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  1. Hey there Scouts, been gone a while. Burned myself mentally training for an off-road marathon in September and burned myself out physically doing it. Ain't done much running since then but I racked up about 75 miles on foot during hunting season. So...I'm around.
  2. Overall, pretty twisty-turny with some sharp inclines. Mountain bikers also use it so it's not insurmountable, but I had to slow to basically a walk getting up some of the hills. I was going to go back out today but the storms last night probably left the place a sopping mess. I don't the uphill slog so much, but skittering downhill isn't my idea of a good time.
  3. You, sir, are a cad. Show yourself out!
  4. I've lived in some pretty hot places over the years (regular highs between 35-40 Celcius) and I've developed a few tricks. Wardrobe helps tremendously. Wear loose-fitting clothing for better ventilation. Tropic-weight cotton or 100-gram merino wool makes great fabric that breath well. I also live in sandals during the summer months. I also recommend cold showers. Start with a warm shower to get yourself clean and then turn the water to as cold as you can stand and hold on for five minutes. This helps drop your core temperature for a little bit. I do it whenever I come in from a long run during
  5. Buddy of mine told me about a trail system I hadn't found yet. Went out this morning and did 12 miles. My knees hate me but man was it a pretty run.
  6. Working my way through the Lewis & Clark expedition. A bit of a slog since about half of each page is foot-notes by the editor. By and large I'm skipping over the footnotes and just reading the journal entries.
  7. We're all out running. Duh. I've been bad about posting what with traveling for work and all. The weather finally broke here in Montana and got up to 88 Fahrenheit last week. Spent Memorial Day backpacking in the mountains. I got in an 8-mile trail run in the hills last weekend, but Mother Nature is a tease and it's 45 Fahrenheit and raining this morning. Also, it snowed last night. What!? First competitive race of the season is the Beartooth 10K at 10K. I have no hope of winning but I hate myself just enough sign up.
  8. Anyone planning on running The Nitty Gritty in Red Lodge this year?
  9. The King Falls AM podcast had a couple of episodes that parodied NPR pretty hard, completely with slightly self-righteous host and way more human interest than substance. It was perfection.
  10. Completed my first sprint-length / Olympic-length triathlon on Saturday. Due to a late-season snow (apparently South Dakota gets snow in April. What?) the event was pushed inside. Instead of doing time over a known distance, they judged it on distance over a known time: 10 minutes of swimming, 20 minute transition, 20 minutes on the stationary bike, 10 minute transition, 20 minutes on a quarter-mile track or a treadmill, competitor's choice. I didn't do as well as I would have liked, but not a terrible showing. I have no idea where I placed overall, since I had to leave before they announced t
  11. Update: I found frozen beef cheek at a newly-opened grocery store. Said store also carries tripe, chicken feet, and other non-standard cuts. They shall have my custom for as long as they stock such things.
  12. Yeah, "tripe" and "tripas" aren't true cognates. I've always seen tripe labeled in English so that's how I refer to it. I know just enough Spanish to get myself thrown into jail, but not enough to talk my way out, so I usually just point and say "Este, por favor." Mea culpa, next-to-impossible was hyperbole. I ate a lot of barbacoa when I lived in San Antonio, though I didn't know it was cheek meat at the time. I miss barbacoa. And getting tamales at Christmas. And, oh man, I'd almost forgotten about Big Red until you brought it up. Dang it, now I'm hungry.
  13. Put simply, consumption of organ meat is regionally dependent in the US*. For example, kosher and halal butchers won't carry organ meat due to religious prohibitions about consumption of blood and meat with blood still in it. On the other hand, a lot of chain markets in the US carry packages of chicken giblets. I can only speak for regions I've lived in but I've traveled a fair bit and lived a lot of places and I've got a good bit of caffeine in me so here goes. Commercial organ meat in the US comes from larger mammals (cattle, pigs, sheep), turkey, and chicken. While you can farm/
  14. I've had black pudding before, but what is lorne sausage and sassermeat?
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