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    The Comeback Tour - Redux [Endor}

    Byron Bay, beautiful deserted beach Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  2. Endor

    The Comeback Tour - Redux [Endor}

    I'm away on hols at the moment, beautiful house with a fab pool. Long weekend, needed a break after a 70 hr work week. Back Weds. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  3. A long long time ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away...on a Forest Moon....I found Nerd Fitness, lost a lot of weight and got healthy, fit and strong. However 2018 has been a horror year and I'm way out of shape, I've suffered the death of my grandmother, the death of our 20 year old cat, broken my foot in the first match of the football season, burnt myself out with overtime and drank enough booze to sink a battleship. Goodbye 2018 you sucked! Today however is 1 Jan 2019 and the times they are a changing. I'm going back to my roots and will be reading over some old NF articles and challenges. I'll probably revise my goals each month in this log, so here is January: January Goals: - No alcohol - No bread - Angry Birds workout 3 times a week (Mon, Thurs, Sat) Starting weight Jan 1 2019: 98.9 kg's / 198 lbs (this is my heaviest ever) Final Weight Target: 78.9kg's So yeah...20 kg's to lose. I'm experienced enough to know that the scales lie and i should be losing fat not muscle and all that shenanigans but I know carrying 20kg less will help me to achieve improved levels of these key motivators - happiness increase - depression decrease - energy level increase - zest for life - mental alertness Funny how all my real motivators are actually mental ones and not even about body shape/image. Anyway that's the plan for now, keep the goals basic and get some momentum going again.