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  1. Hey there Scouts, been gone a while. Burned myself mentally training for an off-road marathon in September and burned myself out physically doing it. Ain't done much running since then but I racked up about 75 miles on foot during hunting season. So...I'm around.
  2. Overall, pretty twisty-turny with some sharp inclines. Mountain bikers also use it so it's not insurmountable, but I had to slow to basically a walk getting up some of the hills. I was going to go back out today but the storms last night probably left the place a sopping mess. I don't the uphill slog so much, but skittering downhill isn't my idea of a good time.
  3. Buddy of mine told me about a trail system I hadn't found yet. Went out this morning and did 12 miles. My knees hate me but man was it a pretty run.
  4. We're all out running. Duh. I've been bad about posting what with traveling for work and all. The weather finally broke here in Montana and got up to 88 Fahrenheit last week. Spent Memorial Day backpacking in the mountains. I got in an 8-mile trail run in the hills last weekend, but Mother Nature is a tease and it's 45 Fahrenheit and raining this morning. Also, it snowed last night. What!? First competitive race of the season is the Beartooth 10K at 10K. I have no hope of winning but I hate myself just enough sign up.
  5. Anyone planning on running The Nitty Gritty in Red Lodge this year?
  6. Completed my first sprint-length / Olympic-length triathlon on Saturday. Due to a late-season snow (apparently South Dakota gets snow in April. What?) the event was pushed inside. Instead of doing time over a known distance, they judged it on distance over a known time: 10 minutes of swimming, 20 minute transition, 20 minutes on the stationary bike, 10 minute transition, 20 minutes on a quarter-mile track or a treadmill, competitor's choice. I didn't do as well as I would have liked, but not a terrible showing. I have no idea where I placed overall, since I had to leave before they announced the results and nothing is posted online. There was a kids' triathlon prior to the first heat. Watching a bunch of 10-and-unders swim as hard as they can for 5 minutes solid is surprisingly adorable.
  7. Bosses be like "Why won't you do twice the work at the same pay rate?" I feel you on that one. I once had a boss who gave me someone else's duties while we were trying to find someone to fill that position. I was effectively doing two full-time positions at once for about two months. Same boss later recommended someone else for a promotion because my work ethic wasn't good enough.
  8. I'm not doing a formal challenge this go-round, but good luck to all y'all.
  9. I'll be well past 5K at that point (or should be), but I'm happy to serve in an advisory capacity. How may I be of assistance?
  10. Good luck! Sugar is the hardest habit to kick.
  11. If you get bored with your standard recipes, check out 52 Weeks of Cooking on Reddit. There's a different theme each week which gives me a launching point for new stuff rather than just re-tread my standard repertoire.
  12. The Weekly Report: Triathlon Training: A bad week Swimming twice a week. Done and done. The Armstrong Program. Missed two set. Bike 6 miles a week. I did 7.2 miles on Friday, followed by a 400m swim. Aikido: Training at least 3 times a week. Only one formal class due to work this week, but I did get an informal session with one of the shodan Ask two separate sempai of shodan or higher for one-on-one preparation. One session requested and completed! Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day. Three times this week. Read for 20 minutes a day: Three times this week. Weekly Score: Bertha Benz
  13. I second the Cough to 5K program. I had good results with it when I first started running. If you're not a runner, I also recommend finding a good post-run mobility/stretching routine. Unfortunately I can't recommend anything since I only know what's worked for me. I also do cross-training so I expect my needs are different than yours.
  14. Any scout who's an anime fan needs to be watching Run With The Wind. Any scout who's not an anime fan needs to be watching Run With The Wind. Basically everyone needs to be watching Run With The Wind. You're welcome.
  15. The Weekly Report: Triathlon Training: A bad week Swimming twice a week. Only one swimming workout (600m) on Tuesday. The Armstrong Program. Missed two sets. Bike 6 miles a week. None. Aikido: Training at least 3 times a week. Two formal classes and some jo work. Ask two separate sempai of shodan or higher for one-on-one preparation. The ice and snow kept all of our shodans up in their mountain homes this week, so I didn't get the opportunity to ask. Seriously, it's like they all coordinated this so they could be the Great Sage Fists of the Northern Mountain Clan or something. Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day. Four day this week. Read for 20 minutes a day: Four Days this week Weekly Score: Bertha Benz
  16. The Weekly Report: 917 miles worth of travel this week. Triathlon Training: Swimming twice a week. 700m on Thursday and 600m on Saturday. The Armstrong Program. Missed two sets. While pull-ups are portable, I sometimes forget that hotel gyms have short ceilings. Hard to do pull-ups when you keep cracking your head on the ceiling. Bike 6 miles a week. 7.2 miles on the stationary. Aikido: Training at least 3 times a week. One formal class and one free-mat attendance. Ask two separate sempai of shodan or higher for one-on-one preparation. Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day. Twice this week. Read for 20 minutes a day: Three times this week. Weekly Score: Bertha Benz
  17. The Weekly Report: This week started off promising but was destroyed around Thursday by a cold someone was kind enough to share around the office. My co-workers kicked me out of the office on Friday and said they'd cover for me, mostly out of self-preservation. I spent Friday and most of yesterday on the couch chasing Dayquil with whiskey. Triathlon Training: Swimming twice a week. Swam a combined 700m on Tuesday, but canceled my Friday morning swim due to not wanting to disease the pool. The Armstrong Program. Monday-Thursday, didn't do my Friday sets. Bike 6 miles a week. Did 7.5 miles Monday morning on a stationary bike. This one might be a little too easy. Aikido: Training at least 3 times a week. I trained twice this week and had a third session with a senior student scheduled, but had to cancel it due to being sick. It's currently freezing outside with about a foot of snow on the ground and there's nowhere in my house that I can train jo work. I'm tempted to give myself full credit, but then I remember that fighters throughout history have trained in much worse conditions so I can't cheat like that. Ask two separate sempai of shodan or higher for one-on-one preparation. I haven't done this yet, but I did ask someone scheduled for their shodan exam, so it's a start. Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day. Turns out I'm really really bad at finding ten minutes during the work day to meditate. Like really bad. I didn't meditate once this week during work. Read for 20 minutes a day: Yeah, I didn't do any reading at all this week. I suck. Weekly Score: Bertha Benz
  18. Yes, I am a citizen of Texas and those 49 other, lesser states. Landry was deliberate; Russell's assistance to the Rangers was just a neat coincidence.
