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  1. I'd totally prefer to eat everything fresh but not possibly with my chaotic work life.
  2. I suprisingly didn't think about doing slow cooker chicken thanks for the idea Daniel!
  3. I wanna make a candle tonight. But I'm so...tired...

    1. Elastigirl


      work on it for 10 minutes, see how much you can get done

  4. I live in Maryland but I'm in Columbus every week (for most of the week) for work. I totally would love to go to a meet up!
  5. Oooooooooooh stirfry and those enchiladas are great ideas...and two of my favorite dishes!
  6. I wish when I was reheating my food I could use an oven but it'd like be a microwave. And microwaved chicken is sad.
  7. I don't. I don't lift as much as I'd like either. And that's why I'm here! Do you have any yummy, easy batch cooking recipes to share? I'd love to know what they are so I can start incorporating them into my arsenal! Or do you have any tips and tricks to get the best out of your batch?
  8. It's not even Struggle Face Monday for me. It's Fuck This Shit Monday.

  9. I'm like...available right now for lunch or dinner
  10. Sigh. I need more friends in my area.

  11. Right now, I'm sticking to water, Gatorade (but only very briefly and basically done with that now too), and a small coffee per day. I definitely want my food eating as clean as possible though.
  12. Outside of yesterday, I've made relatively better food choices this week while traveling but I still have a huge problem in general: I don't eat enough. Like, I can eat dinner at 6PM and not be hungry until 8AM or later the next day. I'm wondering if I'm getting enough calories and nutrients as a whole with like, 2 maybe 3 meals a day. I've been to eat denser meals so can anyone help describe what some good meal plans are? Does anyone have the problem of not eating enough or how to help that? Extra bonus points if you can give some insight on how to do that on the road about...95% of the time. Oh yeah, I don't really like nuts but I keep hearing they help = \
  13. So...want...soda...blaaaaaaargh...

  14. I cannot lie...a beach trip or like...cabin/lake/adventure park trip sounds awesome.
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