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  1. Well I'm a little late to the 4 week challenege due to some family in town but figured better start now rather than wait another 3 weeks! Here we go! Overall Goal: Lose 40 lbs Step 1 - Get to the gym at least 4x a week I recently changed jobs and am still trying to find a good sleep/working schedule that accommodates for my switching shifts. This has caused havoc on my normal gym/workout schedule. To rectify this I plan to: a- Use Sunday as a weekly plan day. Sit down with my work schedule and plan my workouts arou
  2. Hello! I'm currently in a rebuild stage of my life and looking to get back into a more regular workout routine. I recently moved to Bremerton, WA and started a new job so my life has been in total chaos for the past couple of month. I don't know many people and am looking to get a good accountability buddy via in person.. text.. email.. whatever to continue maintaining a health life style and help keep me on track and whatever other craziness life throws. I work at a hospital so my schedule can be a bit crazy so looking for someone who maybe also
  3. Bahh bronchitis? That sucks!! Hope you start feeling better!!
  4. yay for being productive! Keep up the great work!!
  5. Sounds like you've had a great start! Sunday seems like a fun mountain biking and swimming!
  6. Sounds like you're doing great so far! Keep up the good work!
  7. Well week 1 has passed by and not the best start I'd like to say! @18ck - Thanks for the concern but my doc has given me the go ahead for majority of exercise. Even sports! I had ACL surgery for getting back to sports was my main focus. I'm taking it easy and listening to my body/knee. @Polgara19 - It's actually an app that I bought a long time ago. It's 'Ease into a 10K' I like it a lot it can use your GPS to track your miles and indicates how much time you're supposed to run reach day/week. Alright on to grading! Running this week I get a B - 2 runs. My first run was Monday
  8. Enjoy running in nice weather while you can! It's already turned cold and rainy in the NW! You've got some great goals! Look forward to seeing how you do!
  9. I would probably break my neck running with ice! I'm clumsy enough without extra slickness! LOL! Although you might be freezing your tail off that's quite the pretty view for your run!
  10. Great Goals! Good luck with meditation! I have never been able to get into it. My mind wanders too much! haha.
  11. Ouch! I hope you're okay! Wet leaves definitely make the ground slick! Hopefully you won't have any bumps or bruises to show for it!
  12. Well hello there! I'm a day late.. oops! I've taken a break from challenges.. mostly due to injuries..but I'm back and taking a spin with the Scouts. Little bit about me I'm a 28 year old gal living just outside of Seattle, WA. I've been plagued with injuries over the past few years (Shoulder surgery 2013 & Knee surgery 2014, 2015). I'm starting to get back to my pre injured self and looking forward to a challenge! MAIN QUEST: RUN A HALF MARATHON I was training for a half marathon prior to my knee injury and would love to continue that momentum! MISSION 1: Conclude my
  13. Yay you're alive!! That sucks that you're going to have to cut back on volleyball!! But now you'll just enjoy the times you get to play even more! Woohoo!! I wasn't crazy about the last season of Drwho.... Let me know how you like it. How'd the rest of the week go for you?
  14. Looks like week 2 is going well for you! How'd the weekend go?
  15. You are killing this challenge! And the fort looks AMAZING! Keep up the awesome work! How did week 2 go?
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