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  1. How's my workout?

    HEY Fightthefire! I'm just here to say Juni0r83 knows what he's talking about. I wouldn't worry too much about the amount/volume of cardio. It might be worth reconsidering when/if you plateau on your lifts..
  2. Brovatar Korra and the Temple of Gainz

    Blocky makes good points. I can really only speak to SBD sleeves - the only kind I've ever used. BENCH PRESS DAY Warmed up with sling shot push-ups and some general rotation exercises 1. 45x5, 75x5, 95x5, 115x5, 135x5, 145x3, 150x2 (original plan was 150 for a triple, maybe even multiple sets, but after 2 reps I could tell today wasn't the day) so I dropped back to 135x5, 135x5 2. DB Flyes 12.5# 3x10 3. DB Press 17.5# 3x10 4. Face pulls with bands 4x20 5. Lat pulldowns 50# 3x15 I didn't take any videos today, I was feeling lazy. So... my meet is on November 19th. After this week that leaves ~7 weeks of training left. So far I have just been rebuilding from the bottom and trying to add 5-10# to my sets each workout. I'm going back and forth as to if I just want to continue that plan all the way up to peaking week, or actually play with some percentages like a legit meet prep cycle... Problem is I don't currently have good 100% estimates to work off of, I don't think my previous bests represent my 100% capability right now... Okay I talked myself through it for simplicity I will just keep adding 5-10# each week for multiple sets of 3-5 reps until 3 weeks out, then taper the volume from there. This is a comeback meet, not the most well thought out bestest executed meet prep plan that ever was. This will also eliminate the temptation to max out anytime before Nov 19th. SAVE IT FOR THE PLATFORM BROVATAR.
  3. Strongman Conditioning "Program"

    Hmmm here's a few things to consider: 1. Have you worked out with a trainer at Sand & Steel before? Before committing to buying 10 sessions I would ask to do just one first, as a trial, and make sure it actually meets your needs and expectations. If they won't let you pay for one session individually that would make me suspicious. 2. What kind of movements specifically do you want help with regarding your form? I googled them and quickly reviewed their site (sandandsteelfitness in the VA area, right?) and it seems like they have a general approach and cover a wide variety of exercise modalities. This may mean that they don't really specialize in any one niche area, so the advice and feedback you get may be very general as well, and not really specific to your goals. If you are coming from a background with little training experience then a generalized approach may be exactly what you want/need. 3. The $800 "is it worth it?" Is this disposable income, will spending it on training impact any other areas of your life? Would parting with this chunk of change impact your ability to by nutritious foods for the next 3 months? Would you have to work overtime and lose out on quality rest/sleep? TL;DR 1. Vet the trainer 2. What is your specific goal? 3. What would you otherwise spend that $ on?
  4. Brovatar Korra and the Temple of Gainz

    1. I would say "oh it gets easier as you get used to them" but that would be A LIE 2. Yes they are a bit different, maces are way more badass but I'm also much more likely to break a light or a fan swinging a mace around my living room. They are both rooted in Indian and Persian physical culture, I'm pretty sure Soldiers used them in training. Maces versus Clubs....
  5. Brovatar Korra and the Temple of Gainz

    SKWAATS!!! With knee sleeves. Haven't used them in several months, GAH they were so hard to put on. I was originally planning to work up to around ~200 but feeling so good I ran with it today. 1. 45x5, 45x5, 85x5, 115x3, 145x3, 165x3, 185x3, 205x3, 215x3, 225 3x3 2. Snatches I have been really enjoying working on this lift after my squat sessions. I think the recovery/blood flow helps keeps my hips and knees from locking up later in the evening. My technique is terrible, and I'm only working with 50-70# but I really enjoy these! Got my protein shake in today. I had to work over the weekend and it is kicking my butt - today was 9 of 12 days working in a row. I am doing NOTHING this weekend. Except training of course Yesterday my husband surprised me with a gift! He bought me a set of Indian clubs that I've wanted ever since I was introduced to them by the Art of Manliness. They are only 2# each, and I played with them for maybe only 4 or 5 minutes last night and my shoulders are totally feeling it today!
  6. Juni0r83 is going to Take the Money and Run

