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  1. How much protein are you aiming for? You probably don't need as much as you think.
  2. No, at absolute worst OP can get badly injured due to poor coaching. It really depends on whoever is running that particular outfit and if they know what they're doing, which is of course very hard to figure out in a format like this.
  3. Lost gains are temporary; injured spines are pretty permanent. If it's that touchy you'd probably be best served by taking it easy.
  4. Three weeks off wouldn't necessitate any deloading; that being said you are going to want to defer to your doctor on this. Bracing your core for heavy lifts will always increase intra-abdominal pressure unless you're doing it wrong, so that might exacerbate your problem. Breathing into your chest will not help you keep your core solid which could lead to a different kind of problem.
  5. I'm actually getting into Strongman training; doing the best I can with a regular gym at the moment but I'm moving soon and can get to a gym with legit implements.
  6. It doesn't really sound like you're going nuts, and moderate alcohol consumption actually has a few benefits to your health. The only thing to be mindful of is the calorie intake, but that will depend on what and how much you're drinking.
  7. Well, you'd get fiber that way. If that's your metric for "good" then yeah you'd be fine. Honestly though, drinking some regular old juice now and again isn't going to hurt you anyway.
  8. I'd just worry about total carbs, unless you have some sugar-specific health requirement.
  9. Unless you are really hurting for some vitamin A (and you probably aren't) I would treat them as equals. Eat whichever sounds tastiest at the time.
  10. Eat more carbs and less fat, see if that helps.
  11. Don't worry about low carb/high fat. No macronutrient ratio will cause fat loss in the absence of a caloric deficit. Determine your caloric needs with this calculator and then make sure you're eating about 500 less than that daily (weigh your food if you can); this should result in approximately 1lb of weight loss per week. If you are doing strength training and eating adequate protein (.7g per lb of body weight, or about 130g for you) most of that should be fat loss.
  12. What is the problem with soy lecithin?
  13. If you can't resist snacks, stop keeping them in the house. After a while of not having them, you'll stop wanting them.
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