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  1. Can that void ever be truly filled? There is always room for more candied bacon.
  2. Hey! So I don't think I can make the "official" meetup Saturday, celebrating the third annual Booby Day celebration in Chelmsford Saturday night... it's a thing, if you don't celebrate it already you should... but it puts me in the wrong part of the state. What's this about a game night Tuesday though?!? I'd be up for some games and drinking on a Tuesday night.
  3. Hey everyone! So for those who remember me I was pretty active on here for a while and then a few months back I just kind of disappeared... that was my bad. You guys are awesome as always, but things got hectic and when push came to shove real life came before being able to keep up with you nerds. For anyone new, sup? So basically what happened is a few months ago things kinda exploded, literally... my local Y totaled itself. Yah, it turns out it is possible to total a YMCA building. We had a huge rainstorm and it burst a water main which preceeded to fry most/all of the electrical systems, ruined the floors in the weight room, and just caused havok. Since Quincy was already building a new Y (http://ssymca.org/quincy/new-quincy-facility/, this place is nuts... I can't wait) they decided to just close the place and wait till the new one opened. So for the last few months my extra time I'd spend on the forums has been spent driving too and from the gym and doing other stupid adult things like keeping my life in order and focusing on work. Then to add to the chaos in an adorable fashion, I decided to get a new puppy. His name is Norbert, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, and for the Harry Potter fans; yes he is named after Hagrid's Norwegian Ridgeback dragon. I'm still waiting for him to learn to breathe fire though... the breeder told me that wouldn't happen but I have faith in him. TinMan was nice enough to remind me about my fellows nerds so I wanted to check in, and make some extra effort to see how everyone's doing... and hopefully over the next few weeks, when the new gym opens up, the dog is house broken, and work isn't quite so crazy I'll be back for some good ole fashioned nerd fitness.
  4. Basketball game went really well! Our team thoroughly dominated and with a win last night we are in 3rd place and moving onto the championship round next week! We play our first game against the number 2 ranked team, and then the same night will be the championship game. For a free agent team we have pulled things together really well. I even managed to get my act together after a few weeks when I haven't played bball in almost 10 years. Managed a whopping 5 points with a 3 in the middle of the 2nd half and then a quick tip in late in the game. It was a nice way to turn a really shitty day around. In other news, to once again make my really really shitty weekend turn into a much too happy week... I found a breeder with a puppy available!!! Her name is Quicksilver, and if I can work things out (aka get some help from my parents to afford her)... I may have her as soon as the 16th! She is a pure bred Rhodesian, and while I wasn't planning it at first, she is of show quality so a bit more expensive and hence the need for parental help. She has a beautiful ridge and so far appears very well tempered, her dad won best in show a few times, and competed at nationals while her mom is a champion lure courser so needless to say I am very excited. It's a bit less notice than I originally wanted, but I guess you can't really argue with nature. Plus she is freaking adorable already!
  5. Blahh... so short story is this entire challenge went out the window for the weekend. Life has turned into a total struggle lately... my old landlord is continuing to be a complete pain even now that we moved out. She is holding our security deposit and hasn't sent any letter informing us of the charges. I called her and she spent a good 15 minutes berating me and accusing me of damages that were normal wear and tear that we tried to get her to fix, but that she had refused to call for a plumber, along with other issues in the basement due to flooding that had occurred again due to issues with her building. Then further unexpected bills and other money issues and basically lots of stress, and associated poor decisions in what food I should be eating Time to get back on the challenge train this week... I already missed going to the gym this morning due to a need for sleep, but I'll be playing basketball tonight and lifting tomorrow so I am not terribly worried about it... Hopefully I can get things turned around without too much stress.
  6. There shall be plenty, I promise! It may take me about a little while to get the funds together though. If I go to a breeder it is not going to be cheap... they are a somewhat rarer breed, but I have wanted one for a few years now. In the warrior world though, gym this morning went well(ish). Second attempt at 225 for squats, made it 5, 4, 4. This time, much better than the 3,3,3 I struggled through on Wednesday. First attempt at 100lbs for OHP, went 4,3,2... that was a struggle and a half, but the last one I psyched myself out a bit and I think I could have pushed out another rep or two if I kept my head in the game. Third attempt at 265 for deadlift, 3... just couldn't put up the last two... Deadlifts are such a struggle, I just don't enjoy them as much as the other lifts. The guy at the Y came over to me after I was done and asked me to put the weight down with less banging though. I told him no, there is no safe way for me to put this down as slowly as you'd like without injuring my back... he just walked away after that, luckily I was already done with the set so it wasn't an issue. Oh look a distraction I might be a little excited...
  7. So I am sure I have workout stuff that I could be talking about... But in better news, my building allows dogs now!!! I am going to get a dog So my thread may soon be filled with adorable pictures of a rhodesian ridgeback puppy if I can find a good breeder or a place to adopt one.
  8. It is weird that I like burpees? And that just sounds like the next logical progression to make them more fun. I gotta try me some crossfit some day when I have the money to fork over to a box.
  9. Agreed... I've been lucky in that one of my good friends actually likes planning trips and shit. So we will come up with an awesome idea and the two of us will be the idea men, he will plan it, and then everyone else either comes along for the ride or gets left behind. Cuts down on a lot of the bickering, and they usually have just as good of a time.
  10. This thread is so full of win. Yay for making progress on DSAL! I mean that's a pretty huge step towards any main quest. I am jealous of you and Mr. Mir's fire jumping adventure... the last race I did that was supposed to have fire they canceled that obstacle last minute... But they replaced it with a giant mud slip and slide so I guess it was alright.
  11. I know this is supposed to be for shit we eat... but I'd like to issue a challenge for someone to make this... and if that's not allowed then feel free to delete this That is a ground bacon patty served with bacon and bacon fat mayonnaise on a bacon fat and bacon-studded bacon bun... That is a thing that exists and I wish I had thought of it first. Recipe and explanation (http://aht.seriouseats.com/archives/2009/10/the-burger-lab-bacon-attack-pork-butt-bacon-burger.html) please please please someone do this and post pictures...
  12. Feeling much better now, and back into the gym this morning... weights felt supah heavy but that could have something to do with being sick... Tried to squat 2 plates for the first time today... as stated before it felt supah heavy and I made it through 3x3... I barely pushed the 3rd one up each time and just didn't want to push myself to the point of failure. I tried for a 4th on the last one though... that was a big ole failure. No surprises on the other two lifts at least, powered through those. Bench 140 3x5 Row 145 3x5 Diet update for the first two days: Monday: Protein 248(220) Carbs 95(170) Fat 191(160) Calories: 3041 Tuesday: Protein 228(220) Carbs 128(170) Fat 163(160) Calories: 2927 Sooo not the best at getting carbs and fat into the right proportions... that is gonna take some working on, but at least I am getting more than enough protein.
  13. Glucogenesis is also the reason why keto diets and fasting can even work. The brain and parts of the CNS cannot function without glucose... therefore your body turns protein into that small amount that is needed so that you don't just end up dieing if you don't take in any carbs that day. The brain becoming more adapted to running on ketones reduces the amount needed, but it is never completely eliminated.
  14. I guess we will have to do this again in September then, no reason we can't shut down two buffets...
  15. Anyone interested in doing this on a Sunday night? How about August 11th? I'll start bugging people via Facebook/PM sometime this week so post here if you'd like to be included.
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