  19. By and large this one is mostly refining or knocking the dust off older habits, rather than making new ones. Writing D&D campaigns has drained all my clever words, so I'm just diving right in: Re-tune the Body: Triathlon Training: I intended to run a triathlon last year, but work displacement made that unfeasible. To make up for that, I've signed up for a sprint-distance triathlon at the end of April. This'll also serve as a a solid base for marathon training. Abbreviating my training plan significantly: Swimming twice a week. This is probably my biggest challenge, since most of my swimming is done with flippers on. The Armstrong Program. No, not that one, this one. Currently I can do 4-5 complete pull-ups (not that kipping garbage) in a set and I'd like to get that up to a set of 7. This should help strength my shoulders and back for swimming. Also, extremely portable for travel. Bike 6 miles a week. This can either be on a stationary bike or on a real bike, weather permitting. Aikido: Sensei said I'm testing for my first rank in March whether I want to or not. Mostly because I hate testing and this is his way of forcing me to deal with it. To that end: Training at least 3 times a week. Ideally this is three classes a week, but I'll be flexible enough to allow two classes and an hour's worth of jo practice on my own. Ask two separate sempai of shodan or higher for one-on-one preparation. They don't have to say yes, I just have to ask. Re-tune the Mind: Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day. Turns out anger management technique aren't just one-and-done. !@#$%^& Read for 20 minutes a day: I've noticed myself gravitating more towards podcasts and TV for my entertainment lately, and reading a lot of articles on my laptop. While there's nothing wrong with that, cutting back on electronics may help me re-center myself. A dedicated reading time certainly can't hurt at any rate. As always, I will be using my well-calibrated, peer-reviewed, highly scientific stick-to-it-iveness scale: Tom Landry - You just had the worst season on NFL record but keep plugging away. Nice hat by the way. Thomas Edison - You now know 1,000 ways that don't work. Also, if genius is 99% perspiration, please remember to shower often. Bertha Benz - Your obstacles are merely chances for innovation. MacGyver looks to you for inspiration. Franklin Douglas - "Allowing only ordinary ability and opportunity, we may explain success mainly by one word and that word is WORK! WORK!! WORK!!! WORK!!!!" Booker T Washington - While success is its own reward, irritating your critics is definitely a bonus. Your invitation to dine with Teddy Roosevelt at the White House is probably in the mail. Frederick Russell Burnham - When you're done becoming one of history's most legendary scouts, help the Texas Rangers stop a would-be presidential assassination, and strike oil in your backyard. Theodore Roosevelt - You don't always get shot in the chest before giving a speech, but when you do, you finish the doggone speech. Being born into a life of wealth and ease is no excuse for laziness. Bully for you! Levels Landry through Burnham are normal effort. Teddy Roosevelt is reserved for truly superior levels of effort.
  20. I'm clean-shaven, so maybe that's where I'm going wrong. It's nice to find a place where people just accept my self-hatred, rather than attempting to rid me of it. Strangely comforting.
  21. Sounds like your challenge is going well. Keep it up!
  22. The core concept behind weighted clothing isn't bad. It adds additional resistance which requires your body to generate more force, similar to the way squatting with a barbell on your back requires your legs and core to generate more force than doing a bodyweight squat. Ruck marching has gained popularity in the last 5 or so years and that's basically walking with weight on your back, not much different than walking with a weighted vest. The danger, as other have pointed out, is when you just add weighted clothing in which no regard as to how much additional force you're requiring your body to generate. If you've been lifting 45 lbs, you don't suddenly start lifting 200 lbs. (My numbers aren't on point here, but the general point stands.) The other issue is where your body is carrying that load. 35lbs in a properly-fitted ruck sack has an entirely different set of associated static strains than 35lbs directly on your shoulders. One of the more memorable injuries I've ever had came from attempting to shoulder carry at an odd angle. Because everyone else involved was significantly shorter than I am, I ended up bracing the object with my arm rather than letting it just rest on my shoulder. It wasn't a heavy carry, (probably 200-250 lbs between the four of us, which works out to 50-60 lbs per person), it was the way the load was situated on my arm & shoulder. My left shoulder locked up overnight and I wasn't able to move it the next day. (Literally. Fortunately the doctor diagnosed it as overworked muscles and it cleared up with a muscle relaxant and a heating pad.) What specific bodyweight exercises are you doing? Posting a little detail on that might help us give you a better answer as to whether weighted clothing would be useful for your situation.
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