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  1. Endor

    Emerald Eagle is down but not out

    You are doing so well and I'm all caught up on super cute Willow, love the pics
  2. Endor

    Calling all Autobots....

    Loving the artwork in the burger bar Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  3. Endor

    Calling all Autobots....

    I left the xmas party at exactly the appointed hour it finished, everyone else staying on to get more drunk. Restricted myself to 3 beers and polite conversation, saw a couple people I like there so it wasn't all bad. Still I prefer to sit in one of my favorite bars waiting for a friend to finish work than be false. I'd rather be hanging in a bar on my own with Spotify and some code than at a work party, such is my frame of mind at the moment. I'm pleased i didn't sulk too much and wasn't rude to anyone. As I was leaving my boss asked me for a 1-on-1 next week, I think he can probably tell I'm not in a happy place. Going for a bite to eat then to see Mortal Engines tonight, glad I had something prearranged with someone I like so I had a good excuse to leave. Sorta accepted that the rest of the year is a write off so just trying to get through the last week at work then I'll be free to chill and recover Back to coding for a bit...
  4. Endor

    DarK_RaideR takes lessons from the Kai

    When you've got 9 lives you can afford to be a little over-confident!
  5. Endor

    Calling all Autobots....

    Man I am chugging on shit sandwiches at the moment, I can't wait to see the back of this fkin a-hole year. Dog is unwell, zig zagging all over the room banging into things unable to walk straight, fell down the stairs and then collapsed 3 times losing his front legs. We are both in pieces still from the cat dying and now this. He has gone to the vet, I was unable to go with my wife as I am cutting over a customer site. They wanted to keep him in and run neuro tests, xrays etc. so she had to leave him there. 5 hours later they call back and say they can't find anything wrong and he's bouncing around their surgery like a mental case as usual. I can't take much more of this shit!!!! Roll on xmas holidays. Drove to blue mountains on the W/E for my friend's 50th, had a great time but got sun burnt badly on my arm on the way there, hung it out the window for 4 hours with no sunscreen like a muppet. My brain is just elsewhere at the moment, feel very vacant. Goal wise, I have done a couple short walks and I watched "Get Rich or Die tryin" a truly terrible movie that required no thought, in fact maybe that's what has zombied me!! xmas shennigans this week and next week with customers, dreading it. Only 8 working days to go...
  6. Endor

    Calling all Autobots....

    It's all true and it is easier said than done but thank you for the reminder.
  7. Endor

    Calling all Autobots....

    Recently I've found myself feeling rather happy and have been wondering what's brought this on. I broke my foot 6 weeks ago which would normally cause me to wallow in blackness. However it has forced me to sit around a lot with no guilt for doing so, during which time I've got quite a lot of jobs done and worked on some interesting programming stuff. I'm realising that I haven't been looking after my nerdy side enough so my goals for this challenge are going to be a bit indulgent and a bit more focused on being nice to myself rather than stretch goals with the pressure they bring. Goals: 1. Watch at least 1 classic sci-fi/fantasy film a week, which will definitely include at least 1 Transformers movie and probably LOTR or StarWars as well. I might even hook myself up with The Never Ending Story (other ideas welcome) 2. Do some programming for funz. I have a work project that inolves tons of boring manual auditing so I'm writing some code to automate the tedious tasks. I am enjoying writing it so I will dump some of my own spare time into this as well. 3. Hang out with friends at least once a week. 4. Rehab my foot. I have been given the green light from the physio to wean myself off the moonboot I've been wearing for my fracture. Every day I need to do a short walk which will gradually increase in distance as pain allows. @DarK_RaideR <insert accountability here> pls Bonus: Organise a get together for my birthday. It's my birthday soon, usually I do nothing but this year I'd like to make the effort to go for lunch with some friends.