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  1. So I haven't been online in ages, but some friends and I signed up for the DC ROC Race in August. ROC = Ridiculous Obstacle Course. It sounded like something NFers could enjoy so thought I'd share. And if you wanna meet up after, PM me :-)
  2. 1) a couple of my coworkers have a fitbit, too, so now we take walk breaks together 2) delicious lunch (soft shell crab sandwich) 3) my choir concerts this past weekend were AWESOME
  3. I saw a similar article at summertomato.com. Love the geek stuff all over the internet
  4. Also, what kind of activities does/did she like? She may not be a gym girl, but be into other activities.
  5. She's talked to you about it and said she wants to do something about it, so clearly she knows. Everyone knows what they SHOULD do to lose weight/get fit/etc, but doing it is hard. Try to lead by example and include her versus tell her what to do. Totally agree w/ everyone else... Invite her hiking or kayaking or something. Eat healthy and offer her a taste (preferably something delicious) and be like, oh it's way easy to make. Or invite her to help you while you make something healthy and delish. And genuinely compliment her when she makes progress, even little things. Positive reinforcement
  6. Thanks! Trying. Couple weeks left to really go for it :-)
  7. Yum. I may steal some of those ideas, lol. I told my mom I'd cook, but now I'm blanking on what to make haha. What else do you put in the lobster salad? That sounds lovely.
  8. I take the longest route possible to walk to the bathroom. I eat lunch at my desk then go to the gym (in the building) later in the afternoon. Or I'll take several walks during the day when I don't take lunch. Desk push up is #8, but also check out all the happy people doing exercises at work lol: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/special/health/workout-at-work/images/office-exercise-poster.pdf
  9. RE haircut - go to a salon and ask. I feel your pain on this because my stylist of like 8 years passed away, and I'm having a heck of a time trying to find a new person. With my old person I'd say, "do whatever you want" and it ALWAYS looked good... I didn't know what she did or any terms, so to find someone new is kinda hard :-\ Another option is to check out hair magazines, find pics of someone w/ a similar face shape and a cut you like and bring the pic w/ you when you get your hair cut. If you get a haircut you don't love, don't worry... it'll grow back!
  10. Love the wall color and curtains. They make such a huge impact on a room, nice choices
  11. Lol minus the asshole part, I'm with you :-p I love to bake, and I'm damn good at it. Cooking/baking is a skill that has to be practiced or you lose it, and really it's a great skill to have. Plus I like learning how to make stuff. I save a couple then put the rest out. I got so used to people saying no that I just leave it in the kitchen. Seriously, I think my whole floor is ALWAYS on a diet, yet somehow my stuff always disappears... Curious, ha. Saying no is hard. Especially cuz people do know I bake, so they 'return the favor' and bring stuff directly to me. Luckily it's not frequently en
  12. Well last week was a cruddy week. Work stress won out over getting healthy, blah, and I didn't reach any of my goals at all. Took a weekend trip to Chicago, too, that did nothing to help the cause. Back today. On track today. Grocery tonight for food (my fridge is nearly empty). Gym (strength training) at lunch. Gym after work for the treadmill since it's raining outside.
  13. Lol I I was reading an article that said: "In general, BB creams tend to be more preventative, said Alexis Wolfer, editor of TheBeautyBean.com, and CC creams more corrective. So while a BB cream will likely have anti-aging elements and treat breakouts, a CC cream will focus on existing issues. She added that CC creams tend to be lighter than BB creams, which might make them a good choice for warmer weather, even for BB cream loyalists." So I guess there's that :-)
  14. I can't believe it's already May! This week is going average so far. Short on steps Monday, barely made my daily goal yesterday, will spend the rest of the week trying to make up for Mon. Food = bad. Corework = not bad, did lots of plank in yoga on Monday. I'm realizing that week 3 is when the will power starts to fade, so it'll be good to keep checking in to stay accountable. Just need to keep reminding myself that every choice should support my big life goals, and one cheat now plus one cheat tomorrow plus a lot of cheats on weekens adds up.... gotta keep my tail in line.
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