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  1. WELCOME TO DENVER! (I live and work in the Denver Tech Center) In your welcome packet (this link here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/617599061715957/) you will find that if you are interested, we have a FB group of Nerds in Colorado if you want to be able to reach out locally. I can't promise that there is anyone close to you or that there would be anyone to be a workout buddy or anything, but there are occasional meetups and there is access to good people who know the area. I wish I knew a particularly inexpensive gym to direct you to, but do let me know if you join the Facebook group. We have a non-forum nerd who recently moved here and was popping around at a lot of gyms trying to find the right home for him (he's a personal trainer) so he may have some knowledge of ins and outs of particular gyms and what the costs look like. That said, as much as no, it would not be stronglifts spoon feeding you a program, finding a program based on dumbbells would be a solid place to be looking in my opinion. If you find something that looks good and that fits the available equipment in your gym, I really like to use the FitNotes app on my phone for my workouts. It doesn't automatically add weight like the SL app, but you can build out template workouts (I've currently got ones built with the day of the week) so on a given day you just need to load that day's template and it autofills with the weights you used the previous session. It can also auto time rest periods so when you check off a set it starts counting down to your next and alerts you when that time is up. It has a whole bunch of exercises built in and tracks a bunch of metrics (most of which I don't use, but it's there!). Sure there are no workout plans built in, but that just means I can either build as I go in a given day or use one of my templates and adjust up the weight (or keep it the same if I was on the struggle bus the previous session). So I would say that finding a beginner/been-away-from-fitness-for-a-while ish dumbbell program and using an app that you can build out templates to make it as simple as you can for each session would be a great place to start. I know there are other apps out there that do similar things to the one I use, I just use that one because it was recommended to me by a few nerds and I've really liked it. You can work around what you've got available to you and you can take away many of the barriers it feels like you have in front of you preventing really getting started with a little time up front. But you CAN do this. And we've all got your back.
  2. No January challenge for me, though I expect to be back in February. That's not to say I'm not doing things in January, I just couldn't deal with setting up a challenge. Instead I've got accountabilibuddies and am just doing the things. Thanks for stopping by!
  3. Oh man, that was so bad. I was so tired that I felt sick to my stomach when I first got up. Awful. At least it was for a good cause - fun times with good people. And @RisenPhoenix.
  4. Time to wrap it all up! (I'm far too lazy to rehash the last week, let's be real) Goal 1: Do the Thing - Get to the gym to lift 2+ times per week - Run (HIIT) or play ultimate 1+ time per week I gymmed way more than 2x/week, but I only cardioed 3 times total since I missed week 3. CLOSE. Goal 2: Prep OR DIE - Determine a plan for a minimum of 3x/wk lifting schedule - Plan out workout days once I know my winter league ultimate schedule - Be sure to include a few yoga sessions in the plan Ultimate will be Monday evenings + T or Th at lunch as possible (weather dependent pickup game). I will do 5/3/1 starting tomorrow morning so that will be 4x/wk lifting with the current plan being Su/Mo and W/Th though that will take some tinkering to see how well it actually fits in with ultimate. Friday morning and any evening I need downtime will be yoga. SUCCESS Goal 3: Clean Food is Coming - Detailed plan for following Whole 30 for a month - Be sure to include such things as how to deal with food around ultimate for that time since Gatorade, prepackaged protein bars, and Five Guys are not viable solutions for during a Whole 30 So my plan isn't super detailed or anything, but it includes a pile of recipes for things (A good mix of things I've had before and things I've not tried so I can give some new things a chance) many of which are freezeable so I am cooking up a ton of stuff and freezing it knowing that there will absolutely be days when I just can't deal with anything and that will give me easy food that just needs to be heated appropriately and will fit Whole 30 so I can stay on plan. My solution to dealing with food around ultimate is to have late afternoon snack with protein and fruit so I am satiated going into ultimate but also have the natural sugars to help me not die running around. SUCCESS-ISH. Life: Take Care of Yourself - Make a Dr appt asap hopefully for THIS MONTH - Determine holiday travel plans and purchase flights - Ensure that all plans include adequate time for assorted down time to recharge (video games, knitting, painting, sewing, jigsaw puzzles, whatever) Dr appt accomplished. Travel plans made and accomplished. I did pretty well making sure that I took downtime in the first couple weeks and the second couple weeks were almost all downtime because vacation. So I'd say this is also SUCCESS. All in all, I'd say this was a reasonably successful challenge. Did I want to post more? Sure. Did I fall a little short on some of my goals? Yep. But in the grand scheme of things, I accomplished what I set out to do so I am good to go
