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    This one doesn't have a catchy title.

    I'm on the road for, effectively, all of this challenge period. Living out of a suitcase has a significant effect on the kinds of work-outs I can do, but fortunately all running requires is a road and shoes (shoes option if you're crazy enough). Then again, you can't out-run your fork, as they say. So, in the spirit of changing what I can and not worrying about the things I can't: Eating Clean. (Well, clean-ish) No alcohol. This means no beer, wine, or spirits. There will be one exception to this, since my travels take me through Kentucky and if you think I'm skipping out on the Bourbon Trail, you've got another thing coming. No "carbs" after 1:30. No rice, grains, breads, pasta, etc after lunch. No dessert. It's summer, which means there's plenty of fruit to be had if I'm diligent in find them. Make No Excuses Work-out six days a week, even if it's something as simple as a four-mile run. Distance runs every Saturday to build up to a half-marathon in September. Distance run means 7 miles or greater. I will be using my well-calibrated, preer-reviewed, highly scientific stick-to-it-iveness scale: Tom Landry - You just had the worst season on NFL record but keep plugging away. Nice hat by the way. Thomas Edison - You now know 1,000 ways that don't work. Also, if genius is 99% perspiration, please remember to shower often. Bertha Benz - Your obstacles are merely chances for innovation. MacGyver looks to you for inspiration. Franklin Douglas - "Allowing only ordinary ability and opportunity, we may explain success mainly by one word and that word is WORK! WORK!! WORK!!! WORK!!!!" Booker T Washington - While success is its own reward, irritating your critics is definitely a bonus. Your invitation to dine with Teddy Roosevelt at the White House is probably in the mail. Frederick Russell Burnham - When you're done becoming one of history's most legendary scouts, help the Texas Rangers stop a would-be presidential assassination, and strike oil in your backyard. Theodore Roosevelt - You don't always get shot in the chest before giving a speech, but when you do, you finish the doggone speech. Being born into a life of wealth and ease is no excuse for laziness. Bully for you! I'm making a slight modification. Levels Tom Landry through Frederick Russell Burnham are for normal effort. Theodore Roosevelt is reserved for extraordinary effort.
  2. Nomad Jay

    MEN ONLY THREAD part two

    Depends on who's going to use it and why. I'm generally against the taking of human life, but I recognize that in some circumstances it's the least-worst answer to the problem set. Also, what do we classify as "humane"? From what I understand of, two rounds to the back of the head is fairly humane for the exeutionee, but tended to have a negative psychological effect on the executioner.
  3. Nomad Jay

    Hit me with your favourite smoothie!

    I don't like my smoothies super-frothy. Putting the protein in last helps cut down on the amount of froth generated in the blender.