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  1. So I languished. I posted a quest most epic, and then I walked away. I need to remedy this. I lost a few pounds, then I got some of them back. Now I aim to remedy the situation. I'm glad that the idea behind my quest was nostalgically inspiring to a couple of you, and I hope you come back to see this journey actually start this time. I'll get my Joyeuse yet.
  2. How's it been going man? Haven't seen any updates to your Epic Quest so figured I'd leave a message here.

  3. Well played good sir! You've got the attitude and the drive to see this through, I have no doubt it will happen.
  4. Thanks for reading substix! Honestly, this list is the beginning of an evolution, so it's not in it's final form so to speak. I've been on and off the "fit" wagon for sometime, all while slowing climbing on the scale end. My current plan is to just get more active as I am in a pretty sedentary position right now. To that end I've taken to walking, with a goal of steadily increasing the intensity of it. As of right now, I'm doing 2 miles in about 35 minutes, 5 times a week. Accompanying this is a new eating plan; cutting out the fast foods, eating more sensibly at home and making better choi
  5. Everyone who's ever set foot into Vana'diel know that it was an endless, bone crushing grind back in it's day. I was one of those who had the willpower to play it out, so I figure I have a shot here at making my goals come to life. We shall have a number of different categories to play around in, each coinciding with various milestones in the FFXI world. Get My AF Set: As it stands now, I have 81 pounds to reach my goal. Every 10 pounds will give a piece of my artifact gear with level 8 granting me my Joyeuse (yes I know the game has far progressed past these items, but these were Holy Gr
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