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  1. I think some people around here with segment times MUST be cheating. I've been told I'm getting a heart rate monitor for our my anniversary gift, I'm really anxious to see how it turns out. Yesterday: Breakfast: Cheerios Lunch: Beef stir fry Dinner: Stir fry and store bought wonton soup S&S: 6x10 Swings 3x1 TGU (WITH MY 24kg wooooo) Threw in a .7 mile jog and walked the same back home with the wife last night. She can go farther as she jogs a lot, but we took the dog and I'm not a jogger so we did a short one. Felt pretty good actually. Fridays are my only eat out day at work, so It's going to be an unhealthy lunch normally. 04/24/15 Breakfast: protein bar (I know, I know) Lunch: Pizza & wings Dinner: finishing up leftovers, not even sure yet
  2. Strava is a smartphone app that uses your GPS to track cycling rides or jogging. It syncs up with a lot of things for data, such as my up24 wristlet or certain weight loss apps. It also automatically syncs to my Pebble Smartwatch and turns it into a cycling computer with speed, time, and distance travelled, which I find AWESOME as the watch does it natively, no need to download anything extra.
  3. Pavel kinda talks about that in his book, with a little science behind it. Essentially He advocates for his program to go from a 16kg-24kg-32kg. Supposedly the science behind it is the big change in weight sends a message to your body of "Get stronger NOW". I do like presses though, So I might throw those in too. I wondered who the Strava follow was! I'll have to follow you back!
  4. 04/20/15 Breakfast: Juice (Orange, Lemon, Beets, Carrots) Lunch: Stuffed peppers and rice Dinner: Stuffed Pepper Leftovers with a small veggie stir fry 16.5 miles on the bike. 04/21/15 Breakfast: Juice (Orange, Lemon, Beets, Carrots) Lunch: Stuffed peppers and rice leftovers on top of a salad. Dinner: Beef, Broccoli, Snow Peas, and Carrot stir fry. S&S: 6x10 swings 5x1 TGUs each arm.
  5. Monday Update: Not doing AMAZING on tracking meals and I did have pizza on Friday as that was the only thing open in that neck of Cleveland after the concert I went to, but I've done well at keeping my meals healthy and watching my portions. My workouts have been decent, but Friday before the concert a personal trainer of mine asked for some help with his boss's training video so I did a crazy circuit workout with the rest periods being super sets of ab exercises (varied between crunches, slow crunches with a 3 second pause at the top, reverse crunches, v-ups, and supermans. oh God ow why). I'm glad I've been doing some work with S&S because otherwise I would have embarrassed myself. Luckily my form is still great and I actually impressed my buddy's boss, he admitted that he thought I was going to make the video harder I'm excited and this week my big effort is going to be hitting up my battle log daily with updates as my meal tracking was lacking this past week.
  6. 04/14/15 Breakfast: Juice (Orange, Lemon, Beets, Carrots) Lunch: Salad topped w/ tri-color quinoa Dinner: Tortilla soup Simple and Sinister Workout: 6x10 2h swings 1x5 TGU
  7. If I let my head plan a crazy workout schedule, I probably will end up only doing half. Simple and Sinister is....well exactly that. Not a lot of thinking.
  8. My biggest problem? Discipline. I have tons of knowledge on what I should be eating, I plan healthy, buy healthy, set aside time for workouts, bike to work, decide that this will be "the week" where I suddenly become this crazy in shape superstar. And then it doesn't happen, and I let my bad habits give me "comfort" because it didn't go how I planned. So for this challenge, I'm going to do the opposite. Instead of making huge changes that only cause me to backslide when I fail, I want small wins. Lots of them. My healthy eating goal isn't to make huge changes, but rather make small substitutions to things I already do that make it better for me and to lay a strong foundation. I know this is going to take discipline, and that's why I'm doing it this way. Discipline is something I need to develop more in all areas of my life, as I always make great initial strides but tend to not follow through or continue with it. Starting Weight: 230lb (102kg, roughly). Yeeeeikes, injuring my back and hitting up old diet habits put me here. Time to dig out. Goal 1: Healthy Breakfasts that are actually....well........Healthy? I bike to work, and often that means skipping a solid breakfast at home because it doesn't feel good biking on a full stomach at first; or I'll end up stopping for a breakfast sandwich halfway in. I don't like that! I own the greatest blender there is, and recently for my wife's birthday purchased her an Omega masticating juicer. I have no excuse for not having a healthy breakfast! I love juices and smoothies! Goal: To have at least 25/30 healthy breakfasts, be it smoothie or juice. This covers the business days, as on the weekends I can cook as I like when I wake up. Goal 2: A strong body is a healthy body. That's Simple and Sinister! I love my kettlebells. Coming off of a back injury though, I need to make sure that I'm rehabbing my back correctly while rebuilding my strength. Enter Simple and Sinister! I'll be doing swings and TGU's 3x a week in order to get my body used to that movement and mobility again. Goal: 15/18 S&S Workouts: Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday Weekly Goal 3: Being more conscious of what goes into my body. I really sometimes find myself eating without thinking. So to fight this, I want to start keeping track of anything that goes into my mouth, food or drink. I'm not going to be counting calories, I just want to be mindful of the eating choices I am making. I'll be doing this on my battle log, and if I really like what I'm eating, I will probably post a picture. Goal: Track my meals 25/30 days for the challenge. Breakfast should be easy! Day to Day posting will be done in the battle log, while any big events and weekly updates will be posted here. I'll be checking both daily, so cheer me on!
  9. I like your weekly breakdown! Can't wait to see how you do!
  10. I've slowly begun a cut back on my meat consumption, as Americans do tend to eat too much. My portion control is something I'm also working on. My problem is I love eating delicious food That's why any plant based meal is a win for me, I can pig out almost indefinitely.
  11. I'm not a vegan (maybe some day), but nothing has gotten my wife to try new veggies more than the recipes in that book. She begs me the makes the Flautas at least once every other week. I myself have fallen in love with the Beer and Lime Cauliflower tacos. Freaking AWESOME. I think pretty much everyone should buy that book lol.
  12. Forgot Sunday was Easter, so Sunday ended up being with my family and no time for the swing test. I did squeeze in a quick workout with the 6x10 swings ( 4 sets two handed, 1 left hand 1 right hand.), and then 1x6 TGU's each hand. Hopping up to the 24kg from the 30lb has has shown me some slight flaws in my Get Up form, so I've gone back down to the 30lb for the majoriity of the sets to perfect it again.
  13. Thursday: SxS Swings: 10x3 per arm 24kg TGU: 1x2 per arm 24kg 1x3 per arm 30 lb Didn't bike today as my tire had a slow leak over night and I didn't feel like doing a fast change.
  14. "Working out almost daily? Why would you do that?" I hear that as often as I hear "Oh GOD how do you lift this thing" at my 30lber, then just silence when they see my 53lb.
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