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  1. Don't you love playing in the park? I've been doing that today, climbing upside down on the monkey bars. Getting all the kids to hop up there with me and try and show me up! HAHA! Gave a form check to a random 16 year old trying to do l-sits. haha! I did box jumps and step ups, weighted squats and lunges (Kid on my back) and for arms I did assisted pull-ups, hanging with shoulders set and pulling as much as I could (1 milimetre?). I also hung upside down and did some flips around the bar and climbed around the top. And handstands. And pushups. Oh man, what didn't I do? I was exhausted at the end of it. My daughter had an amazing amount of energy and wanted me to let her hang more. I still had to carry her home too! (1km walk) ... #CNF365
  2. Don't you love playing in the park?! I've been doing that today as well, climbing upside down on the monkey bars. Getting all the kids to hop up there with me and try and show me up! HAHA! Gave a form check to a random 16 year old trying to do l-sits. haha!
  3. It's been ages since I've done one of these! So, kind of starting 1/3 the way through, oh well! After camp I feel so so motivated to keep at it. I'll write something up about it if anyone is interested. But I think others have covered it better. Current Weight: 63.5kg Goal: 56kg Current dress size: 8 pants, 10 top Goal: 7 pants, 10 top will never change (please don't ever shrink, awesome boobs. I just realised that's what I said last time, to 12 top...) Goal 1 Eat to blood type O - 1 avoid foods per week - Focus on highly beneficial foods - record meals on youtube for future reference and sharing +4 CON Goal 2 Walk and Swim - Swim 2-3 times a week - Walk 10,000 steps on days I don't swim +3 STA Goal 3 Strengthen and flex - Acrobatics class once a week - convict training as required by plan - flexibility workouts daily +2 STR +2 DEX Life Goal Share the things I learn For too long I have been writing and planning and not sharing. This was really evident to me at Camp Nerd Fitness when people would ask me about the stuff I've learnt or have read. A lot of people thanked me for their encouragement and help and I feel like I should be making that more open. I shouldn't be afraid of sharing the weird things that happen in my head! Some people really want to hear them! You guys are my tribe of weirdos. You can follow me at: www.facebook.com/DanielleRiekwel so my tasks are: Share something every day Make my planners pretty and available for others to use Read every day +2 WIS +2CHA Alright folks! let's get this going! *does a quiet tumbling run into the night... while drunk*
  4. Jess this is so awesome! Yay you! Don't you love paleo?! I'm always surprised by how simple and complicated one can make it. I love that you found a love for parkour. I heard so many people rave about it... maybe time to move to the assassins?
  5. Ok so this week has been intense eating spot on exercise - nothing to do with original goals, but I ran 6km, biked 7km and swam 1.5km in one day. so that's pretty good. signed up for bootcamp and been going. My abs hurt. My ocean swims are also on track. strengthen - I'm stronger. my rock climbing is going good and bootcamp is making me awesome. finance- I've failed on that unfortunately. Well, I've been keeping to budget fine, it's more the reading aspect. I have read more and learned more, but I still need some study. I also made a major break through with my business. boom. even though the goals changed, I killed it.
  6. Haha thanks Raptron. i feel like my goals have changed a lot in the past 6 weeks. I find myself much less interested in how many squats I can do.... I'm gonna run a freaking triathalon. I've signed myself up for bootcamp. I want to level up in my rockclimbing. And my cashflow has increased because my husband got a client, and now I want to start my own business (without him, because he is totally dragging me down) So I think I might just do that. In secret. He won't know. Because if he knows, he's going to want to take on his part of the work - and I can't rely on him anymore. I think I might be a bit drunk... Red red wiiiiine oh I went for my swim today - but not in the ocean. It's raining. So I went to the pool with my mum and sister. My mum is seeing my success and suddenly she trusts me. I helped her to improve her swim stroke today. Because she's entering the marathon too. So.. screw my goals. They were lame. Life is awesome. And I'm tipsy. *hiccup*
  7. Rock climbing again tonight. NAILED it. I did a 17 this time, attempted a few overhangs, and did an epic jump at the top of a super mario wall. It was awesome. I am awesome.
