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  1. What a lot to deal with over a short time. Major relief to get some respite from the long covid symptoms though eh? I had some too that have finally mostly receded and life looks a lot better without them.
  2. Back after a fairly long break, pleased to see you are, still training and gaining. Rack looks good, photos look better, beautiful scenery.
  3. Hola! Covid messed me up bad too, worse than anyone else I know so your shared misery gives me comfort!! Life goes on, at least for us. Someone I work with has got pancreatic cancer out of nowhere, few months to live, that's changed my perspective. I hope you're enjoying (or enjoyed) the Pyrenees. I'm playing catch up as I've been away so long but hope you're doing well
  4. We've discovered a lot of mould in cupboards and around the house. Before i got the rona i already had a cough so possibly it allowed that to get worse. Yesterday i bought a dehumidifier with a built in air purifier, it pulled about 6 litres of water out of my bedroom air and dropped the humidity from 78% to 55%. I think we'll get another one for the office. Constant on and off rain herefor months now, nothing gets a chance to dry out properly. Even my truck has algae on it. Official weigh in tomorrow, last week i stayed the same, I've had a good food week though and can feel the weight loss so it should be a decent drop. An older mate died 2 weeks ago of kidney failure, there were 2 cartons of beer in his house so a few of us are getting together to drink them in his honor this afternoon. Was going to be an outdoor function but it's bloody raining again!
  5. Good idea, some days i end up with less than 500 steps. I used to have an hourly chime on my old phone, i should set that up again.
  6. Exercise is not really happening, need to make a bit more effort. Spending all day at my desk is not healthy but I have a lot of work on....
  7. Had fun on the ski Saturday then late lunch at the pub after walking the hound on the beach. Sat night i was so tired, bed by 9.30. Sunday i started to clean out my closet and found a lot of stuff with mould on it. We've had so much rain for such a long time a few friends have said their stuff is mouldy too. What i planned to be a small job turned out to take up most of Sunday. Nearly finished it though, should be able to tick that off this week. Threw out a lot of old clothes, quite cathartic!
  8. Not much happening, still getting very tired late afternoon. Walking the pooch most days, just short walks. Taking my jet ski out today, hoping i don't get too wiped out. Nothing more on the goals so far...
  9. - Order a new phone Ordered an S22 Ultra yesterday, first job off the list.
  10. I lost 3.2kg last week, that was the first week and is not unusual it's just water retention. Diet is going so-so in trying to restrict calories but some days i need carbs to get past the lingering covid brain fog. My wife has the same symptoms. I did go for a walk yesterday, probably 1.5 to 2k which was a good distance. I was tired when we got home. Work is busy, that's good. Couldn't be arsed to do any jobs on the weekend, but the challenge starts today so i should start thinking about doing something. ...
  11. Ugh, i hate that, at least it wasn't to you. You might have actually started to think you were gorgeous!! Too soon?!
  12. Thanks, it was not at all what I expected it to be, way worse than other people had told me. I got some of the more exotic symptoms as well unfortunately. On the mend now though, think it's going to take a couple months to be fully over it. We can be weight loss buddies! Or I can crush you in a pvp! Or both Happy to have you along either way, well done on the weight loss so far. I keep thinking about going back to the gym....Covid had put me off but not so much of an issue now.
  13. This challenge is about recovery, I caught the spicy cough 3 weeks ago and it floored me. I'm finally starting to recover but I need some structure to train my respiratory system back up to strength gradually and slowly recover. Planning to do this initially with some gradually increasing walking, improve my diet and lose some weight. I'm feeling generally bleugh physically at the moment so I'll have to be gentle on myself and go gradually. Goals: - Work up from 3 x 15 mins walking sessions in the first week to 3 x 1 hour in the last week. - Finish an audio book - Do 2 jobs around the house each week Jobs to choose from: - clean the windows inside - clean the windows outside - wash my truck - order a smart electricity meter - buy and setup a sit to stand desk - clear out the old clothes from my wardrobe - get a slab quote for a new shed - reseal Ute Canopy - Get a quote for an extra downpipe - Choose and order a new Router - Order a new phone - Visit new office - Buy some jump leads - Repot 4 chillies - Repot another 4 chillies I'm also in a weight loss competition at work, the dates line up perfectly with this challenge so I'll track weight loss here as well. This has been a good motivator in the past but the first week has not gone so well, need to lift my game next week. Good to be back!
  14. Your gif game is strong! With so much going on tracking seems like a good idea.
  15. JustI did look at the log and saw mostly wrestling! Just saying hi, glad you're ok.
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