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  1. Dammit I'm not supposed to be trying to fix stuff am i?! Well these are recommendations for help not fixes
  2. Ah ok. I've probably recommended it before... the power of now audio book was very enlightening and helpful for me too. He does some great free videos on YouTube as well.
  3. I highly recommend the headspace app for its sleepcasts and also meditation. It has some night time SOS stuff as well. It has a 14 day trial I think, see if you like it. Helped me.
  4. Sounds like you're really enjoying being out of lockdown and making the most of it. Congrats on continued steady weight loss., you're inspiring me to get back into it.
  5. Hey I found your battle log, long time no see! Sounds like things are hard at the moment. She must be 9 or 10 months old by now? Soon it will be time for her birthday and you'll have made it through a whole year! When I'm really busy at work I find it hard to sleep at night thinking about everything that's going on. I guess for a baby it might be similar, all these new things and challenges to think about. She is very lucky to have a mother who loves her and cares for her. Long term sleep deprivation must be so tough, I had some friends that went through i
  6. You look so much younger after a haircut and beard trim! Must feel great! Well done getting back in the gym.
  7. Yes this is perfect for you to at least try. I was going to ask what would happen if you cleared a whole week of any gaming or social and worked instead. I'm too far in this work direction and adjusting that but I'd be interested to see how less social (in particular gaming) might go for you.
  8. Funny when i heard lockdown was lifted i thought how excited you'd be for your haircut! Are you following a program for your lifts or making it up yourself? These look like numbers i could try...
  9. I think it's month by month payment so in theory yes. I have a completist curse and a strong moral compass which would have me ask of myself at least a few months. It's a good point though. Yes this is the attraction, if i could find a training partner that would be ideal.
  10. Not happening... I'm stuck in the Bermuda triangle Hey good to see you. Shithouse so far... motivation has evaporated unfortunately. ------- Nothing for a week however 6k walk today.... where did that week go?! I'm really busy at work...9 hours straight at my desk most days with my wife bringing me lunch at my desk. It's not healthy. Then i just want to veg out with some drinks... rinse repeat. We're also in the first stage of renovating 2 bathrooms. We thought it would be really fun but it's just a massive stress, so many dec
  11. Late, tubby and over-worked, totally given up on everything but work, hound, wife and chilli plants..... it's that time of year for a reset. So far out of kilter just one goal this challenge.. Goals: 20km walking per week.
  12. I've been away for a little while. I'm glad to read you are still enduring and progressing. Narrowing your focus seems like a good idea, you have so many different things going on at once.
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