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  1. Wednesday 4/01 Five employees at my hospital have been confirmed to have coronavirus. They have split up the pharmacy department as much as they can to avoid a situation where one sick employee takes down the whole department. Because that would be bad. My state is one of 12 that has still refused to issue stay-at-home orders. My place of work originally required employees who had recently traveled to self-quarantine for 14 days (as the CDC recommends). As soon as that started to effect man-power they shortened the time to 11 days. I have a feeling each week a few more days will get shave
  2. WE GOT A RACK!!! I'm so excited. I feel very fortunate that we can afford one and that there was one available at Dick's sporting goods the next town over. They even arranged for free curb side pick-up. We bought it on Monday evening and husband set it up today while I was at work! SO I GOT TO DO BACK SQUATS!!!! Monday 3/30 OHP (aka deadlift + hang power clean + OHP) worked up to 80 lb for 5x3. Having to clean it first is so much more tiring than taking weight out of a rack. No accessories, just not enough time today. Tuesday 3/31 Back Squats! Worked up t
  3. Definitely. However I currently do not have any. Plans to acquire some are in the works. Hmmmm not sure if my body fits between the bar and 8.75" off the ground 😜 Sunday 3/29 Workout Sumo DL working up to 130# for 5x3. My 45# plates are on backorder but should be available soon. KB swings 3x10 Goblet squats 3x10 Trap shrugs 3x10 My husband for the first time (ever!) expressed interest in being able to bench press at home... so we might even invest in a half-rack! This would probably be better in the long run then all of the limb
  4. This weekend I tried floor presses at home for the first time. Without a rack it involves me sitting on the ground, getting the bar onto my lap, leaning back and doing a hip thrust to get bar into position. And then reversing the process when finished. It adds a flair of cardio to the silly-looking process, which I imagine will be the limiting factor. Floor presses: 45x8, 65x8, 80x8, 95x8, 105x8, 110x8x3 Bicep Curls 3x10 Rear delt raises 3x10 Chest Flyes 3x10 I treated myself yesterday by playing Borderlands with my brother and nephew, we had a blast! I think I
  5. Beth Phoenix is so awesome. She is my favorite wrestler and now a commentator on NXT, and also my #fitnessgoals. And she's tough as nails. She suffered a nasty laceration on the back of her head at the latest Royal Rumble and still finished the match like a boss. I'm a pharmacist and I work at a hospital. So I'm gonna need to channel some of that grit for what lies ahead... 1. Ready for the Rumble: Weight training 4x per week I was fortunate enough to procure a barbell and set of weights right before everything closed down, so I can continue with my 5/3/1 plans for the
  6. Sounds like you gleaned some valuable insights this challenge, awesome job!
  7. Well I don't think this challenge is ending as anybody had planned, but I am very grateful for my health. Yes thanks! I watched the videos and then tried it out with my 15# KB, ooph that was tough! I got though 3 circuits... eventually. I think I took a solid 4 min break between each round laying on my yoga mat staring at the ceiling. I enjoyed this more than I thought so I'm going to try to do it at least 3x next week. I've been able to stick to my nutrition goals ~90% of the time. I compared my 7 day average of last week's weight compared to this week and it
  8. I'm glad you are able to work from home and it has given you some peace of mind. My work is talking about it but hasn't pulled the trigger yet.
  9. Well that was short-lived, all gyms must now be closed through the end of the month due to governor's orders. I understand why it is for the best, though it is frustrating since the gym has done so much for my mental and emotional health as well. We don't own any weights at home save for one 15 lb kettle bell that I never learned how to properly use (other than Turkish get-ups, which I love). Time to do some You Tube research and bust out some bodyweight routines.
  10. My gym is a small independent meat head gym (5 people there at once is an unusually busy day) so they are going to say open for now. There are lysol cans and wipes everywhere, it is actually the cleanest I have EVER seen it. Other than workouts husband and I have been burrowing into our living room. So glad we recently replaced our old beat-up couch. Week 4 Day 1 OHP (warm-ups 45x5, 55x5, 65x5) 75x5, 85x5, 97.2x5, then drop sets 85x7, 75x8, 70x10 - using micro-plates this cycle, excited to see if they make a difference vs always rounding to the nearest 5 lb - I match
  11. That stinks that things have been rough for you both, sending you lots of good vibes!
  12. Week 3 Day 4 - Final day! The plan was to do front squats 5/3/1, however when I got to the gym it was pretty busy which took me by surprise . All of the squat racks were taken (there are 5!) and I didn't want to wait around for someone to finish. So I decided to improvise and do belt squats instead since it was free. I was really happy with how these turned out - it was great to see that I can still hit some pretty decent weights when I don't have to load the spine. Oh these legs are gonna be sore tomorrow, and super sore on Monday. Belt Squats - 95x6, 135x6, 185x6, 205x6, 225
  13. Week 3 Day 3 Bench press day! My favorite day of the week (Warm-ups 45x10, 65x6, 85x3, 105x3, 125x1) 135x5, 150x3, 170x1 (I probably should have tried for a second rep but didn't have a spotter), then drop sets 155x4, 139x9 (beating last weeks 135x7, sweet) Incline DB BP 20x12, 22.5x12, 30# for 3x12 Superset: Close grip BP 50# 4x12 Face pulls (10 high 10 low) with band 4 sets I'm learning a lot this go around. I'm going to go straight into another 3 weeks of 5/3/1 (6 weeks of lifting total) then take a deload week. I took my average body we
  14. I do although my app has been acting up a bit lately Awesome bench!
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