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  1. That is my favorite. The bonebreathing stuff works, too. His history is horrid, but the rest is pure gold.
  2. This is me in 2006 explaining what I was taught about the 8 energies in practice. Can you upload a video of you doing the eight energies, Foo? I'm obsessed with this stuff.
  3. Main Quest" 1- I run on a schedule. 2- I only eat clean foods. 3- I log all the food I eat. Level my Life: I make my bed every morning.
  4. I just read the new rules. Dang. Everything changed.......
  5. I only did a 50 miler in 2012. Then I lost my job, started school, stopped running and got fat. A good book is RELENTLESS FORWARD PROGRESS. I am reading it again now as I start dieting and running again.
  6. I live in Center Line (10 and Van Dyke), but I run out at Stoney Creek on the West Branch mountain bike trails. Anybody still watching this thread?
  7. I should note I ran for the first time this year on Sunday for 6 miles on the trails. Today I tried to do the same and died at 4 miles. I am going to move to the easier part of the trails and shorten my mileage to 4.5 miles on a really easy loop. If that is too much I'll adjust down again. I used to run Ultras so this is very humbling.
  8. New to the Scouts and I have been away from NF getting fat. I weighed 251 lbs a few days ago and it freaked me out. Since I lost my job and started school in 2012 I have gained 100 lbs. I used to be a pretty good runner, but I slowed down and eventually stopped running. 1- Weightloss- Go to Doctor and get help. 2- Run on a schedule. I forgot how the point thing works. I'll have to read the rules again and add that later.
  9. I saw the dates and thought I missed this challenge. That's how burnt out I am. College is rough when you're 50.
  10. Taijibum

    Druids report!

    Mine was an utter failure. Worst challenge ever. I can't wait to see the change in challenge stuff in 2016. It sounds fun.
  11. 1 and 2 were utter failures. 3 was good and I accomplished what I wanted to.
  12. I have utterly failed in the eating and meditation. Utterly..... however, I am running again. So, there's that.
  13. I have back issues and sit in a chair when I meditate at home and in my local Buddhist temple. I am not the only guy who sits in a chair at temple, either. (I also practice Tai Chi wearing jeans and not the silly looking uniform.)
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