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  1. Been beavering away in the background. I finish a 6 week weight loss competition tomorrow. It's been a really good motivator, I've been powerlifting 2-3 times a week and walking 6km every day. Also been no alcohol, low carb and low calorie (fast 800) 5 days a week. I've dropped 12kg in 6 weeks, down to 91kg. Most pleasing is 3.5 inches off my waist measurement and gone down a jeans size. I'd like to carry on going down and I'm enjoying the exercise so I'll keep going with the weight loss as long as i can.
  2. How refreshing is that?! I love tech but a forced detox is great too
  3. Time flies... I'm doing a weight loss comp with 3 guys at work, following fast 800, so far down 8kg. Walking 6k every day and lifting 2-3 times a week. Same lifting plan every session so far 5 sets of each by 5 reps, superset with 1m30s rest between sets. First combo Back squat - 55kg Bench - 55kg Bent over DB row - 17.5kg Second combo Deadlift - 60kg Bar Bicep curl - 22.5kg Bench tricep dip - bodyweight
  4. I think my running shoes were the problem, i think they've had it. Changed to hiking boots and seems ok. Going to lay off running until I've lost some weight though. Sounds good, let's line it up, I'll txt u.
  5. I'm finally back in action, lifted twice this week and walked 6k every day. No booze and will be following a low carb, low cal diet for a few weeks. Early days but weight coming off quickly. Doing a comp with 2 guys at work so pretty determined to get back to health. Enjoying lifting again, particularly deadlifts. Starting slow, bar only first session then +10kg today. Looking forward to pushing some heavier weight in a couple weeks. Mood and energy much improved with low carb and no booze, not really a surprise but still a good feeling.
  6. until I caught a really bad cold Pretty standard unfortunately. Hopefully you can repair the damage. --- Sometimes doing the minimum is the most you can do, nothing to feel guilty about at all. It sounds like having some work routine is helping and I'm especially glad you get to walk to/from work that'll definitely be good for you. Who's looking after Wolvie while you're at work, Day care? Hopefully not F.I.L.
  7. Thanks for checking in on me. I sort of did it, warm up + run + cool down was over 5k. I've been getting really sore feet the last few weeks, the soles, so I've not been running at all. Maybe I will pick it up again for the rescheduled event in a few months time. I'm still very overweight so I've decided to go all the way back to the start and count calories. Tedious but I have to do something. Will also be starting weight lifting again this week in some form and walking again. We should line up that walk together once this lockdown ends. Ankle is good now, thanks for asking
  8. Congrats on the promotion! Building work never seems to come in on budget. Bummer about the extra cost but hopefully it will be worth it in the end.
  9. This sounds great, Sicily is supposed to be lovely. I was in Elba and a few cities in Italy a couple of years ago, never made it to Sicily though. I've heard the food is very good.
  10. Day 6 Fri Nothing special...not eating well. Day 5 Sat Nothing special...not eating well. Repotted most of my Chillies, 10,000 steps just walking around the yard. Day 4 Sun Finished repotting the Chillies and some other jobs around the house. Day 3 Mon Weigh-in: 100.7kg Yikes, took my eye off the fitness and diet and put some weight back on straight away.... Need to do my final C25K run today so I can do the 5K this week. Ankle is still sore but improved a bit, should probably be resting it but I may as well get this run done.
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