  8. Cool thanks! Yeah I used to not like coffee - until I got pregnant! haha! I'll look them up too - thanks In other news - I may need to buy new clothes soon. My t shirts are all way too baggy... I wish I had measured myself instead of weighed myself. I've lost a lot of inches.
  9. i have discovered something amazing... BULLETPROOF COFFEE Do you get hunger cravings? Do you think your coffee is just not really working in the morning? you need this. how to: make black coffee. Add to blender with 1 tsp of coconut oil and 1 tsp of butter blend til creamy trust me, it is delicious. And the caffeine high lasts the whole day, and helps to burn fat and curb appetite. I really struggled with portions the last few weeks, but I already see vast improvement from a few days of drinking this one coffee in the morning before my walk. So, try it!
  10. I'm going to turn my screens off at 10pm every day.
  11. Mid Challenge! So far since christmas I've lost 5 kilos! I'm now 67 kg. so 1 kg since I've been back on NF. 1. eat clean - been great! I've learnt how to make eggplant parmigiana, stuffed marrow, paleo paella. So good eating. 2. Walk and swim - I actually decided to run this morning. I like where this is going. Swimming was in a pool this week, My sister hates the beach, so there's that. We went for a hike together as a family, and I carried our 11kg daughter the whole way in a sling. 11 kilos while mountain hiking. BOOM. 3. Strengthen - this has been a bit slack, I've been doing wall press ups and 7 minute workouts which have "justified" my lack of progress on angry birds. This week coming that is my focus. I think I needed to be more specific with yoga - I do a sun salutation and say "that'll do"... that will not do. Does anyone have a link to a 15 minute combo routine I could do? I have some, I'm not as much of a fan of them... 4. I'm halfway through the book I'm on. I will teach. It's so good. I've worked to eliminate my credit card debt, and this month when we are paid it will be GONE. I've also been looking into NZ banks and which ones offer the best kinds of deals for savings accounts. And depositing to my kiwi saver (which is a low risk investment that everyone can do with 4% coming out of their paycheck each week. It's NZ's version of a ROTH IRA or whatever... retirement fund) With my mother things are going great. I've been reading my book and working on me. Also watching the biggest loser has been cathartic. The issues those contestants have are so similar to what I feel - feelings of not being good enough and fear.
  12. Did you check it out? It's not scary at all! it's so doable!
  13. Hi Guys, thanks for commenting on my post. I'm pretty slack at updating, because I am so busy working out So Updates: Goal 1: Eat clean I am pretty much on target with this one. I have done 3 cheat meals per week instead of 2. Not the best, could be worse. I planned my meals this week and it's been excellent. The cheating comes from not being prepared for cravings when I go out. So I think I need to figure out a way to avoid chocolate ice cream when I'm out at the beach... hmmm... I think I need to carry a bag of prunes with me at all times. Goal 2: Walk and swim I have been great with this goal. My swims have been more play and less actual swimming, but at least I'm getting out there. Today we're going to the beach again so I intend on being on the ball with that one. I love swimming Goal 3: Strengthen I went rock climbing this week, and it was painfully amazing. My husband and I are going to buy harnesses and shoes and a membership and go once a week (when we get a client so we can afford it...) Angry birds - current levels: Level 2 squats with *** Level 2 push ups with *** - incline pushups that is. I can do 5 half push ups flat, because I can't get all the way down. haha. weakling. Level 2 inverted rows with * - these are freaking hard! Level 2 planks with *** - my stomach muscles hurt all the next day. lol! So I want to get those all up to level 3 by the end of the challenge. I've also been doing 7 minute workouts as a warm up. (awesome app) Life goal: I haven't worked on it that much this week. I'm on top of YNAB, but only read a little with books. I went to a meet up with the cashflow 101 game, but it wasn't as good as I had hoped... a bit old school. Still fun, still learnt a bit. however, I'm working through some tough psychological issues with my mother. I'm reading a book called codependency no more, and learning about how to not let my mother's obesity rule my life. I've learnt in the past few weeks that my mother's obesity has affected me since a child, in a very negative way. I had a confrontation with her that I laid it out (we've had issues my whole life) and let her know that I wasn't letting her treat me the way she has been, anymore. It is tough to live with her, and to try and move on past our issues at the same time, but we're getting there slowly.
