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  1. Walking & Hiking

    To my mind, "hike" is a sub-set of "walk" with a cross-country connotation. Hiking takes place in a rural or wilderness-like area as opposed to urban or suburban streets or city parks and involves changes in elevation of at least 30 feet. Going further, there's "rucking" which is a walk or a hike carrying additional weight in a backpack with a specific pace in mind.
  2. Scouts Camp 2017: The Common Room Welcomes You

    I'm fortunate enough to live about a ten-minute drive from a very long hike-and-bike that I was able to use. GoogleMaps has an option for "walking" that might help you find what your looking for. In my case it'll pull pedestrian trails that aren't marked out by the city.
  3. Romanian Single-Leg Dumbell Lifts

    The work-out plan I'm using calls for Romanian Single-Leg Dumbbell Lifts. I was on YouTube last night checking on the form and I noticed that some people use two dumbbells and some people use one. Is there a difference? Off the top of my head I expect it affects balance more than anything else. Can a more experienced lifter shed some light?