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  1. Endor

    Endor is being boring

    Week 1 already... Not going so well on the food and exercise front but I did get my tax return done and a new phone ordered. Guess I will hit the gym tomorrow. Thursday will be a big night, it's coming home!
  2. Endor

    Endor is being boring

    This challenge (and the lead up weeks) I'll be focusing on consistency. I have used this article from Steve for motivation in the past, it's true, if you want results be boring. Goals: 1. Nutrition - count calories, aim for sub 1700 - dry july (2 planned exceptions) 2. Sleep - Get the opportunity to sleep 8 hours a night 3. Mobility - Do 1 Yoga a session a week 4. Gym Taper - Go to the gym: Week 00 = 1 Week 0 = 1 Week 1 = 2 Week 2 = 2 Week 3 = 3 Week 4 = 3 Starting weight: 90.8kg Motivation: 1. I have a pair of trousers that are my "measure", want to fit back in them. 2. If Saint can do it, so can I. https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/60-pounds-overweight-to-6-pack-abs/ I want to be more active and get some chores around the house done too, ideally 1 per week from this list: 1 chore per week from this list - Fix up some old bikes we got given - Edge the garden path - Fix the leaking shower taps (done week 00) - Fix loose deck plank - Trim trees - clean gutters - Submit tax return - Move my Super Schedule: Monday: Gym Tuesday: Rest Wednesday: Gym Thursday:Yoga Friday: Rest Saturday: Gym + 1 house job Sunday: Rest