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  1. Any suggestions on what I might try with this challenge to finish the year out? I'm kind of at a loss and looking for something different to do.
  2. See-lee English Kaaaaa-niiigggits!!!!! I blow my nose at you! Just kidding. I had never heard the term HEMA until you mentioned it. So, I went ahead and looked it up. Thanks for broadening my horizons. I'm strictly Asian arts myself, but there is plenty of room here for anyone practicing the combative arts. So, c'mon in and join the party.
  3. Challenge After Action Review Main Quest - 8%BF - Technically I got a readout of 7.9% one day, but I am not going to accept that. I think my standard will be I have to see 8.0% or less at least 2 readings in a week to consider this one done. Challenge 1 - PLP Challenge (+2 STR +3 STA) A+ I am all over this one! I can now do at least 51 push-ups in a row (tonight is 52). I hit a new PR on Pull-Ups of 13 in a row. Lunges are going just fine, too. Those are the least difficult area. Challenge 2 - Finish learning Yili system while in China (+3 WIS +2 DEX) B I did manage to le
  4. Why thank you, Lou_be_Lou
  5. Yo! So Northern Shaolin? Could you be more specific? Do you mean Chang Chuan/Long Fist? Or do you have another name? There are lots of systems out there that claim Shaolin as their parent art. I do elements of a Northern system called Bai Xing Chuan. I don't study the entire system (not sure anyone does anymore). There are parts of it that are incorporated into the beginning phase of my system.
  6. ^ This! An entire seminar could be done on this subject alone.
  7. Sounds like you have figured out a system. That's good.
  8. Hahahahaha! Too true. Since this is my 6th Spidey costume I have a good idea of what is going on. However, with each new suit I try to get closer and closer to how it would probably be in the real world if Spider-Man had to actually dress himself and didn't have a team of handlers to assist. lol
  9. You should get involved here.

  10. I actually make a joke about this when I teach Escrima that the Phillipines are the only nation in the world that has been conquered more times than Ireland (I'm Irish). Still, fantastic arts. Kaji - I had another thought for you after I walked away from my first post. Remember that you can't start a D&D campaign as a level 2 multi-class character. You have to build your character as a level 1 solo class of some sort. Also, there is a sweet spot for multi-classing in D&D. If you do it too soon you drastically lower the survivability of your character. The level 1 Warrior/1 Wizard/1 C
  11. Push away, brother. That's why we are all here, right? Also, there is no badass present here. Just another guy (a Spider-Guy). Today is 47 reps. Haven't missed anything since the other night, so I think I am okay. I am up to set of 12 on the pull-ups (new personal best). My BF tested at 7.9% this morning but I am gonna call BS on this one. I think it was a fluke. We will see what it says tomorrow. Again, I know the machine is not totally 100% accurate, but I REALLY think it was off today. Tonight is more writing time on the form, but I also have work to do on my costume. I decided to mak
  12. True, but like pretty much everyone else I did not start in multiple arts. I spent the first 1/4 of my training either exclusively in TKD or Kung Fu (not the two at the same time). After about 7 years devoting my training to mostly percussive training I decided to augment my training with grappling (Hapkido). I did that for a couple of years in addition to my regular training. Did some dabbling in Karate and Kempo. Hated Kempo, so that went bye-bye really fast. I still research elements of Karate, but mainly to give me a better understanding of what I already know. It would be untrue to call m
  13. Us to 44 reps and my Triceps are pretty sore. Interestingly, When I feel it is on the down phase of my Pull-Ups. hmmm. I had one day this weekend where I missed doing my lunges, and that was because I literally passed out from exhaustion on my couch and didn't wake up till the next morning. I had intended to do them after a few minutes of relaxing, but it is what it is. I think I will do them on a different day as an extra set just to say I did them.
  14. Thanks, man. I suppose the form creation doesn't have to be serious. It is for me because I want to create something that is valuable enough to pass on. Made some great progress on this new form, too. I am about halfway through PLP. Today is 40 reps. I am doing my pull-ups in 4 sets of 10 reps each. Push-ups are 1 single set, and same for the lunges.
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