  5. I AM IN YOUR TIME ZONE (got here early early Wednesday morning)! I need to see your face soon! OK, my nerdity nerds. Between the stress an anxiety of getting ready to run away to see family, friends, and nerdlings over the holidays, the last few days before I left Colorado were busy busy. And since I've been here, even if I've not actively been doing anything it has just felt busy with the anticipation of the holiday in the air (staying at my parents' house with my sister and her family, so there was the whole making Christmas happen thing). So. With that in mind, week 2 I hit workouts at least 2x and I played ultimate once, so I nailed the physical goals. I also spent a chunk of time listing out recipes that would fit into Whole 30 (some things I already eat some that would be trying a new recipe which always makes me anxious because I don't know what to expect and what if I don't like it, then I have to either eat it anyway and be grumpy about it or end up feeling super wasteful as I toss it), so a good bit of work toward figuring out what I am doing on that front. Week 3, I did decently. I hit workouts (trial membership at a gym about 5 minutes from my parents), but I failed to get in some HIIT. I meant to do so Friday morning before lifting, but I remembered halfway through my workout and had forgotten my inhaler at my parents' so I didn't even attempt a half-assed version. I was then going to do it Saturday morning and instead ended up doing last minute emergency surprise Christmas shopping (Long story short, mom had a ornament that she really liked that had a Winnie the Pooh in a Santa hat figure riding on the outside of a red glass ball, Mom was fiddling with ornaments moving this and that about and dropped the Pooh ornament on the floor where it shattered to a gazillion pieces because glass on hardwood. Bought a similar shatterproof ornament (in a set that I made into a decoration) and glued the Pooh figure to the outside as a replacement for the busted ornament.) and that took priority over a workout. Plus shark week kicked off and I had death cramps so the workout would have not gone well anyway so I didn't push it. I didn't really do anything more for the Whole 30 planning or determining the workout plan going forward, so there's sitll stuff to be done on that front, but considering this week was travel and Christmasness, I feel like I did pretty well. Anyway, HAPPY CHRISTMAS, ALL! Time to melt back into my food coma.
  6. Thanks I be fair, the first couple inches I did a couple times because I'd realize I fucked something up or I'd start to get the hang of things later on and realize how terrible the first bit looked comparably. Or just from figuring out the best way to handle double knitting with 2 colors per side without having it pull too badly in any areas. Since I've got 4 strands I'm working with on any given row - 2 for the front, 2 for the back. It was a learning experience for sure, but I'm generally pleased with how it has been going since I stopped learning things that made me start over.
  7. Yep! I had gotten the Rheno T-shirts we we ordering and I knew that outside of camp I was unlikely to wear it. But I had a shitty pillow that I didn't like. So I took it apart and used its insides to make a Rheno pillow! <3 Love it!
  8. Sure. Yay. Let's go with yay. I mean, it did feel good the brief moments when my body wasn't holding me back. Damn I need to up my cardio game. Can't let the other nerds know how anti matching I was that day with my purple leggings and blue striped TARDIS socks and maroon converse. Gotta limit it to a shot I look good in! So this is definitely my first knitting project - I taught myself just so I could make this scarf. Seriously. My progress so far (I had almost finished the triforce before the warm weather hiatus, so the last bit of that and anything beyond is what I've accomplished so far this year): And yes, I keep it in my tote from camp last year. And I've been sitting by my Rheno pillow while knitting. That's how I roll
  9. <3 That picture is accurate again because I went and played ultimate over lunch. Between being shitty about cardio the past 2 months (Sunday's attempt at sprints was literally it for those 2 months) so breathing hurt (fuck you, asthma) and my legs being tired from yesterday, I died so hard.
  10. I saw *exactly* where you were going with that. Phew. Glad you caught it in time before disaster struck. Because really, fuck that shit.
  11. Right? Ugh. They feel okay this morning, so maybe they were just being whiny assholes last night (workout was last night, not today). If anything, today my calves are feeling a little sore (possibly from trying to convince my hamstrings to stop freaking the fuck out). Bodies are weird.
  12. I don't feel like words. Here's a workout (lbs). Back Squat 5x45 5x60 5x75 5x85 3x100 4x115 (Pre hiatus, I was doing a few sets of 5 at 115, so damn close to where I was) Barbell Lunge 1x10x45 (Was supposed to be 3 sets but OMG ANGRY HAMSTRINGS, I THOUGHT I SERVED YOU GUYS AN EVICTION NOTICE LAST WEEK!) Deadlift (OMG you guys. These started out feeling totally normal. All "hey, they were getting unhappy about lunges, but they are clearly happy I stopped that and voted to move on to deadlifts instead" but then then with each set they felt tighter and tighter instead of loosening as I got warmer. HAMSTRINGS WHY YOU DO DIS TO MEEEEEE?!) 5x65 5x85 5x105 5x125 3x145 1x165 1x165(F) (I had to change the plates I had on the bar from 145 to 165 because in the area I was in we were out of 10s and I was too lazy to walk to the other side of the gym. I wanted to feel like it was worth it to do that so I attempted an extra set that was clearly a no go as the bar moved about an inch before it stopped going anywhere and I had to call it) I then proceeded to skip Stiff Legged Deadlifts and Good Mornings because I would have needed to amputate my hamstrings. Playing it safe was a better decision IMO. Glute Bridge 3x10 Plank Jacks 3x10 Leg Raise 3x10 And then because it was evening not morning and so I was already tired and my body hated me, then I was dead.
