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  1. Thanks @Stellakin you are right, just this damn depression spell that I'm in makes things looks worse than it really is, but that's just the way things goes right now. I'm just taking it day by day with lots of music therapy . I'm doing the zombies run 5k app. I quite like it as it does give yourself a turn to push yourself, or not, with the open section on each of the sessions. @scatterbunn funny that you would mention entering something. I managed to get an entry in the local big cycle race early next year, it's a about 110km long. The longest I have done before was a 30km mou
  2. That is how I'm feeling right now. OK, not quite level 0, lets say 0.25. Some of the scouts might remember from early last year. Everytime I think I have things worked out, or getting things back on track I derail myself one way or another. Most of the times it usually some sort of injury (pulled muscle, hurting my lower back, diagnosed with high blood pressure, tearing ligaments in my right ankle...). I just cant keep myself from falling back into the ditch, and then I proceed to dig myself deeper. Going back about 2 years I managed to loose around 55kg, which put me o
  3. The parkruns are very popular here in South Africa aswell. Almost every month there are at least one new one or a rumour of a new one opening somewhere in the country, and the one that I usually go to averages over 600 people each Saturday.
  4. Thanks Teri I managed to make an appointment for Monday instead of Thursday. I will prepare my questions. From what I remember he put it this way: Level 1: No Load bearing, no impact exercise Level 2: load bearing, no impact exercise Level 3: load bearing, with impact exercise Level 4: strength training exercise I have to start at level 1, and once I progress to level 3 I'll be running again. Not sure if its going to treadmill only at first. But I will find out on Monday This does explain somewhat the injuries I had over the last year or so.
  5. I saw a biokineticists today, and lest say say it didn't end well. Basically it comes down to I have some major posture issues as well as some weak muscles in my lower back, and he strongly advised me to stop any strength training and running for now. That is till he is happy that I have strengthened the weaker muscles that is cause the imbalances in the left side of my body. So I'm not sure for how long I will be "out of action" for Seeing him again next week Thursday.
  6. Tuesday update: Did a 10km evening trail run. Took things nice and easy, trying to keep my heart rate between 135 and 145. Managed to do it in 1:21, even though my GPS said it was only 9km. Things became real interesting as my headlight started getting weaker as the run progressed and the night became darker. Wednesday: Woke up a bit late as I had to wash all my gear and hang it out to dry for tonights 8km night trail run. Yes, another one By the time I got to the gym for my 200m swim, the swim lanes were all taken up. So tomorrows rest day will have to become my swimming day. I have
  7. Monday: Had a nice 40 min run on the treadmill. Then after that was supposed to go for 200m swim, but all the swimming lanes were full at the gym. I tried to go past the gym after work, and all the lanes where full again... Tuesday: This morning I headed off to the gym again, to squeeze in yesterdays swim, and a bike ride scheduled for the day. Luck was on my side today, all the swimming lanes was open and after my swim, no nausea Had a nice 50 min ride going nowhere, with my rear getting nice and sore So far with regarding cutting out any added sugar it has gone very well, except for a f
  8. Going great, even with a few curve balls coming my way. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. So I figured out what my side quest has to be now. Cleaning my place for 20 minutes before I go to bed. The owner of my flat is very sick and needs to sell the flat urgently. So last night I was up till midnight cleaning, even had no power for 2 hours thanks to loadshedding Lol, not yet. But it sure feels that way. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Friday: Woke up at 5am (only had about 5 1/2 sleep), so that I can be in the next town at 6am for group run. It was nice and dark when we started and getting slowly brighter as the run progressed. I was in the last little group that finished, but heck, I am used to that. Legs felt a bit sluggish, I'm guessing its the lack of carbs and sugar, I hear this will pass in a few weeks time. But still a nice 6.7km run to kickstart the weekend. Its been years since I have been on a real bike. And sitting a bit tenderly today. But it was still fun. My training plan has two swimming session
  11. Monday: Went for a nice 40 minute easy run after dropping off my daughter at school. Tuesday: Swam 200m in the pool at the gym. I suffered from nausea the whole day long, hopefully things will get better. Not sure if quitting sugar added anything to the severity. Wednesday: This turned out to be a rest day, even I had a trail run race the evening. Due to lovely load-shedding, I left work early and went to bicycle shop to look at some mountain bikes. And I left the shop with a nice new black mountain bike The traffic was so bad I decided I wasn't going to make the starting time for the rac
