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  1. I haven't quit! I promise. Some of my life stuff is still going strong even though my health stuff isn't great.
  2. I was sick last week. I am still sick this week. I passed my accounting class with an A and my Finance class with a B+ I don't know why I'm still sick and it is annoying.
  3. Hey! That's what high heels are for. Oh! And tall hats. Or maybe hair? Do the texas thing? There is a ted talk I love where a woman is an amputee and had several pairs of legs and her hight changes depending on what pair of legs she feels like wearing. It's fascinating and super full of pretty legs! http://www.ted.com/talks/aimee_mullins_prosthetic_aesthetics Oh yeah! Confident people are always way more attractive than people that feel they need to "prove" something.
  4. *teases* Wikipedia says it's 5'9.5" for men! And with the average female hight of 5'4" that's a typical 5.5 inch difference. So to be within a half inch difference is a little bit unusual. *grins* Of course averages don't account for the fact that neither of us gets neck pain if we want to kiss or the fact that if I borrow a sweater of his it'll probably fit pretty well. Or the fact that my man is a confident feminist and needing to be taller than your female partner is outdated and honestly quite misogynistic. Kinda creepy, like putting a woman in her literal place, which is lower than a man or something. *shudders* the implications are honestly a bit creepy. *beems* I love my man so much! It's nice not to feel creeped out by the person you're dating.
  5. Woo! I went to the doctor this morning and it turns out I grew. Not just out (which I probably also did) but up! I'm 28 and don't think I've payed attention to my hight since my early 20's. I went from 5"6.5" to 5'7.5" This is very exciting to me. I don't think my boyfriend is thrilled, but mostly just because I insist on wearing stupidly high heels as well and he's only 5'8" Thank god he has no complex about his hight, but he does think it makes couples pictures of us look funny. It certainly isn't typical for men to be shorter in photos. Remember how Tom Cruise wouldn't let Katie Holmes wear high heels? That's just silly and misogynistic.
  6. There is a list of where we're all at somewhere. I'm out in Chelsea and while I don't play MTG, I have a LARGE table and a brewpub next to my house where we can also play board games.
  7. I was lazy and I feel better. thank god it wasn't me fasting! Some weeks you don't make your goals and part of living a healthy life for me is not allowing failure to guilt me. If I never fail, then am I really setting challenging goals? Of course, if I always fail, then either my goals are too hard or I'm not trying at ALL. Anyways, I try really hard not to let failure put me into a failure guilt loop.
  8. last week check in Exercise: Three days of lifting. (6 points) 4 Two hours of swimming/ biking/ canoeing. (4 points) 1 5/10 Healthy Eating: I will make my oatmeal breakfast have a lunch salad or green juice for Mon-Fri. (10 points) 7 No alcohol till Thursday evening or on Sunday. (4 points) 3 10/14 Life: Make delightful snack for game night (1 point) 1 Take machine to the shop (1 point) 1 Mark the beams for the shower enclosure (1 point) 1 Attach flanges (1 point) 1 Clean up the mess in the bathroom (1 point) 1 Order new Shower parts or a custom plumbing piece (2 points because it makes me want to cry) 2 Knitting 1 point for every inch (3 minimum) 8 14/10 I also ordered the shower curtains and picked up shower curtain rings 2 I completely finished the bathroom!! 1 Finished the topstitching on my skirt 1 made a buttonhole! 1 5 extra 34/34 current total in my craft/espresso/something fund ($9) I would have liked to have done better in my health goals, but my life goals were important and I was depressed. I'm just glad I didn't go completely off the rails and quit. I'm still here! I recommit to accomplishing my goals this week, speaking of here are next weeks goals. They are different because I'm leaving to do fun things this week and my favorite man is coming over to give me a million kisses. Goals for this week! Exercise: Two days of lifting. (4 points) one hour of swimming/ biking/ canoeing. (2 points) any extra lifts and workouts are extra 6 total Healthy Eating: I will make my oatmeal breakfast have a lunch salad or green juice for Mon-Thurs. (8 points) No alcohol till Thursday evening (4 points) 12 total Life: Make delightful snack for cabin (1 point) Cut my skirt (1 point) cut my appliques (1 point) Beggin attaching appliques (1 point) Clean kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and pickup truck (4 points) Vacuum & Mop (1 point) Knitting 1 point for every inch (3 minimum) 12 total Extra points for doing extra things. Rewards: 30/30= $3 in my fund! 26/30= $2 in my fund 20/30= $1 in my fund
  9. Woke up early today to take my MIL to the hospital. She had to fast for two days before her thing so we went and got breakfast after she was done. I crashed when we got home and just woke up. I finished my shower yesterday! I think I will have to put off my strength workout till tomorrow. I have NO energy today! I may have to to give up any goals for the day. Why am I so exhausted?! I don't know, but I am. The idea of hauling my body through a workout is simply absurd.