  13. SHITTY. UGH. I hope it clears up soon, whatever may be the issue. YASSSSSS! Grindy rep is still a rep! Kick ass, woman! Totally jealous.
  14. Aww, speckleface SO! Adorbs. I mean sure she is probably like "wtf shut up," but at least *you* think it's cute That's really what's important anyway. >.>
  15. If it were lower, upper, lower instead of upper, lower, upper, the decision would have been a COMPLETELY different one Yeah, logically I know that I am improving my badassery by pushing myself. I just wish my body could get on board and *feel* like it's becoming more badass instead of feeling like I've got noodle arms. Yasssss!
  16. OK. So. That whole stomach bug thing? SUUUUUUCKS. That's what happened to me *the day I was flying back to Denver* after the ruck. I thought at first it was hangover from drinking at RP's the night before, but that doesn't usually involve sharp stomach pains and usually *does* involve feeling better after a nap. Instead, when I napped on the plane, I work up feeling loads worse and spent the last half hour of the flight trying really hard to not actually need my barf bag. I spent the rest of the day feeling like I was dying. I'm glad yours was also just a 24 hour deal, I hope SO is also feeling better. Stomach bugs are THE WORST. <3
  17. So many tacos that we TURN INTO TACOS!
  18. Another reason you should move to Colorado: You can share your tacos with me. Because tacos.
  19. So despite having hit the gym Saturday and Sunday, I was back in the gym again yesterday. Yesterday I knew I had an appointment to get an IUD and I wasn't sure how my body would cope, so figured planning such that the following day would be a full on rest day was going to be a good decision. It felt really good to kick off my week with a workout. I miss that from before all my slacking off time, so it feels really good to get back into that for sure. The workout itself... meh. It was upper body focused and, well, despite pushing myself to get stronger, my upper body is always slow to do such things. The struggle bus is real, people. These workouts, while I know they are helping, in the moment make me feel like I'm weak and my arms are noodley. Someday I will break from that feeling, but that's where I'm at right now. I still show up and I still push to give it my all. But I don't feel badass and strong. Workout (lbs): Bench 2x5x45 3x55 4x70 (this is nearly back where I was before the hiatus - I had been doing ~3-4 reps at 75) OHP 2x5x45 5x50 Barbell Shrug 3x10x65 Lat Pulldown 10x70 2x5x70 Barbell curl 3x10x30 (upped 10 lbs because 20 had been feeling doable but very tiring by the end. 30 was OMG hard. But I did it, so there's that) Skullcrusher 3x10x30 (also upped 10 because I am lazy and just grab one of the fixed barbells for curls and use it for this too. 2 bars would be silly. These made the OMG hard curls seem easy. Form was certainly wobbly and questionable on the last few reps, but I got there) Spiderman 3x10 Flutter Kicks 3x30sec I am going to have to up the reps/time on those last two as even though in the moment I feel like i'm dying doing the flutter kicks, afterward I feel like it was nothing and don't necessarily feel like I gained much. So time to push harder. Last night I was nailing the me time part of things. Watched me some football while spending time on my knitting. It's coming along. Still slowly, but progress is being made. We'll see if I'm capable of finishing it before it's once again too warm for a scarf, but at the very least I am hopeful I can finish it so I'm ready to break it out first thing next winter. It's really good that I've got the rest day today - my legs are definitely sore from Sunday (I definitely pushed it harder than I had yet since coming back) but it's a manageable sore. Like, I can still walk and get up out of chairs without using my arms kind of manageable. The thing that is bothering me the most is tightness/soreness along the sides of my calves especially close to my ankles. I am about 95% sure that that is entirely them having fought to compensate for running in shoes that are most definitely NOT made for running on Sunday. Lesson learned. I'm thinking I'll put a pair of vibrams in my gym bag and they can just live there so when I forget to bring my Brooks running shoes, I've got something non-converse to run in so as to not feel like this again. It's a really unpleasant feeling that needs to calm down. It made its point. I've heard it and won't do that again. Time to move on, lower extremities!
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