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  1. I like your veges and fruit goal... I'm going to steal that for next challenge!
  2. I like evenewbie's "keep breathing"
  3. Today was another good day. I posted a new blog post at http://forlorelei.wordpress.com/. Made some progress on that outfit too I did the bridge pose5 times. I think I'm gonna have to aim for more than once a day - too easy! My tarot card was another page. The page of swords. The two pages suggest that I may have an opportunity which requires using both my head and my heart. Nice nice. We will see how the rest of the 6 weeks pan out. Doubleornothing and Chanda - I will private message your readings tomorrow sometime. Let me know if you have a specific question or theme in mind.
  4. if you like a sweet tea, try sweetening with honey. it's pretty good and not as bad for you as plain old sugar.
  5. This is what I do. I decide where I need most work, and what I'm trying to get done in my life goals and assign fitness etc to the others.
  6. I like that you're building up each of your goals. That's a great idea. I might have to steal it for next challenge. How are you going so far?
  7. yay another breastfeeding mum with a water and yoga goal! My daughter is also 4 months old and I am a nanny for a family with 3 kids - 7, 12, 14. We like to have yoga competitions - who can hold chair pose for the longest?! who can plank for the longest? who can do a bridge? etc. I like that you made your goals nice and easy - that's what I've done too. never underestimate the power of a small win!
  8. I have that yoga problem too - keep smacking into things! I'm doing one yoga stretch a day to focus on - I tried 30mins too but that's waaaay too much to start with. I'm doing water too. good luck with your goals!
  9. Tarot can't ruin your day. I don't really believe in it. Well I have 2 minds about it. On the one hand I am rational - the cards have vague meanings and especially if I apply the meaning retroactively, then I'm going to look for connections. But on the other hand, I'm spiritually inclined. I like to believe in reincarnation and all things being connected. I've done cold readings and had people crying because I hit on some truth. With a one card reading it can be very general, but if you add more cards, their positioning makes it more specific. Too many coincidences sometimes. So I feel like the tarot can highlight aspects of situations that you weren't aware of. Often the card that represents the future, only represents it if nothing changes. And doing the reading will sometimes make a person change course. So... It's too complex to say a bad day will come of it. I can do a reading for you if you like - see for yourself
  10. Day 2 Cat and cow 0 times. Lol. I hate how my knees hurt on the hard wood floors. So I ended up doing downward dog 5 times. Today I'm going to have a cushion around for cat cow. I am super proud of myself- went out for wok with the family, and I didn't over eat, and I only ate the vege and meat dishes. And a big plate of fruit for desert. I didn't even want to eat all the bad stuff! And I only drank water. 10 glasses. I don't know really how my tarot card manifested itself. I did feel like I didn't want to be at a party - just home in bed. It's hard to go out by train with a baby. Today I'm working on a blogpost and I'm making something super cute for my little girl! From my own pattern, which I intend to sell online.
  11. I think it's smart to break it down. Never underestimate the power of small wins
  12. Good going so far. One step at a time. Keep it up!
  13. Lol neither! I've never had this problem... But my daughter does.
  14. Lol neither! I've never had this problem... But my daughter does.
  15. KB21 - you're going to NZ? awesome! I'm from there. let me know if you need some tips - I've travelled all over the north island especially
  16. I'm not too worried about the peeing, Unikram I'm more focused on a liquid coming out of a different orrifice (nipples hehe) And evenewbie - I feel that the tarot is really simple, and kind of combined with the yoga. Maybe even the water, yoga and card go together - the same action (drink, stretch, think) regularly through out the day. which reminds me *get's a drink of water* I'll edit my main post with starting measurements tonight. So far so good - my first day was even vegetarian! I ate only fruit and vegetables and eggs the whole day. It feels amazing to eat like this. Yesterday I did half moon pose. (the one where you have both arms raised then bend at the waist each direction.... not this...) and I did it 5 times. I also drank 15 glasses of water. My tarot card was the page of cups - this card symbolises opportunities for love. My husband had been away for a long weekend with the guys - I missed him! I felt very loving to him when he got home haha. ... Today's card is V swords - selfishness and discord... well, I'm going to a family dinner tonight so that doesn't bode well. The point of tarot is to be aware of the card's influence, not necessarily to predict the future. Today's yoga stretch is going to build up exercises for a backwards walkover. I'm going to do the cat and cow poses to work up some flexibility in my spine. I've noticed so much improvement in my back since I've been doing yoga again. we'll see how the rest of the week goes! so far so good.
