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  1. Haha you guys, I'm terrible at forums. I always forget. Ok I'm doing it now, I promise....
  2. I'm just posting this here, going to add goals and stuff by monday!
  3. Oh yes it was there from the beginning. Thank you! What do you love the most? We are planning on being in Australia in December for christmas and then NZ for 2 months after that. Probably go on holiday to Tonga or Samoa during that time. Then Off to San Fransisco and meeting up with some Camp Nerd Fitness buddies!
  4. Good one Bearlee, will do that. Here's an update: I didn't really achieve goals other than eating well and walking. I did lose 1 kilo though. I'm working on something cool for next round though... oh yeah, my fourth goal has been going great! haha!
  5. Heel pain - go to a sport shoe store and ask them to evaluate your walk/run! They can recommend shoes that will help you with your problems. Keep it up!
  6. Ok so update time: I've been getting my walking in. I need to get some vitamin D tablets today because I learned that bronchitis is often a side effect of vitamin d deficiency. Which makes total sense because as soon as it starts getting darker and rainier I don't go outside anymore, I get SAD, and I get bronchitis. I have been feeling better this week so I picked up the training again. I did a huge squat set on saturday, some epic yoga and a 8km bike ride on sunday, and today I did 100 bent over rows (on each side) (don't have a pull up bar) Eating is going pretty good. I'd say I'm letting two avoid things a week slip into my diet. oops. I also find that I've been eating bigger portions of food, because I'm inside and not in a hurry to get out. Working on it. The sharing thing has been the easiest goal. I feel like it has changed my life even. I'm making this awesome planner at the moment, and I'm testing it as I do it. I'm so excited to share it with the world! ____ Bearlee I would read the art of nonconformity, pursuit of happiness, 100$ start up. - because the art of non conformity gears you up to the idea of being different and that being a good thing. Then the pursuit of happiness helps you to figure out what sparks you into action, and the 100$ start up gives a lot of examples on how to do that. I will be writing about these things on my facebook page soon, so thanks for the inspiration! let me know what you think of them!
  7. You are so right, pointing in the right direction and inching your way there is gonna last so much longer than a big leap to health. You rule.
  8. You are so awesome! I love seeing how you're going all the time. Keep up the awesome work!
  9. Last week: 63,500 steps. And I developed a chest infection. A bit out of action, but not entirely! I walk every day. Eat good foods. The plan is still on I just can't muster the energy to chase a 2 year old and perform feats of strength, especially not upside down. Yoga. Recovery. Rest.
  10. Bronchitis. Whenever it starts to get cold...

    1. FoodFighter22


      Oh, no! Feel better soon!