  12. I have decided to try something new this time, and decided to start training for a triathlon. The running part I have down, the cycling I'm sure I can pick up quickly enough. The swimming, is probably going to be my toughest challenge. The race that I'm eyeing right now is the 5150 Ironman at Bela Bela on 22 August. So that is an olympic distance triathlon. So this is my goal for the next 4 months. Main Quest: 1) Follow the sprint triathlon training plan. The only days I'm allowed to miss is the Saturday workouts when my daughter is with me. Basically only Sundays and Thursdays are res
  13. I kinda forgot about this thread. Well, I managed to finish my first half marathon. I am pretty darn pleased with the time, and frankly, I didn't think it was possible. I was training to finish it under 3 hours. But something got into me that day, and I managed to do it 2:42, I would have been very happy with 2:45
  14. So on Saturday I went for my final long run before the big race in two weeks time, with a altitude profile similar to the actual race, and I will make the cutoff time of 3:10 just. Based on my time on this run and also last weekends very tough trail run I now need to make a tough decision on the trail run the day before.... Firstly, I'm not as fit and fast as I was last year September, plus some weight added on. I could have trained a bit more consistently, but there were injuries during that time, and it has taken its toll. I had a look at the route profiles for the trail run compared to la
  15. Whoops, only now realised this is the old thread Guess my brain is more fried than I thought
  16. So today I had a race, first time running since I got sick last week, and it was a 22km trail run. Took me 3km or so to get into things, Then things went decent till I hit the base of Lions Head, which was around 2:15 with about 11.5km done. The climb to the top was just a killer, and the heat didnt help, at its hottest it must have been around 32 C. And somewhere along the way up it broke me, I just couldn't run anymore. I ended up walking all the way down and all the way to finish line, . I also ran out of water after 3 hours or so, since I decided I wasn't going to fill-up at the 6km mark
  17. How is it going? You have been very quiet... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. Woke up this morning with a massive fever. It turns out that I have tonsillitis booked off for the rest of the week Only plus side is I get to stay home and get to watch some of the Stargate Atlantis blue ray set I have Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. Just one tip with the running, especially in the beginning, don't worry about speed for now. Just try to get the endurance part going, and increase your distances slowly. There are a few beginner running plans out there. Maybe you could look at some of them.
  20. Thanks, that is something I haven't thought about. Physio said to take it easy for a few days. There was a definite sensitive spot in my calf, and some needles were inserted there, so now it hurts quite bit. At least inserting them wasn't as sore as the ones in my foot, now that is something I would avoid if possible.
  21. I know I have been quiet... I took it easier last week due to the Achilles acting up. It was still annoying me on Thursday nigh, I had 8km trailrun race, especially in the beginning, when it was flatish enough to run. Then it got very steep very quickly, so no more running, till it got flatter and downhill. Then it wasn't so bad. This morning it was bugging me again during my run. So I am seeing the physio in a few hours. With regards to the gait I'm more of a mid foot striker.
  22. Yesterday sucked Tried to go for a run and it didn't feel good at all. The moment I get up to my goal pace my left Achilles tendon starts to cramp up. It goes away pretty quickly if I start walking. When it happened again with my second interval I decided to call it quits. Doing some stretches I didn't feel any issues/pains there, funny enough my right leg felt tighter than the left. I entered those races in November last year, the entries for the trail run sold out in under an hour, and the half marathon in a day or two I think. But two separate injuries since then have left under-prepar
  23. Considering I didn't know that the challenge started today, breakfast was a red bull and some chips... This last twee weeks were pretty stressfull, which didn't help, so other than my run on the weekend and the church meetings, I didn't much, other than eat too much processed junk
  24. So this is my first challenge with the Scouts This post might be a bit under construction for today/tomorrow, as I thought the challenge only started next week... Ooops... Guess that happens when life gets hectic and stressful. My main focus for this challenge is my last bit of training for my 22km Two Oceans Trail Run on 3rd April, which includes a 1000 m altitude gain. If I haven't killed myself with the trail run I will be attempting the Two Oceans Half Marathon the day after it, but I will judge how I feel. In preparing for this on the 14th March I have entered a 22km trail run on Lions
  25. Hmmmm, I think this is what I need. I have been struggling with my eating, and this weekend was a perfect example of not how to do it.
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