  14. Hi Raptron! Thanks for stopping by Yeah I'm in New Zealand at the moment. It's a balmy 25 celsius today, so I think I'll be good for a swim! haha! Update: walked for 30 mins yesterday, did 30 mins of yoga. Did not eat clean for one meal. All good. That just means tomorrow is less awesome. haha. Today I'm about to do my angry birds workout. BOOM.
  15. It's been a while, NF. And I'm late to the game. Gotta let my hobbit ninja skills pick up the pace and get back in the game. Current Weight: 68kg Goal: 58kg Current dress size: 10 pants, 12 top Goal: 8 pants, 12 top will never change (please don't ever shrink, awesome boobs) Goal 1 Eat clean - max 2 cheat meals per week, preferably on one day - Meal plan and shopping list will help here. Do it. - learn 1 new recipe a week Goal 2 Walk and Swim - Walk for 30 mins every day - Ocean swim for 30 mins every week Goal 3 Strengthen - 30 mins of yoga or 2 Angry Birds workouts every day - increase my Angry Birds levels by at least 1. - self standing handstand for at least 5 seconds Life Goal Conquer Money. - Read 3 books on finance - I will teach you to be rich, Bogleheads guide to investment and a small business finance book - Keep YNAB under tabs (oh my god if you don't know it www.youneedabudget.com thank me later) - Launch side business with my husband - Add investment knowledge to my budget - Implement strategies for reducing debt I would add more specific goals here, but after I've read the finance books, that will come Edit: I was a Druid not a monk. D'oh!
  16. Hey! week one didn't go so well... My daughter has rubella and an ear infection my stuff is put on hiatus this past week! I'm working on it tonight before bed though :S
  17. I like your goals! I'm trying to figure out my own at the moment - I might steal your phases... Where in Europe are you going to?
  18. Ok people. This is some exciting stuff. I just paid mega bucks for one of Ramit Sethi's courses. and I finished this book I've been working so hard I forgot that it's time for round 4! So tomorrow I will fill in all my wonderful goals for this 6 weeks. I'm so excited. But just know, that it's going to involve ZEN TIME MANAGEMENT MAMA as the main theme for all of my goals. haha. I've launched my site - and I think this is the biggest win for me that happened yesterday - officially after last 6 week challenge but is part of my epic life quest. *shameless plug It's all about traveling creatively - for those people who always wish they could travel Europe. We provide a way! /plug anywho. goals tomorrow! thank you my nerd fitness friends for motivating me to be awesome! I LOVE YOU ALL LIKE A DIRTY HIPPY.
  19. Aw thanks Eve! My partner has showed interest for a few months. One day he said it again and I said I'd give him a blow job if he did it with me then. he liked it enough to do it every night! yoga, I mean. ahahah Yesterday he showed off his forward bend to his Dad. He feels so proud and so good that he's doing it. Yoga is nice because it's not difficult to see improvement if you do it every day for a few weeks.