  11. Kyliewyotie: it really is the most delicious thing in the world. I gulp it down, it's impossible to savour. So this week has been great, not skipped a workout, been eating to plan... UNTIL Dani comes up against the cold virus! She chooses liquids and rest as her weapon. I've just been keeping up walking and doing a small amount of strength training, when I really wanted to turn it up a notch this week. Trying not to get out of the exercise loop. Probably going to be doing yoga tonight just to get something in.
  12. My husband has joined me for workouts! I have designated him as a giant assassin. He's 40cm taller than me. over a foot! It's been great bonding over exercise. I'm so happy to keep it up with him I've eaten my avoid food for the week - chocomel. It is dark chocolate milk. It's amazing and was totally worth it. So if I see something I'm not supposed to eat now, I just say "oh well. not for me"
  13. Bearlee, I've read that book and Ramit's teachings have really changed my life. I travel around the world with my two year old and my husband... something I didn't think would be possible either. Chris Guillebeau's other two books are like the other parts in a trilogy - they go over how you can make your pursuit possible.
  14. Welcome back! you totally got this! I found when I fell off the bandwagon, getting back on was easier every time.
  15. I worked out my bridges today. I decided that I should try the beginners exercises, even though I can do about 5 bridges in a row. well, I didn't pass even intermediate level. looking forward to seeing improvement on a weekly basis! Tomorrow is handstands! I'll post videos of my skills here's what I made for dinner last night! SO GOOD.
  16. I don't think Steve has an article on how important this is to a woman. Buying clothes that look good now IS part of the weight loss journey! It's hard to see a new you happening if you're just waiting to hit the perfect number. I'm so happy for you that you got that dress! It's super cute and you look amazing! And isn't biking the best?! Yes, your legs will become awesome from doing it more often. There's a reason obesity isn't a huge (see what I did there) problem in Holland! bring on the sexy legs!
  17. looking forward to you trying ratatouille. you're gonna love it. also - YAY HANDSTANDS! I'll make the video on handstand day... tomorrow! yay!
  18. Acrobat training turned out to be a bit lame. too big a class, too much standing around, not enough intense workout. Oh well. I'm going to try Aerobics class next week, I think!
  19. BRICE! I have an amazing recipe for you to try! Potential new vegetables: zuchinni and eggplant. INGREDIENTS 1 eggplant 1 big zuchinni, or 2 smaller ones 1 red onion 3 cloves of garlic thyme, rosemary, oregano, chives... provencal herbs if you can get the dry mix. italian works too. 2-3 bell peppers- orange, red and yellow are best. 2 400g cans of chopped tomatoes (we can get them here with no other ingredients. otherwise pomodorro tomatoes and cut em yourself. Like, 4-5 tomatoes) sea salt. (optional - BACON or crackling to dip) (optional - feta cheese, hard goats cheese) STEP 1: cut eggplant into cubes (peel if you must, but for the nutrients - do not peel) and put them into a colander, cover in sea salt and toss a bit. leave to drain for an hour or overnight. STEP 2: chop all vegetables into chunks. STEP 3: Using a wok or a big soup pan. Fry onion until limp (with olive or coconut oil). Add bacon, garlic and bell peppers. And spices STEP 4: squeeze out the liquid from the eggplant and add to the mix. fry a bit until it's all soft and smelling amazing. STEP 5: put all the fried ingredients in a slow cooker or leave in the wok. Add tomatoes. mix together and let simmer (or slow cook) on low. STEP 6: 15-20 mins before serving add zucchinni. STEP 7: ENJOY THE MOST AMAZING VEGETABLE GOODNESS. I have this like, twice a week. It's so amazing with a little bit of cheese on top. ... How are your handstands going? I went to acrobats class today and I have a kick up technique that was interesting. Should I youtube it?
  20. Hey Elfikay! I found you via the phonebook, I'm also doing convict conditioning! Pretty great stuff, right? The guy in the photos was one of the teachers at Camp Nerd Fitness and while he has slightly different progressions, he was pretty badass and taught me heaps! Sucks so much about your foot! I bet you can do some of that stuff? assisted one legged squats? shoulder stand squats? probably headstands if you're good at getting down safely. one legged pushups (variation) and pull ups... leg raises? yeah you can totally do all the things. haha! I'd love to hear about where you're at in your training. daniriekwel
  21. Aw thanks for the love, guys! I miss y'all too! wxstormer- I got the idea from you! Thanks for the inspiration! Eating for your bloodtype... visit this page RIGHT NOW: http://www.dadamo.com/ I just ordered the cookbook for type O and I love it! It's like taking Paleo to the next level, I'll be writing a summary and posting it soon on my facebook feed. UPDATES: Goal 1: eating This is rock solid amazing. I've been clean eating for two years, so not too hard. The hardest for me is lunch. My daughter goes to sleep and then I have to... make a salad? LAME. So today I just chucked left over quinoa, kale, half a capsicum and some goats cheese. Lime juice for acid. Delicious and simple, how I roll. I've been working on a "happy" bulletproof chai tea recipe. Just trying to get the measurements right and then I'll be sharing that. CONVICT TRAINING IS THE BEST. As a nomadic hobbit (I probably should be kender) I don't have space in my backpack for equipment. This book points out that you can often get to a stronger, healthier space by just using bodyweight. Also note: one of the wizards from CNF is the model trainee in this book! So if you were wondering what one of the classes was about, get the book and you have the knowledge. so right now I'm working out one of the big 6 per day. Pullups bridges handstand pushups leg raises one legged squats pushups the book has good progressions and is really my style of work out (get in fast, get out fast = gains)
  22. Camp Nerd Fitness changed my life

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