I have to give myself a A for lunches STA+3 CON +2 B for workouts (since I slipped up on a few for the last weeks) STR+2.25 STA+1.5 and A for getting to work in Theater CHA+3 WIS+2 I'm now: |Doppelganger Assassin|Level 2_STR 3.25-DEX 3-STA 6.5-CON 4-WIS 6-CHA 6_
  11. Packing my own lunches, Still going well! Get the basic work outs well known and on task, Catching up with workouts again, went ice skating on Saturday for a party. Twice I forgot to stretch afterwards! Work with the theater team, Found a friend to work with and I'm able to feel more comfortable with her there. Getting to talk with the director more. C: Next week is Valentine's, I hope to eat some chocolate then!
  12. Thank you guys for the recent comments/replies! c: Let's see: Packing my own lunches, Going well, still no vegetables however. I found a more efficient way to carry my stuff (unlike forgetting the lunch box twice now, haha). I recently got a lot of fruit too. Get the basic work outs well known and on task, Ouch! I did pretty badly this week on scheduled workouts, and I know I can't excuse it. sigh. I'm also finding difficulty to find a proper set up to use pull ups. Getting one up brings another down it seems. Speaking of which... Work with the theater team, This week I greatly upped
  13. Update 2! Packing my own lunches, Still going strong and I've been able to take a lot more fruits with me. Vegetables are still hard to come by so that'll be a focus the next couple of weeks. Get the basic work outs well known and on task, Rockclimbing was great, the building was a little more advance that I was used to, but I managed well in doing some non-supported climbing. The week I started building up in work outs, but I'm unsure if adding +5 to each set was the way to go as I was noticeable a lot more sore than past workouts. Either way, I'll do 30 of each workout next week to get u
  14. Ah, thank you so much for the advice! I can't wait to try it next week! Speaking of, next week I'll start adding more numbers to each set (I still need to figure out how to do that correctly, but I'll manage). Hopefully I could go buy some good foods this weekend.
  15. Update Time! Packing my own lunches, This week, I have successfully been able to pack my own lunch for the week. The only down step is that I haven't been able to buy more fruits (or vegetables) and been using the household foods I found. But at least I have a nice set up to use. Get the basic work outs well known and on task, I planned to work out 3 times this week, but I missed one night (for my birthday dinner). I'll be making up for it with my party this weekend (we're rock climbing). Other than that, I'm good on everything except work outs focusing on my arms. I heard women find it ha
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