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  1. Pardon me for butting in, but Is not actually correct. As Gastrointenstinal Physiology puts it, "The relative speed of gastric emptying for food substances from fastest to slowest is liquids -> carbohydrates -> proteins -> fats." This is one of the big causes of blood sugar spikes in diabetics after a carb-heavy meal, simple gastric motility. Taubes is very persuasive, but not a great science reporter. I tried reading Good Calories, Bad Calories, but when I went to check the things he cited and they weren't really what he portrayed (I'm a doctoral student at an R1 university, so I have access to most of the sources), I couldn't read it anymore. There's a lot to debate about what kind of diet is best for overall health (and what we should even consider overall health - mental health too?), but calories in, calories out is absolutely the law of the land for weight gain according to all scientific evidence.
  2. Summary of Week 2: Weight: 152.5 lbs Squat: 115 lbs (5X5) Deadlift: 120 lbs (1X5) Miles: 19.6/20 Out of Bed: 12/14 Five-a-Day: 14/14 It never fails that I don't get out of bed until like 7 on one day of the week. I need to get better. However, I did an extra 0.6 miles this week to help make up for my 9 last week! Deadlift should be going up 20 lbs this next week. So close to bodyweight! I also think I convinced one of my friends who used to do powerlifting to come to the gym with me on lifting days from now on.
  3. I've never tried threading, but waxing isn't that bad. I had my brows waxed once, and now I just use tweezers to do maintenance. I think it was pretty worthwhile to go to someone good to see how my eyebrows should be shaped before I started tweezing away.
  4. I know it doesn't have to do with the lifting, but 1200 - 1500 calories? That's what I eat to lose two pounds a week, and I'm only 5'2", 150 lbs. Eat more. Much more. Otherwise, listen to bigm. He knows things.
  5. And summer has come to Oklahoma. I'd forgotten how bad it is with the mild spring we had. Are you doing your HIIT outside?
  6. You can also do rows with luggage/text books/whatever, if you can't find a place to do inverted rows. Better than nothing, even if not ideal. But way to come back from the beginning of the week!
  7. Just do what you can, when you can! You can do it!
  8. That is so cool about you and your girlfriend deadlifting! Is there a saying about the couple that lifts together...? If not, NF should make one up.
  9. I feel like I really need to try something new with my make-up, instead of just the same ol' routine. You ladies are inspiring! Also, there will totally come a day when you miss sore. It sounds crazy, but it's really true.
  10. quaintly

    Mac on the Range

    Don't worry too much about the plant based meals; just do your best. I hope you're having a fantastic time in California!
  11. BW deadlift? So cool! Sounds like MWOD stuff will really help your hips. If you need more, try searching for yoga stretches that focus on the hip. They work really well.
  12. I finally got my 50 lbs OHP! I really focused on technique and finally got it today. I was definitely smiling like an idiot racking my 2.5 lbs plates, haha. Don't even care, though.
  13. I'm on StrongLifts, which has you go up 5 lbs a session (and does 5X5, not 3X5); I'm at a calorie deficit and have struggled with bench and OHP a little bit with just the 5. If you do 5, you'll still get to the same place; it just may take a little longer. Or, that's what I'm telling myself to keep from being impatient and switching to 3X5. YMMV, so do what you feel is right. Great job on getting to the gym, though!
  14. Don't stress too much about the cheat meals. Practice portion control, enjoy them, and then get back on track. For the future, I always try to eat a big, healthy meal before I go out for things like bowling and have one drink I nurse all night. Since it's not meant to be an eating outing, being full usually stops me from indulging too much and one drink still keeps me from getting any guff from my friends. But clearly, today was great; so keep going!
  15. I love the hair and make-up! I'm always so jealous of people with hair that will do what they want. Even with tons of product, mine curls up again within an hour.
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