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  1. For various reasons, I've started examining my base assumptions about how I exercise. For this challenge, and at least the next two, I'll be working on shoring up my base. With a solid base and a good plan to maintain it, I'll be ready to move to the next big training goal. I'm also adding XP this goal for my character. (I had a storyline associated with my character, but that was many years ago. Mayhaps I'll resurrect it.) Fitness Goals: Bike to work once a week: This is a carry-over goal from my last challenge. I did pretty good, but I want to make it another round before I'm comfortable calling it habit. 10 XP Barbell training once per week: I don't care for barbell training, partially because I like being outside when I exercise and partially because most gyms make me uncomfortable. However I've recently come across some reading that convinced me that barbell training is beneficial as cross-training for runners. An acquaintance of mine is a serious weight-lifter and goes to a very small, very quiet gym near his house and has agreed to show me the basics. 30 XP (extra points for asking for help; I can be a proud man.) Speed work once a week: Speed work (sprints, intervals, what-have-you) is one of those foundational things that I just don't like doing, even though I know it's probably good for me. 20 XP Level Up Your Life Goal: Clean up the downstairs. The lower floor of my flat is a combination garage and spare craft room. Right now it's a barely usable mess. I tell myself it'd see more use if it was cleaner. Time to test that. 40XP
  2. Final "stick-to-it-iveness" rating: Samuel Vimes
  3. The post-challenge retrospective: Apparently this is a new thing.
  4. Fitness Goals Bike to and from work once a week instead of driving, in addition to normal work-out. Do a distance run of minimum 8-miles once a week. Bodyweight work-out 6 days a week: 3 sets of 20 standard, good-form push-ups 3 sets of 20 bodyweight squats (keister to floor) 3 pull-ups (minimum) 3 chin-ups (minimum) Level Up Your Life Guided meditation 15 minutes a day Inspired by TheJaysFlight, I have created my own highly scientific and easily quantifiable scale of determination and stick-to-it-iveness as follows: Charlie Brown Samuel Vimes Theodoore Roosevelt Steve Rogers Granny Weatherwax John Wick Spider-Man Batman