  17. wow! that is a craaazy list. congrats on getting to your pre-pregnancy weight. I look forward to your updates!
  18. Wow what a great story! Congrats on the weight loss and can't wait to hear more of your story!
  19. wow 1 hour of meditation a day?! how will you do it? I struggle with making 5 mins for myself...
  20. good goals! I'm glad you're doing a cleanse. keep with it! Think of how great you'll feel! with the fitness, if I were you I would pick one a week! why not try them all out and see which one you like best napping during the day is actually ! if it's just 20 mins. it takes a bit of getting used to, but it's a great habit.
  21. Hi all! last challenge I felt so motivated at the end! even though I didn't accomplish all my goals, it helped me further on my path to super mum. I'll fill in my measurement details on Monday when I have my husband here to help me out with photos (eek! stretch marks!) and the measuring tape. Starting weight -Chest (under bust) 88 cm -Bicep 27 cm -Waist 92.5 cm -Hips 101.5 cm -Thigh 54.5 My fitness goal is based on the fact that I FAILED at yoga last time. I went too big, which goes against my goal changing rule number one - small wins are more important than big dreams. 1. One yoga pose a day - I plan on repeating the exercises at some point to see improvement. I want to see how many I can do a day, but one is still a win. Small wins and baby steps and all that. After chatting with mindytx99, I've decided to work on my backwards walkover skills. So my yoga stretches will focus on this! + 3 STR + 3 DEX The cleanse went awesome last 6 weeks, but I did cheat with chocolate. way too much than I'd like to admit. At least breastfeeding helped with the weight loss, so I justified a bit every other day. Not this challenge! 2. Paleo 6 days a week, 1 day a week cheat day with NO GLUTEN FOREVER MORE. I've done this during my week off. well not strictly paleo - no dairy but I did have buckwheat flour in my pancakes. +2 CON I've been so thirsty lately. I've noticed that if I don't drink enough, my milk supply drops. 3. Drink a whole lot of water. I'm aiming for before and/or after every feed, with a minimum of 10 glasses a day. My daughter feeds about 7 times a day, sometimes more! She's a very very hungry baby (and doubled in size in her first three months of life… crazy!) + 2 CON 4. Learn tarot again I was getting good at this… then I stopped practicing. I want to get better at it again. I plan on studying one card a day, and do a reading when I can. If you would like me to do a reading, I would be glad to! +1 WIS +1 CHA 5. Work on blog regularly 2 posts a week - Which means I'll be sewing some new items too yay! +2 CHA +1 WIS I know it's 5 instead of 4, but I think I got the paleo thing down. I had my first cheat day today. It was amazing and terrible. I actually want some vegetables right now. I had chocolate icecream, lollies, chocolate, a banana and some bacon. I will make pancakes for dinner and have some vegetables with it - I also took a multivitamin so at least I have those. haha.
  22. Motivation at an all time high!

  23. My report back! Lost 4kg. WIN walked everyday except 4 because of weather or illness. WIN +2 STA +1 CON Yoga daily. FAIL. I did it 5 times total. Paleo cleanse. WIN. I had chocolate a few times though. +3 CON Launch blog. WIN. +3 CHA +3 WIS Mini Challenge 2 + 3 +1 DEX +1 WIS I feel more motivated than ever. Onto the next challenge!
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