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  1. Oh man, I don't even know where to start. My name is Chris (the girl kind) and I used to be an Assassin what feels like a million years ago (2013); well, an Assassin who's always loved to lift weights. Life and countless (5) international moves have happened since then, and I stopped coming to NF. My working out has also been quite spotty in the past few years, there's been some really good stretches along with some appalling ones. Between a weightlifting-related injury, 2 crowdfunding campaigns mid 2014 to early 2015, a roller-derby related concussion that I'm still dealing with a year and some later, and now a brand new baby (she is turning 4 months old today!) who doesn't nap during the day unless we're walking; things have been a bit hectic! I miss it though, lifting is the one thing that allows my brain to stop churning. I've really been wanting to get back to it, but by the end of the day, I'm knackered and it's only too easy to skip it. I want to be done skipping it. I want to pick up and put back down heavy stuff. I want to feel strong and happy with myself again. I want for my brain to enjoy a few moments of peace from the constant whizzing and buzzing. I want to allow myself some personal time. I want to show my tiny Whirlwind that women can be strong and do really cool stuff. I want to feel confident again. So here goes, I'm starting a new challenge and I hope the accountability will help. I don't have the time to follow anyone, sadly. It's rare that I have any time on the computer at all these days, so I'm not even sure I'll be able to keep up my own thread. We'll see. But here are my goals: Strength - Strength Training an average of 2x a week (8 total) My ultimate plan is to get back to 4x a week but let's work up to that. We will be going to Sweden for a week though during the challenge, so I have to account for that. Dexterity - Stretch at least 3x a week (12 total) I carry and play around Tiny Whirlwind a lot, and let's not even talk about the Dancing Boobings (times when I breastfeed her while standing and rocking because that's what she's into these days). My muscles are so tight I have tension headaches, I need to loosen up. Constitution - Keep walking I already go out for long walks (anywhere from1 to 2 hours) at least once a day, so I think that's enough for now. Intelligence - Speak Danish 1x a day I live in Denmark, but I'm not Danish. I went to Danish language school for months and months and was about to take my final test but then I banged my head during roller derby practice in March last year. Since then, I've pretty much stopped speaking it. At first, it was because it caused horrible headaches, now, it's because it's rusty and I'm super shy about it. I need to get back to it. I'm part of a Danish mothers' group, and I have a (very patient) Danish husband, so I want to have at least a short conversation every day. It doesn't have to be more than a couple of minutes.
  2. Guys! Crazy news! We're going home on Sunday!!!!!!
  3. The honeymoon was lovely! No computers for either of us (which was a first) and I read a book a day, lounging by the pool. We're not the resort type of people but doing nothing, not even exploring, really felt good. The funny bit with the whole pool volleyball business, is that I was almost drowning half the time; it had rained really heavily the previous day and the water levels had gone up 2/2.5 inches, meaning I couldn't reach the bottom without being completely underwater (I'm only 5'3) most of the time, yet I still beat them! Ha!
  4. Now, a little update as to what's been going on for the past 2 weeks or so: - I never ended up working out while still on our honeymoon. I really wanted to but Mr De_maas would wake up so late every day (think between noon and 2pm) that I wouldn't be able to workout in the morning and then, by the time he'd wake up, I'd be starving and we'd head out for breakfast. It'd be way too hot to workout in the afternoon. That being said, I did swim every day, I kayaked once (I got seasick from it....!) and I also played pool volleyball for close to 4 hours one afternoon (I was playing along against 3 guys and beat them silly which was incredibly fun!) - 13 days ago, my computer screen decided to die. Just like that. I was browsing peacefully and the screen went black. Fun. It took us over a week, countless taxi rides and stupid sales people to figure out a fix; I'm using a Mac and they aren't very popular here so it took us a while to find a computer store willing to have a look at it. Also my computer is 5.5 years old so I didn't want to pay over US$500 to get a new screen (and wait 2 weeks just to receive said screen + actual fixing time) before I could get some work done. So I am now using a regular second hand screen, plugged into an adapter, plugged into my Mac. Awesome... but at least it works! - 6 days ago I got sick. It's insanely humid here at the moment due to the rainy season. Except that, for some twisted eason, it's barely raining at all, meaning the heat and humidity build up to an unbearable point. We didn't have a fan up until a few days ago so we had to use the AC and I got a really bad head cold from it, along with a horrible cough and sneezing feast. Oh and I sound like Batman (not complaining about that at all )! Today's the first day I've been feeling like myself again. Hurray! - Fiji power sucks! We've been living in an apartment for 10 days now so we're experiencing the real Fiji, not the resort one. And that means we were out of power for an entire 24 hours (and 30 minutes) up until this morning (it's 12:30pm right now). Power'd been on and off for a few days before that but yeah, no power whatsoever for a full day. So no computer for me nor fan to cool us down so yesterday sucked big hairy turtle balls. Hopefully the stars will (finally) align and I can bloody workout tomorrow, for the first time! *fingers crossed*
  5. You guys, thank you so much for the welcome!!! :D I couldn't be happier to be back!! My arm is doing just fine, I hope it'll stay this way once I start working out again. I can't wait to stalk your threads, I've really missed you A LOT!
