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  1. Hey! I read that book, it's really good. Scott Jurek wrote one last year that's also pretty good: Eat to Run, it was an interesting narrative. I really like how specific you've gotten with your goals! Go get it!
  2. Mission 1 grade = 10% - I didn't come close to this level of consistency that I wanted due to a number of factors. Mission 2 grade = 50% - I did a lot better at doing something active on off days - just not always. Mission 3 grade = 90% - I stuck almost exactly to this with the exception of 2 days Life Quest = abandoned for the time being -- will pick that back up later.
  3. Thanks, I took that hiking in the Hocking Hills, Ohio a few years ago. Eh, I'm used to the migraines it's been more than 2 decades and I tend to have the 72hr migraines - you learn to deal. There was a time in my life where I'd only have 2-3 good days in a month. Cleaning up my diet and running has greatly improved things though. Now I'm just down to weeding out triggers that were previously unknown to me. Hooray for paleo!
  4. Well, it's only a trigger for me, I seem to be really sensitive to random things. My husband and son can drink it without any consequences. Teavana's Caramel Almond Amaretti seems to be a sure trigger though. I'm planning in the future to just spring for the extra $$ and buy the unflavored pure teas.
  5. Hey... do crunches count for the "get low" portion of the challenge?
  6. Thanks, they have. I found the culprit (new tea that I had bought apparently has something disagreeable filed under "artificial flavoring"... lesson learned). I'm still a bit wore out from that + the diet changes but over all, I'm starting to feel a bit better. I was able to get a run in over the weekend
  7. Finally got out for a quick 5k on Sunday when the migraines let up. I've gotten caught up with "playing catchup" on other things the last couple days so I'm still trying to re-establish a healthy pattern of running. I'm thinking that I'm going to turn the half marathon virtual race into a 13.1 mile trail hike (there's no time limit so... why not) it'll probably be better than me trying to bust out a half in my current condition. I like your idea of new areas for long runs
  8. I must say, I'm really enjoying the weekly ballad
  9. How's everyone doing? I'm dragging on my running but I'm hoping to get some in this evening if my energy level holds out (and no migraines pop up)!
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