    In my world, 3 sets of 10 may only be used in reference to dumbbells, NEVER the bar. Also... so THAT'S where Silent Mike went! This looks interesting will investigate, thanks for posting it!
  7. Emerald_Dragonfly puts on her big girl bloomers and challenges

    You mean THIS LAWN?
  8. Brovatar Korra and the Temple of Gainz

    Hi Sam! It is in Dubuque Iowa! But hey Minnesota isn't that far away anymore... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Brovatar Korra and the Temple of Gainz

    Today was day 7 of 12 days I have to work in a row. I do not like it. But I did go train after work. Somehow. 1. Deadlifts 95x5, 95x5, 135x5, 165x4, 195x3 - Grr at this point my lower back decided to lock up and not cooperate, so I was forced to switch tactics. 2. Trap Bar Deadlifts 135x5, 185x3, 225x3, 245x3, 265x3, 285x3! That is another "Iowa PR" and I'm pretty happy with it. I have a video but due to my shirt /belt combination I looked extra fluffy today.... I keep going back and forth on if I'll post it. 3. Lat pulldowns 70# 4x10 4. Face pulls w/band 3x20 Also got my protein shake in, but now I am super tired and going to bed.
  10. Strongman Conditioning "Program"

    Thanks for the responses! I think your best bet, similar to what you said in your original post, is to focus on general strength. You get the most bang for your buck doing basic compound movements (Squat, bench, overhead press, deadlift) and IMO will carry over into 90% of strongman movements very well. You could go in 2 directions with your training plan: 1) Do your regular strength routine (2-3x a week) and have an additional epic strongman movement day all on its own Pros: Access to all the strongman equipment in one day, simulates a competition day, great conditioning/endurance day Cons: Might take several hours, exhausting, can be hard to recover from 2) Sprinkle your strongman movements throughout the week as a finisher to each regular workout Pros: Less taxing on your body, more variety in each workout Cons: You need access to strongman equipment several days a week If access to equipment is not an issue, I would prefer/lean toward option 2. But I think option 1 would work just as well. For just building general overall strength, I would suggest a program such as "Starting Strength" by Mark Rippetoe or "Stronglifts" . If you wanted a complete all-in-one routine that incorporates strength, conditioning, and strongman all in one go I would suggest Juggernaut's "Cube Method for Strongman." Honestly, though, I think Cube Method is a bit complicated/overwhelming as an initial training plan to tackle. That being said, here is an idea of how you could break up the movements you mentioned with an option 2 style plan: Tire flips - could be added to the end of any workout Barbell front squat - could be it's own squat/leg day Overhead bar press - could be it's own upper body / overhead day Deadlifts - this a very fundamental and essential movement - I would definitely make this its own day Farmers carry - this could be added to the end of any workout So for example: Workout 1 - front squats, leg accessories (if any), tire flips Workout 2 - overhead press, upper body accessories, farmer's carries Workout 3 - deadlifts I hope this was helpful and makes sense, please let me know if you have any additional questions or need me to clarify! When I first started training my OHP max was 55#, we all start somewhere I am so excited for you and your journey!
  11. Blocky does some things and some stuff...

    Story of my life.
  12. Blocky does some things and some stuff...

    So being 0 for 1 in this case is GOOD... right?
  13. JustCallMeAmber is challenging.. probably..

    Well now I have to follow.
  14. Strongman Conditioning "Program"

    Hey I'm back! Okay I'm going to ask you a bunch of questions to get a better understanding of everything you'll be doing in a given week: Are you planning to work with a trainer at the same gym that has the strongman equipment? Is the trainer going to help you develop a program? Do you have an idea of how often you are going to work with them? Are you going to be doing trainer sessions in addition to these ^^^ 3 days? OR will the training sessions be in place of those strongman days, and you want to figure out how to distribute the above mentioned movements across a plan that is working out 3x a week? Simpler way of asking this question: how many days total per week do you plan to train? Since you are going to be working with a trainer they might have a specific idea of how to incorporate those movements into a program they create for you (if they do that), so keep that in mind.... but I would be happy to provide you recommendations of how I would lay out a training plan.
  15. Albeus51's Epic Journey to Become an Amazon Warrior

    Awesome I'm super happy you are getting into the sport of strongman - AND a veteran? Since I'm actually doing a challenge again I'll probably be doing most of posting over here for the next few weeks: Brovatar Korra and the Temple of Gainz