  6. Injuries heal and plans (radically) change. But one thing is certain: it's finally time for me to get back on track workout wise. I have barely done anything since I hurt myself in July. I've missed it so badly, I simply can't wait to get started again! We are now in Fiji, so no access to a gym whatsoever; I'll therefore be doing Steve's Body Weight Brigade (Rank 2) workouts. That's it, that's my goal for this challenge, I really just want to find my beloved fitness groove and strength again A small side goal though is for us to actually enjoy Fiji. I know it sounds very obvious and silly but we didn't do any exploring at all the entire 3 months we were in New Zealand; we worked like crazy every single day and didn't get to actually see more of Wellington than the organic grocery store and the butchery (it's a very slight dramatisation but it's sadly pretty darn close to the truth). We are still on our honeymoon (1.5 years after getting married but hey, better late than never) and first ever holiday in 6.5 years, so I don't want to spend loads of time on my computer; I'll be working out but probably not posting until the end of the week. That's when I'll start following all of you fantastic people whom I've missed so incredibly much
  7. Not very good at posting this week but I'm CRAZY busy! I just picked up a project I had set aside for over a year and am starting getting quotes and everything from pretty much everywhere so I can start production + launch a crowdfunding campaign. It's a really cool project and I'm really excited about it Besides that, I had to spend today shopping for an evening dress. I hate going shopping for myself, it terrifies me. And I'm not even exaggerating!! Worse is that I still have to go shop for some shoes and some sort of cheap jewellery. The really annoying bit is that I gave away my heels and stuff when we left Copenhagen 3 weeks ago... If only I had known... Anyway, it's for a really good cause: Mr De_maas and I got tickets for the Gala Premiere of The Hobbit which takes place here in Wellington on Monday. I can't wait!!!!!! :D Regarding pictures, here's a link to our dropbox album, there aren't that many yet and I haven't updated it for about a week, but again, been super busy. The last few pictures are from my birthday which was about 10 days ago, Mr De_maas organised (without telling me) a visit to the Weta Cave where we also were able to visit a small bit of the studios + a 2-hour swordfighting lesson. I've been really, really wanting to practice swordfighting for a long time and I had an awesome time, can't wait to give it another shot soon. Now, talking about the how I suck (I'm exaggerating): I haven't been very consistent with meditating and even worse with doing my mobilisation workouts. To be honest, they suck and are horribly boring + my arm is actually doing quite well. The cool thing is the people we're staying with have a home gym with a barbell and some weights which have been calling to me ever since we got here, they're right outside our room and I miss lifting so much I'm going to give in I'll visit everybody's thread a bit later on, shopping took bloody forever (walked about 10K back and forth + actually finding a shop where they sold evening wear) and I have some work to do now
  8. Ok, I can't seem to figure out how to post pictures here.... Got it all ready only for it to tell me that it doesn't take that format, it's good old jpg so if somebody can tell me how to work this magic, I'd be very grateful!
  9. Yay Mily!!! That's awesome!!!! :D
  10. Haha! ok putting an album together Aw! Thanks Lex! Means a lot coming from you
  11. What's the craziest thing they've asked for you to reach the cache? Caching really sounds like SO much fun!
  12. Wow Mily! If that isn't insane progress already, I don't know what is! I totally agree with you that you should get more sleep and less stress. Getting enough of the first and as little as possible of the latter will absolutely help your progress and allow your body to recomp better, on top of making you feel better in your head. Also I'm glad you shelved your scales, you don't need to be obsessing over what number will show up. You need to feel and see the difference, that's what's important, not the number of pounds you got rid of or put on. That's an extra dose of stress that isn't needed + you know that the number that shows up doesn't tell a complete story. In any case, I'm super proud of you. Well done!
  13. I'm absolutely with Nymeria on that one, it is incredibly awe inspiring that you don't let anything pull you down. I really need to learn from you and remember that it's not because I can't do what I love that I can't do anything at all.
  14. Hahahahahha! This video is absolutely fantastic!!! :D You're doing really well with the challenge, keep it up Sam
  15. Aww! You're going to make me blush!! Well the end of last challenge + the 2 weeks in between weren't particularly fun, they were all about getting rid of our stuff, running from A to B to give our stuff away, etc etc. Not fun, trust me! But yeah, the pressure and hassle was well worth it Can't wait for the gala premiere, it's going to be amazing! It's not the world premiere as it'll take place a week earlier in NYC but hey, Peter Jackson will be there and, hopefully, Richard Taylor whom I would looooove to meet and work for! I'd totally give up being a nomad for the opportunity to work at Weta! I know I did, and I'm glad you're following it
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