  20. R-r-r-r-r-r ROUND UP 1.Eat paleo, one bar of dark chocolate a week, 2 cheat meals - I did this like a boss. often only had one cheat meal a week. A 2. FITNESS I conquered pushups and squats in Angry birds C (I levelled up 3 times in squats alone. I'm now level 6 with three stars. That's 100+ overhead squats in 2 sets) Yoga handstands, extended big toe pose, side planks C (these were new to me. I enjoyed doing them.) While I underparticipated in my original challenge here, I did start a daily yoga practice with my husband and walked a LOT. I don't know how much. Summer walking is fun. overall: C+ 3. Learn FRENCH - unlocked level of duolingo app (the first keyhole for those who know it) A Books - Little book of contentment - Leo Babatua, so good - 1984 - George Orwell, amazing - Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell, not too bad. learnt a lot. - Choose Yourself - James Altucher. PLEASE READ THIS RIGHT NOW EVERYONE WHO IS LISTENING DO IT NOW. B Course nope other stuff became more important. In fact, I'm going to give myself a D on this one. Because instead of doing a course - learning yet another new skill to a mediocre level, I used my current skills to start a business. Launching July 28. Overall: C 4. DO - 2 to dos every day. DONE. A EXTRAS I didn't do all the tinman challenge. But I did all the other ones. Especially LION. I am launching a business. I think it will resonate with the nerd fitness community - especially those into TRAVEL I have taken cold showers every day for 3 weeks. It's been amazing. I feel like a new person because of it. and I've lost 4 kg. OVERALL: B+ Level 3: STR 5 / DEX 6 / STA 4 / CON 10.5 / WIS 7.75 / CHA 6.75 Level 4: STR 6.5 / DEX 7 / STA 5 / CON 11.5 / WIS 10 / CHA 8.5
  21. oh yeah, I lost a total of 4 kilos this challenge - I attribute it to doing yoga daily with my husband, and cold showers. oh and diet.
  22. R-r-r-r-r-r ROUND UP 1. FOOD I totally did that. +1 CON +1 WIS 2. FITNESS I conquered pushups and squats. 50% Yoga handstands, extended big toe pose, side planks 50% + 1.5 STR +1 DEX 3. Learn FRENCH I did this. Books - Little book of contentment - Leo Babatua, so good - 1984 - George Orwell, amazing - Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell, not too bad. learnt a lot. - Choose Yourself - James Altucher. PLEASE READ THIS RIGHT NOW EVERYONE WHO IS LISTENING DO IT NOW. 4/6 Course nope other stuff became more important total - 50% I reckon. That's my math skills. +1.5 WIS +1CHA 4. DO DONE. +1 STA +1 CHA EXTRAS I didn't do all the tinman challenge. But I did all the other ones. Especially LION. My birthday is next month - 28 July - and my husband, best friend, and I are launching a business. I think it will resonate with the nerd fitness community - especially those into TRAVEL
  23. Ah good point Evenewbie. I am regularly being pretty great. I guess when I'm not making leaps and bounds I kind of get bored. I have achieved some awesome stuff though. I'm working on extended big toe pose. I can't quite straighten my leg, but I'll get there. My yoga skills are ON FIRE. doing that with my husband each night has been awesome for our relationship and fitness. We love it so much. I think this week I might even give the extended side plank pose a try this week. I negotiated some terms with my employer - so now I have this awesome child care room that is safe for a crawling infant (it won't be long and my daughter will be off) and with lots of activities and space for two active 7 year olds. As well as a tv, couch and computer for their teenagers to hang out on. I'm really excited about this - because I insisted and they delivered. very empowering! I've also written an article that will be posted online for the world to see by Friday. I've been writing for as long as I can remember, but I've always been afraid. So since my cold showers I've fought the fear and I think I'm going to win. I've been reading $100 startup - every day. But it's not a book to rush through. I'm glad I've made it a priority though. and I'm glad that I put programming on the burner. I have a habit of picking up the next new shiny thing to learn. I need to slow down and focus on skills that need work so I can make monies. Oh and my French goal is almost complete! And I have a confession. I HATE SALAD. so it has been my goal to find/create salad recipes that are delicious and don't have boring lettuce or leaves as the main ingredient. My favourites so far are fresh, raw broccoli salad with goats cheese and whatever else I have in the fridge, and tuna salad with beet leaves. I LOVE BEETS.
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