  10. The problem with not being able to run, is that I'm also not able to go on long walks with the dog, or go dancing or use my foot to close doors or bang it on anything without pain. Anyways! Midweek update!! I've lifted twice and spent 25 minutes swimming. I skipped one salad/juice meal, but will probably make up for it later. I got my sewing machine fixed!! (The needle was backwards.) I finished the top stitching and put in a buttonhole and a bright yellow button! I'm also wearing it now. It's really cool. I ordered the custom pieces for the shower, as well as the shower curtain. I've also already marked the beams. Today I will be attaching some things and if I get it all done by the end of the week I get bonus points! Not sure if the points really matter, but they are a quantitative measurement of how well I achieve my goals. Speaking of achieving goals. The bathroom has me so frustrated that I want to quit everything and just drink a couple sixpacks and eat 3 bags of m&m's. I bought one bag, but resisted the beer. I also haven't finished them. Tonight I get beer treats! I bought so much fabric it's not even funny. I swear to god. I also need more. Some quilting stuff to make a friends baby quilt. I wish I were closer so I could cuddle her!
  11. I saw that! You poor dear, I hope your recovery goes smoothly. I am so lucky it's not that serious. I CAN run, I just shouldn't. I am trying to get the inflammation in the joint to go away completely before I start stressing it again. Honestly I have no real interest in running. I'm more interested in dancing and jumping and using my foot to close doors and basically having a zero pain level.
  12. I can't do any running right now. I have to try to keep from bending or using my right toe since I have some arthritis flare up. I go to see the podiatrist for the 4th time tomorrow because I have to get the inflammation to go away completely before I can start exercising on it. ;_; I have never loved running, but it would be nice to do it on occasion or at least not worry that walking with the dog will damage my toe worse. Having my clothes fit a bit better would be great! I have some cute things I would like to invest in, but not until I lose some inches on my belly and waist. I like how I look with a few less inches.
  13. Are you on Ravelry? If so I totally try to list the projects I'm doing there. Also, threatening to stab people is so sweet! <3 Thank you! I don't know if I'll ever get less chubby, but I think I am already feeling better after a month and a half of lifting continuously. I love my body and all the cool things it can do for me and I try SUPER hard not to let the media definition of sexy get to me. I know it's not healthy, but sometimes, especially when I start talking fitness, I start feeling chubby and not sexy. I usually can pep talk myself out of it, but it's hard sometimes. Posting unflattering photos of myself isn't so much fun either. Since I refuse to perpetuate the whole "you can only be happy/worthy if you're skinny/strong/sexy/etc" I made sure to smile and be happy in my before pictures. Plus I had just finished lifting! I should be happy! I will not make a mopey before photo. That's a lie and not how I live my life and I don't want other people to think that weight loss is the answer to their unhappiness. Sorry for rambling, but threatening to stab people makes me all warm and fuzzy and protected feeling.
  14. This is actually not the first week I've done this. It's my second! I LOVE this setup. I am super easily distracted and have NEVER gotten through six weeks (obviously.) I started doing week long goals with some girlfriends on a FB group. We take sweaty selfies and try to encourage each other to be active. I just started adding the goals because I wanted to push myself a bit more. It went pretty well until my machine decided to make me cry!
  15. I think we all agree that Miller Light is not beer. You only drink one if refusing would make you a rude d-bag. (No one wants to be that pretentious.)
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