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  1. I found some more reading material! Are you guys familiar with Headspace? It's a mindfulness app, website and podcast, and they've been doing something called the Guide to your Body this month. Their latest podcast is about mindful eating, and their latest blogpost about eating chocolate mindfully. Thought you guys might be interested!
  2. Having a Batman night, just watched both parts of the animated Batman: The Dark Knight Returns!

    1. ~ Eli ~

      ~ Eli ~

      Whoohoo! Batman FTW!

  3. I can try, I usually do it by feel... 1 can chickpeas, drained, washed and peeled (squeeze the chickpea lightly between the tips of your fingers, the skin comes right off) (I don't know how much is in those cans... The ones that are about the size of a tennis ball. Only less round.) 1/3 cup tahini, maybe more 1 or 2 cloves of garlic, depending on taste and size of cloves 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil 2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice salt and pepper to taste The easiest method is to dump everything in a food processor and blend until creamy and smooth. It takes some time, and you may want to adj
  4. Honey? In your coffee? I don't think I've ever had honey in my coffee. Then again, I drink my coffee black, so I doubt I'd like any form of sugar in there. It's why I only drink lattes when I get a special coffee, less chance of it ending up being doused in sweeteners like most cappuccinos
  5. Small victories: -I ran this morning! And it felt better than last week! I'm anticipating a world of hurt tomorrow in terms of soreness, but that's okay. Currently trying to figure out how to add more runs in my weekly schedule. -I survived a raid night without mad snackage! I had a massive load of delicious chamomile tea, instead. I did have a moment of wicked mental struggles right before the raid when I was making my tea, I went through my cabinets and cupboards for anything to snack but I couldn't find anything tasty so I managed to beat the urge down. It tried rearing its ugly head again
  6. I did intervals again today and it definitely feels a whole lot better, a lot less panicky (although I did get some panic moments near the end of the last two run intervals, but I managed to suppress them and keep my normal pace). I think I have my ideal speed pegged now, too! It's slow, but it works for me.
  7. I woke up this morning feeling like a sunny summer day. Until I tried to get up out of bed. Good grief, was I sore... But it was the good kind of sore, the one that makes you remember just exactly what you did the day before. In my case, that was deadlifting. And I happen to love deadlifts, so I was just reminded of my big-ass lifts yesterday and that brought a smile to my face. I failed a bit with my lunch and ended up with just a bowl of crisps instead of something nutritious, but dinner was pita rolls with spicy, garlicy meatballs, which was delicious, and after dinner we went to a birthday
  8. Hummus is delicious! It should be creamy and slightly spicy and garlicy but not overly so. I make it myself regularly with a can of chickpeas, garlic, tahini, olive oil, salt and pepper (I think that's pretty much it). You can add some paprika powder if you like. I love adding some fresh herbs too, a big handful of fresh coriander is really delicious, plus, it makes your hummus green! The trick to super-creamy hummus, though? Peel the chickpeas. I haven't found a quicker way than to just dump them in a strainer, rinse off the stuff from the can (ew, the jelly stuff, ew), and squeeze them out o
  9. Not wrong, it just works better for some than for others, I think. In my case, I had my legs too close together, and combined with a rigid not-past-the-toes squat, it just put way too much pressure on my hips on the way back up. If I put my feet out at an angle and widen my stance, it puts equal pressure on my hips, legs and knees. (also, it, eh, gives me a little more wiggle room to dip down deeper because my belly is less in the way...)
  10. Rocked the gym properly today, despite the new kids blocking my favourite bench press station. My gym recently got bought up by a chain of cheap-o gyms, so they're slowly incorporating changes and there has been an influx of people because of the lowered price. Us 'old' regulars are a bit bitter about the whole thing, to be honest. Lots of grumbling, still. Most of the trainers still don't know whether they'll have a job after June, so they're rather bitter, too. Personally, I'm a bit on the fence on what to do, I thought about cancelling my contract and go elsewhere but the one option I have
  11. I was reading some old-ish posts on Girls Gone Strong this morning, and via this article ('Why 'Comply or Die doesn't work for fat loss'), I came across this one. It's a nice little post about motivation from mindfulness. As I was reading it I was thinking about snack triggers and realised that my entire morning had gone by without me feeling the urge or hunger pangs that I usually get at around 10:30. I was simply too busy with work to think about food. I work from home, so normally, when I don't have a coworker on the phone, my work alone isn't enough distraction, and I can set a clock by wh
  12. My first day of the challenge was great, my second a grand miss, my third is going so-so, so far. I think that making your own food helps with mindfulness. I make my own breakfasts and lunches fresh in my own kitchen (working from home has its perks), I enjoy it a lot more when I make something myself, like a salad or a wrap, than when I dump some instant soup in a bowl and slap some crackers on a plate. And enjoyment of food helps a lot in focusing on it while eating it, I think.
  13. Oh no, nothing bad or serious, I was just sitting in an awkward position for too long and my knee didn't like that But it kind of lingered, so I decided against running to avoid the Wrath of Knee.
  14. Right, so, disappointment and frustration are major triggers apparently. (for the WoW-inclined: we still had heroic Highmaul to finish and we wiped the entire night to people standing in mines or not getting out of the way in time for the tank debuff, but we got him down in the last planned attempt of the evening. So, woooo!) I did okay until about 10 PM, by which time we had been wiping for an hour and I got so sick of it I reached for chocolate and wolfed down half the bar without even noticing. Not very mindful, that! But! Today is a new day, so I'll just shake, shake, shake it off (you're
  15. First personal mini-challenge is coming up tonight: it's raid night (I'M COMING FOR YOU, BLACKHAND!). I'm going to be very mindful of any possible snacks, and I've stocked up on delicious fruity-flavoured sparkling water (it smells like blackcurrant lemonade, only it's just sparkling water with a tiny hint of blackcurrant!) so let's hope I can stave off the cravings. And even though I failed going for an extra run this week like I had planned this afternoon (got up off the couch and my knee just said NOPE), I busied myself with thoroughly cleaning up the living room. Life quest win!
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