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  1. Hi Amber! I completely agree with Rooks about the Strong Lifts 5 X 5 workout. It is the program I use and it has helped me tremendous amounts. I went from dead lifting 150 pounds in March to now dead lifting 225. Sunday I set a PR for myself and did 1 rep of a dead lift at 255 lbs. Trust me when I say it will start to become frigging addictive. I may be a guy, but I jumped right into strong man lifts without any kind of spotter or helper. I just started off with lighter weights and progressed little by little. I use the JetFIT app to track all of my stats and make a workout program tailored for my goals. Also check out the book 5/3/1 which is an awesome program for beginners. Amazon should have it. Good luck!
  2. Hey! Just signed up for the next 6 week challenge. My SMART goals are as follows: 1. To dead lift 250 lbs in the next six weeks - Currently at 195. 2. To bench 200 in the next six weeks - Currently at 150. 3. To power squat 300 - Currently at 205. Level up goal: 1. To find a better paying job in my industry. Heading to the gym today to get to it! I need a good meal plan. One that doesn't involve a lot of cooking and doesn't cost an arm and leg. Looking forward to this!
  3. Thank you everyone for the replies. I actually decided to bite the bullet and go to therapy myself today. I hope it goes well and I benefit from it. My biggest concerns lately are having to do with living in New York. A lot of people don't have "time" to be friends with you, so making friends at the gym is tough. If you talk to someone they think weirdly of you, especially women lol. Taking on another job has been on my agenda for a while now. How do you balance all of the jobs together? I just recently got a new job, and now they are closing my work space for six months so I may be out of a job or will have to travel very far to work. At least three hours one way. So that pissed me off too. Any ideas on what places you can join a club? If you anyone ever wants to do a google hang out or Skype let me know. That sounds like it would be nice too. Thanks for the feedback everyone.
  4. Thanks a lot for the reply Simply. I just feel as of late a lot of frustration, as of late. Frustrated that I am not where I want to be in terms of career or making money, and schooling. It seems like things keep getting darker before any brightness shines.
  5. I am doing well so far! I hope that I can keep lifting heavier as I have added at least ten pounds to my loads since posting this.
  6. Hey guys, I just want to start off by saying I love Nerd Fitness and the support that comes from the site! Lately I have had a string of bad luck that has led me to kind of get into a funk. Besides going into the gym and hitting the weights hard, and training for a career in the fire department, nothing else seems to really be working out for me. My friends have all but disappeared out of my life, which leads to a lot of lonely weekends, my girlfriend dumped me a few months ago, I just turned 30 and I am still not making a good enough living to move out of home, I never finished college but I am currently enrolled in the new semester, and my sister is suffering from major depression issues and tried to take her own life. All of this topped off by no support from family, and my dad being no where to be found in my life. Any tips/ideas on what I can do to make life better? Being thirty now has really hit home, and caused a major depression issue with me. I feel like just quitting my current job and following my passions but I have no support or help from anyone. There are days where my phone doesn't ring or go off for days from friends. Am I too old to be feeling this way NF community? Should I continue my quest of doing better at the gym. HELP!
  7. I usually do active warm ups and stretching after my sessions. Going to the gym today so let's see how it goes. Hopefully I can do a little bit better this time.
  8. Lostone thank you for the reply. As far as the strength training goes I don't think I could go without it. It is a form of release for me that helps me get through tough times. I do like running as well, so that helps from time to time. Lifting weights is what I really enjoy though. Doing both the school thing and work will be a tough endeavor but I think I can do it. I have been through far worse. Hopefully time and prayer will push me through. My friends have been a huge help so far but sometimes my phone doesn't ring for days and I feel truly alone. I wonder if this happens to others as well? It was really bad after my recent break up with a girl I loved very much. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes!
  9. Thanks for the response Gomez! Part of the reason for the weigh lifting is to try and be a personal trainer. Went to the gym today and my day was a bit off. 205 deadlift instead of 225. So let's see what happens!
  10. Hey al! Tired of making excuses and not pushing myself as hard as I know I can. I have four goals in mind on my way to becoming a Warrior class: By July I want to: 1. Dead lift 300 lbs 2. Bench Press 250-260 lbs 3. And go to the gym 4x a week. My level up my life goal is to: 1. Become a personal trainer and help others! Right now I sit at 6'1 and 206 lbs. I am turning 30 and I can currently dead lift 225 and bench 150. I plan to add on to my bench and dead lift ten to twenty pounds every two weeks. I am currently studying for my Personal Trainer license and just joined a gym around my job. Hope I didn;t miss anything! Thank you!
  11. Good job Rob! Feel free to PM me or email me for tips! I went through a similar journey. csouter02@gmail.com.
  12. Krav Maga is def. practical and will save your ass in the streets. I am from New York and it has taught me a thing or two about environments and targeting certain areas (eyes, throat, groin.) So I highly recommend that one. Good job on what you have done so far! Keep using the site and lean on us for help. In the gym try and use the pull up assist machine. It will help you there. Write everything down and try to make little changes and set goals for yourself. Good luck!
  13. Hi all! My name is Chris and I wanted to utilize this board a lot more. I tried it once before and introduced myself and my story. Last year 2012 was a tough year for me, I lost my job, lost my girlfriend, left college, and my sister tried to take her life. All in all it was a really tough year for me and my family. Thankfully I had exercise to carry me through. I recently found a job, joined a gym, and I am trying to get back into school. I am turning thirty in two weeks and feel kind of down I am not where I should be in life. Should I just keep strength training and getting stronger and try to push through? Should I balance going back to college while working an okay full-time job? It is important for me to make it far in life for my sister. Any tips would be appreciated! Thank you all and I hope I can become a more active member on here.
  14. A lot of great support from everyone in the community! Thanks so far to everyone who has responded and kept in touch. Anyone feel like being email buddies please email me at csouter02@gmail.com. Thanks!
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