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  1. I guess a good question to ask is what is making her so upset. It really sucks when people project their own expectations on you, however its important to remember that you cannot wear her insecurities. They are her own demons to fight, not yours. If it were me in this situation, I would straight up ask (politely) why she's taking it so personally. I think an open dialogue is important when the stakes are seemingly so high for both parties. Whatever her reasons for being upset, it's important to remember that they are just as legitimate as your own reasons for seeking support for your decisions. Highly charged emotional responses stem from somewhere, and if you want to move on from this cycle then it's probably best for both of you to get to the crux of the issue. My suggestions? Be as understanding as you can, keep a cool head and acknowledge her reasoning. It's probably worth not even discussing your own position on the incident with her until you've gotten to the root of her POV, because her reaction was possibly more about her than you. Sometimes people take offense to rejection as a knee jerk reaction, but if given the opportunity to reflect and talk about it, they realise that it's really not such a big deal. She might actually be crying out for a bit of understanding, herself. =) Best of luck.
  2. haha, uh oh! You could always try horse agility. No riding involved there!
  3. Hi Jonesy. I wasn't going to mention this because it wasn't really adding anything to the conversation, but I've changed my mind. I like your use of colours and formatting in your post. It looks great! best of luck for your third challenge.
  4. I love Quest# 2! It's always a nice feeling when someone expresses an appreciation for the origins of their food. I'm a huge believer in the Slow Food Movement, so I'll be reading your updates with interest!
  5. Breakfast is a pain, I'm totally onboard with that one. It's on my list, too! This morning I ate a crumpet. Good start. Best of luck with your other goals, Porkchop!
  6. I guess it comes down to education. Anecdotal observations might be fine where there is a lack of data to back up a claim, however there is already decades of research and data invested into all forms of skin cancer, all of which is easily accessible online from highly reputable sources, should you be so inclined. Again, having had two cut out of my arm, I can absolutely attest that there IS such a thing as skin cancer and anyone can develop it. It's caused by over exposure to UVA and UVB radiation, which damage the skin cells, causing them to mutate and eventually turn into tumours. These tumours can enter the bloodstream, allowing them to spread and multiply. If you want to discuss the matter further, feel free to pm me. To the OP, once again I'm sorry to take this thread off topic.
  7. Hi, I know this was posted a while ago however I just wanted to clarify for anyone out there who stumbles upon this thread; skin cancer is a very real risk. I have had two cut out of my right arm (non melanoma), and my grandfather has lost his left arm as a result of skin cancer (melanoma- the super deadly one). It's probably not something to take so lightly. Please be sensible and wear sun screen, because thankfully it is one of those cancers which are avoidable. Sorry to take this off topic. Cheers.
  8. Just wondering if other new people are signing up to the tail end of the current 6 week challenge, or will you be waiting for the new challenge to begin?
  9. I like to ignore anyone who makes off-the-cuff suggestive comments. They're only bothering you if you let them! I try to treat suggestive or inappropriate questions as rhetorical. With the slow drive bys it's a little harder. I'm not sure how it works in the states, but if it is bad enough that you're feeling threatened or humiliated then I would suggest taking video or at the very least a photo with their license plate in shot, then contact the police right there and then. I wish I had taken those measures. I've been followed by a group of men in their early 20s who were driving slowly, drinking out of goon bags and screaming extremely explicit senarios at me. I was disgusted and really mad, especially as I had my two year old in the pram! Plenty of people witnessed it, and I absolutely wish I had grabbed my phone and recorded the incident, however I decided to ignore them. I figured they'd stop if I didn't acknowledge them, but they kept at it for the entire length of the street. I felt so humiliated. Inside I was crying. The further I walked, the more aggressive they became; calling me a whore and saying they were going to rape me in various ways until I 'learnt my lesson'. If I could have that time back I would of whipped my phone out and recorded the incident from the start, then contacted the police. I guess at the end of the day you can't control other people's actions, only your own reaction. That said, no one has the right to make you feel inferior or threatened while going about your daily business. =)
  10. Hi guys. =) I found this site through another forum and I'm pretty excited; it's shown up at just the right time. Reading Stacci's power lifting article a few days ago, I recognised some of her earlier experiences in myself. For years I spent hours each day either running all over town along the bike tracks, or spinning away on my cross trainer in my living room watching catwalk models on Fashion TV for motivation (thinspiration?). I practically starved myself. I was weak, tired, far too skinny and obsessed with the numbers on the scales. I punished myself for any food sins with even more cardio and figured I was in great shape since I could run over such great distances. I was a chef too, so I was ALWAYS on my feet and constantly moving. I completely neglected my health, I smoked, I barely ate, drank gallons of coffee and was in total denial. Naughty! Three years ago I had to stop all forms of physical activity when I did some spectacular damage to my back. It never occurred to me that I had zero core strength to support my spine. I thought I was really fit! I ended up injuring myself and having to take 18 months out of my life to recover and rehabilitate. It majorly sucked, but it was a good wake up call. FINALLY 4 months ago I started yoga to begin building up my core strength. I love it, yoga has been brilliant. Since then I have gradually introduced free weights with a trainer, which I've never don't before. I've been umming and erring over some new short term goals, which is why I'm super happy to of found this site. Since mid 2011 My long term goal has been to gradually improve my core and upper body strength to better support my spine. I've worked my way up to 4x yoga sessions a week of around 20 to 30 minutes each, and on 3 of those days I've started weights with Mr Trainer Man. It's all quite low intensity and I hope to start building on that. Food is undeniably something else I need to address. It's a major mental barrier for me. The chef in me likes to think it's an expert on the matter, irrespective of the punishing diet I subjected myself to for so long! I do struggle paying heed to other people's nutritional advice, which is something I am really keen to work on. Cheers! Gee
  11. Hi! My Twitter is @giddyup_geegee and my facebook is http://www.facebook.com/gemma.daviees
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