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  1. up at 6am today yay. and feeling alot better now that the dishes are out of the way and ive had a hot bath. so, now im going to do something for my health. grains beans and veggies, and 15 minutes on the wii fit. (or specifically, my "get in shape" game) but first, some coffee.
  2. good call. and thanks for the reply i could do with being more compassionate towards myself. today i got up at..... 6pm. DOH. so i am trying not to beat myself up about that. my brain is really all over the place today. and the cat has just been sick.
  3. ok. so its now 9pm and im thinking of stopping for today and logging onto wow. so, today i did the bulk of the washing up. not an amazing achievement, but once thats all done, i can start on other things.
  4. ok so i was feeling brave enough to make a video about today. http://youtu.be/s33euBmLSLI
  5. you're right. thanks for the reply less smoking would be good. maybe i can see how long i can hold out for, while having tobacco. when i dont have tobacco i feel like gnawing at the carpet. about cake- im diabetic so ive learnt that cake makes me have to go to bed and sleep it off because i feel so awful. so i no longer eat cake or chocolate. thats a good step forward from just eating "whatever". now i still eat junk, but its sugar free junk.
  6. so, i smoked. i feel like a big fat failure. i dont know how i am ever gonna get myself out of this mess.
  7. gah... i feel terrible today. craving a ciggie. need a bath. not very motivated to change my life. o well. quit time 19 hrs and 2 minutes. the kitchen is tidy. i just need to do the dishes.
  8. oystergirl, would be very interested to know more about your experiences with raw vegan. its something i have looked into and i would like to follow a low-glycemic raw vegan diet... with b12 supplementation.... as recommended by gabriel cousens. not yet tho as i found it a bit expensive. for now i am doing grains, beans and veggies, all cooked. well, was interested in your comment about the "honeymoon period" as thats something ive never heard b4. usually when i have found information about raw vegan, people are totally into it and have nothing bad to say about it, or they are totally against it.
  9. thanks i didnt get a huge amount done today but it was better than nothing
  10. i agree about the rice and the beans. when i am eating healthily, i have porridge for breakfast. then i make a pan of what i call "GBVs"... grains, beans and veggies. i cook up some onions and garlic in a little oil. then add some other veggies. then add a can of beans. then add half a mug of brown rice. (i try to go easy on the rice) then i add a couple of stock cubes, some herbs and spice, salt n pepper, and boil it up until the rice is cooked. hey presto. very cheap and vegan.
  11. so the day is nearly over, and im thinking about what i have achieved today. on the face of it, i have pretty much just done a couple of chores, and smoked less. but normally i would do NO chores and smoke a ton. the main thing is that i have instigated some kind of change. i have joined this site, made a blog, and linked stuff to my facebook and a music forum i visit. hoping to do a bit more tomorrow.
  12. right then, heres my blog. i will do a daily log about what i have achieved on this forum, and then write the minute-to-minute stuff on the blog. okies http://lavendercatnerd.blogspot.co.uk/
  13. ok. ive put the dishes away, some of which were not even clean so they will need washing again. i am dying to log onto warcraft/ smoke. next thing to do is tidy the washing up. each of these things feels like an epic feat, partly because im so unfit that doing anything is a bit of an effort. now, this is supposed to be a daily battle log, not a log-everytime-you-do-one-thing log. so i could maybe make a blog for this stuff, and do a kind of catchall daily log here.
  14. ah cool i had to google roomba. i am feeling pretty pumped after tidying the counter. still dying for a ciggie. quit time = 57 mins. saved 12p. now i need to put away some of the clean dishes that my bf washed but didnt put away. i tried making a video, but im so ashamed of my appearance. thats one of the things i hope to tackle with this new regime. right. clean dishes to put away.
  15. okay. so i ate my porridge. and im now dying for a ciggie. quit time = 28 minutes. money saved = 6p. its that whole nails down a blackboard feeling. but, i can do this. so the next thing to do is the dishes. i already took my meds today. the first thing to do is tidy the counter. strictly speaking, i dont want to do anything besides log onto warcraft. but i need to sort my life out. i would make a video about this but i look awful as you can imagine. right- counter.
  16. right, now i need to make myself something healthy to eat. when i dont have it together, i eat toast, crisps... anything easy and quick to grab. i find that if i eat sugary stuff... chocolate, cakes etc... i get ill and have to go to bed. i have diabetes you see. type 2. so my healthy eating regime is pretty much grains, beans and veggies. im a fan of susan powter. so a quick thing i make for myself is porridge, when i have it together. ok so im gonna make myself some porridge. i have had my last rollup and my smokefree app records 5 minutes quit time, and a saving of 1p.
  17. right, so i have my last ciggie here. i smoke rollups. i have an app which records how long you have given up for, and how much money you have saved. so the next couple of days are going to be a bit uncomfortable. so im going to have a coffee and smoke my last rollup.
  18. thanks... we have alot of clutter too, my boyfriend hates to throw things out. what i find is that i will go on a massive clean and the house will be spotless, but i dont have time to do anything else..... or, i game for weeks and let the house go. i need to find some kind of balance. but also, ultimately, i need to get off my butt !!
  19. yes... i can relate to that. i find that when they all need to be put in the dosette box, i sometimes miss a day. i hope i can stick with it too, sticking with things is not my strong point but it helps to have this site where i can come back to it and tell what ive been doing
  20. thanks for the reply, well i have an occupational therapist and i am on 200mg of lustral. the depression comes and goes.. without my meds i am very crazy, so they help me alot. my OT takes me out and we talk. one thing about getting myself organized is that i take my meds everyday, something i have been forgetting to do lately.
  21. thanks my brother also lives in japan, he teaches there.
  22. ok, so i have been here before and found it awesome. then i got offtrack and did some other stuff. but now i am back because i seriously, seriously need to sort my life out. i am gaming pretty much all of the time. i play world of warcraft, and i find it very nice to have friends on there, which i dont really have irl. i am obese, i weigh about 250 lbs. and my house is going to the dogs since i cant even be bothered to get up and clean. i worry that if i clean my house and do exercise, i wont have enough time to game. my diet is not great, i pretty much live on toast. i smoke. i have diabetes, schizo-typal disorder, ocd, high cholesterol, and low thyroid. i get confused alot. this is my attempt to get motivated and get on track. so. before now, i have decided that the first thing i need to do is clean my house. that may be true.... but if i eat any old junk, and dont exercise, i feel too crap to do anything anyway. so the very first thing i need to tackle is my health. diet and exercise. and smoking. ok so here goes.
  23. made another pan of grains beans and veggies, and did 20 minutes walking on the spot. i am now motivated by the wish to not be in pain.
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