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  1. Thank you...your not imposing at all. I did have good goals lol, I haven't been meeting them lately. I really am trying to work through it. Thx for the kudos.
  2. You should make a day of trying on workout clothes. Seriously, make it an adventure. This is something I have thought about. I do think when you feel good in the workout clothes you're wearing you'll feel good about yourself. Feeling good about yourself will motivate you to workout harder. Get workout outfits that make you feel like a beast (beautiful and strong). This is something I think about when looking at my own workout clothes. I wear my little brothers tee shirts. My workout bottoms are too big. I did buy some running shorts from Kohls that I like. Target has some cute stuff
  3. That's really amazing Brute. I'm happy for you and I hope you get the position. Sounds like a win for sure. "Winning" - Charlie Sheen Hopefully someday I remember what I HIIT is like LOL. I know what you mean though....you hit that button and it's GO time. That's what I do love about HIIT once you start you don't quit. With running I'm just getting myself half way because once I get there all I have to do is come back and I won't quit on the way back. On the way to that mid point though I think about quitting at least 5 times. HIIT, you hit the magical button and there's no turning b
  4. My workouts this week haven't been amazing. Sprints: 0 Long run: 0 Starting Strength: 3 days Hiit: 2 Yoga: 0 Glutes: 0 So this past week was a failure. I was also planning on sticking to my Whole30.....ummmmm nope. Saturday my daughters made cookies and I ate them. Yesterday I had more cookies, chips, and ice cream. BUT I'm not sad about it. It's been 5 weeks since I have eaten things I shouldn't. My non drinking has continued though. At this point I am enjoying it. I stopped drinking not just for Whole30, because I said I would never stop drinking, it was the one thing I would
  5. I have seen your advice on many things and I really appreciate your words, wisdom, and vision.
  6. I love your goals! I really really love your goals. I just completed my first Whole30....I'm still stuck on it though and haven't diverted all except for one day this week I had chocolate and the truth is it wasn't that tasty. The problem is it is so strict which makes I difficult. I have found because it’s so strict I just don’t eat which is not healthy either. So far I haven’t come up with a new eating plan but I do want it to fallow Whole30 but a little less strict. Congrats on completing two of them! I sprint as well. I only do running sprints and I love how your mixing it
  7. So for the scale, during my whole 30 I wasn't supposed to step on the scale. I was all for it for about three weeks. I am one who just steps on the scale because it's in my bathroom. I really tried to not do it. I ended up stepping on the scale. The first three weeks I wasn't seeing or feeling any body changes as far as being more toned but in the last week I did start to see the changes. In the end the scale didn't change that much, most my measurements were the same, but one area did lose a bit which is the area I want to lose in, my waist. I find the scale to be a great motivator wit
  8. Warm muscles are definitely more flexible. I like to stretch after a run versus after weight training because my muscles feel better in the stretch and I really can go deeper without pain. Even during yoga my stretches are more painful than after running. I get a lot of similar things out of yoga that I get from my running. I do think the relaxation and muscle building is stronger through yoga. I accidently did Bikram yoga. I have taken a few classes before the accidental Bikram, the class said heated, but my friend didn't read the description which stated it was a 105 degree class. Th
  9. I finally moved up in weight with my strength training. I hit 120lbs with my squats, I hit 125lbs yesterday with my dead, I hit 55lbs with my presses, so I feel good about that. I didn't sprint yet this week because of I am going through a rough time right now. Hopefully I can get a long run in on Sunday. I might try to sprint at home tonight....street sprinting is so much harder LOL. I know it's good for me but it's HARD. I also haven't don’t yoga yet. I was supposed to go yesterday with a friend but due to life changes that didn't get to happen. It would have been fun. I haven't
  10. Is yoga something you would consider doing more of? For me, and especially for guys doing a lot of strength training that do not properly stretch, it really helps stretch out my muscles when they feel super tight. I also think the heated room helps to loosen up my muscles and give me a deeper stretch. Yoga also works muscles we are not normally working which over all develops our whole body better. That’s why it’s good to switch up exercises or have different activities, to target those muscles we don’t hit in our normal workout routine.
  11. You should take pictures now. You'll still see a different when the challenge is finished. Pull ups suck. Pull ups are like press’s for me, they don’t get easier quickly. I only work on pull ups randomly. My little brother used to have a pull up bar in his door and I wish he still had it. This is an area I would like to work on as well. You’ll get that pull up!
  12. That's a great hiit! Don't worry about last week....all you can focus on is this week, mainly today. Life happens and interrupts our goals. As long as we only let it affect the short term and not long term, it’s all good because it happens and it’s going to happen again. This is a frame of mind I am working on. You sound like you have a healthy outlook on interruptions!
  13. Sometimes it's hard for me to motivate myself to run. I do have days where I enjoy the run while I am doing it and days where I am just pushing myself to my half way point because I won't quit on the way back. I ran Sunday and my legs were tight and just not feeling it. I ended up running pretty quick 8:40 ave pace which I was happy about but I've been paying for it for the last two days. My legs are sore! I was going to do my starting strength yesterday but instead I did an abs hiit and gluts because my legs couldn't take any more abuse. I am finished with my Whole30 today. I am very
  14. I have a plan in my head to run 8 miles tomorrow. I did one sprint so far this week and increased it to six intervals which equals 3 miles. In the next two weeks I plan on increasing by one interval so that by the end of the challenge I have hit my 8 intervals which is what I was at when I was running a lot. As far as getting my speed back that’s a slower process. I'm doing so much more than I was when I was just running so I do over do it at times and I'm trying to move slower with my speed recover. At the moment its more about getting the endurance back. I might sign up for a trail h
  15. I have considered it. I'm just more open when drinking....good and bad. It's not my friends fault I'm that way it's mine. My friends being drunk around me when I am not drinking doesn't make me find them less interesting, it only gets annoying when I have been in situations where lots of people are drunk and I'm not, that I DO not enjoy because yes they ALL think they are extra interesting and NO they are not, especially not all of them LOL. I can handle a few friends being drunk around me and it doesn't bother me. The thing is alcohol gives me energy...so when everyone else is drinking a
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