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  1. C25K - Week 5, run 2 here I come :)

  2. Good point about the trainer - I never thought of it that way I think I just let myself get spooked and ended up frozen with indecision!
  3. Hey - thanks for the replies!!! Really much appreciated
  4. Hey all, A few (okay *quite a few*) months ago I bought an Olympic bar and 100kg of plates. Wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them, but decided it was an investment in my future health. However, thus far they have sat unused for one simple reason - I have no idea where to start. I'd quite like to start Here are my questions: I don't have a squat rack or money with which to buy a squat rack; so I guess I should be starting out with deadlifts? Anything else?Not buggering my back (or any other part of me, thankyouverymuch) - my brother told me there was "no way" I should consider lif
  5. I know! In fact, week five is nearly done and dusted.... I don't feel too proud of my week 4, which I have finally posted. Thankfully week 5 has been way better!! Wedding planning is, um, going Its a lot harder than it seems from the outside!
  6. WEEK FOUR REPORT: 1. Learn to measure (food) I tracked my calories and exercise everyday using MyFitnessPal. In the middle of the week I took a trip across country to go and see one of my favourite bands play. While I was away I noted all my food in my phone, then added it to my food log when I got home. Feel pretty proud of my dedication - adding half a jug of beer to my diary was painful when I got home, but I did it! 2. Don't eat everything I see (food) Net daily calories: M - 1,539 T - 1,966 (ordered out for dinner as had family staying) W - 2,587 (traveled, conce
  7. WEEK THREE REPORT: 1. Learn to measure (food) I tracked my calories and exercise everyday using MyFitnessPal. The week was a little up and down in terms of calories consumed - so far I have noticed that each week has started really well (say, Mon - Thurs) then everything goes a bit pear shaped over the weekend, depending on what social activities I have on. Luckily, after a spectacular overindulgence on any given day (see Saturday), the following day always seems to be a re-calibration of sorts, where I eat very lightly (see Sunday). Over all, I am finding it interesting to see whats goin
  8. Exercise pondering I have been thinking about exercise a lot lately. I have really been missing feeling fit. I clearly remember how it felt when I was at my peak of fitness/training a couple of years back. I was in a corporate rowing league (for 3 months with a regatta at the end), training with my muay thai club 3 - 4x a week, and training 3 - 4x a week for a 10k race. On my busiest day I would get up at 5.30am and go to rowing, head straight to work, run on my lunch break, go straight to muay thai from work (turning up to muay thai a half hour early to go for a light warm up run wit
  9. WEEK TWO REPORT: 1. Learn to measure (food) I tracked my calories and exercise every week day using MyFitnessPal. Went away for the weekend and wrote everything down, which I entered into MyFitnessPal on my return. I knew it was going to be a bit of a blow out weekend, because my future mother-in-law loves to cook, but even I was shocked by how much I'd managed to eat. I think seeing the calories of everything on a day-to-day basis has been moderating my behaviour. Which on one hand is great, but doesn't bode well for when I no longer want to track calories (I don't want to have to do it
  10. WEEK ONE REPORT: 1. Learn to measure (food) I tracked my calories and exercise every day using MyFitnessPal 2. Don't eat everything I see (food) Net daily calories: M - 1,427 T - 1,531 W - 1,370 T - 1,619 F - 2,033 S - 1,595 S - 1,719 Average net calories (challenge) = 1,613 3. Learn the habit again (fitness) Monday - Yoga Wednesday - "Runners" strength training Friday - Yoga Sunday - Mad Makara short course (trail run/walk) http://www.xterrawellington.co.nz/ 4. Suck it up, bridezilla (lifestyle) No progress
  11. Hurrah - week one fitness minimum requirement met! I got up and exercised M/W/F as planned. AND I have a 5 - 7 km trail walk lined up for Sunday (meant to be a run, but changed my race entry to walker due to injury).
  12. Does the US version have free downloadable workouts (so it can be listened to on iPod)? I remember looking at it when I was trying to find a programme.
  13. C25K is alway a goody. I have used this programme myself with success when I was living in the UK (and the podcasts are free to download). http://www.nhs.uk/LiveWell/c25k/Pages/couch-to-5k.aspx#close
  14. Ditto. Except I am short and kinda square, lol. Just call me spongebob?
  15. Good stuff. I'll be at the Xterra runs as well, but sadly walking Mad Makara as I'm still protecting an old injury that doesn't like me running! Good luck
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