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  1. I fully support this. (The batman comics)
  2. I can relate! Hi! Hope all your body parts stop rebelling against you soon!
  3. GAH! I new it had been a while since I posted but I didn't realize it had been almost 2 months! Things that happened: - My husband and I moved to Iowa - We sold our old house - I took my licensing exam (NAPLEX) - I started my new residency - I found a new gym! Lifting definitely took a back seat while we navigated through all the important life stuff. But now we're settling into a new routine and I'm super happy about my new gym! - It has a monolift and 2 other squat racks - It has DL bars, Texas bars, safety squat bars, hex trap bar, Duffalo bar - It has 2 deadlift platforms and an OL platform - It has tires, atlas stones, kegs, farmers handles, AND a yoke I took a video because I was so excited! So basically everything I could ask for, and it is very affordably priced, AND it is 15 min from my house, AND it is an "invitation only" strength gym so only awesome people lift there! I hit it off with the owner right away because we were both veterans and I was like "Oh sweet you have a rolling thunder!" And he was like "you know what a rolling thunder handle is? you're in" Still easing back into a regular lifting routine - it will take at least a few weeks to get back to what I know I'm capable of. But here's what I did today: 1. BP 45x10, 65x5, 85x5, 105x5, 125# 3 sets of 5 2. DL 95x5, 135x5, 185# 5 sets of 3 3. Snatch Drills (with 33#/15kg bar), everything 1 set of 5 front squats, hip power snatch, OH squat, OHP, below the knee power snatch 4. Lat pulldowns 40# 3x10 5. Bicep Curls 10# 3x10 Nothing special but I left the gym feeling better than when I walked in!
  4. Hi everyone! I am so excited to have just joined this site, and to have an area where I can hold myself accountable. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I used to be very fit when I was in the Army, but I got out last year and had a 10 month binge of not working out at all and eating terribly all the time. Predictably, I gained 30 pounds and my body started getting curves in places where they shouldn't be! I'm resolved to change, and in the last month I went from 190lb on my petite 5'3" frame to 181lb. Nine pounds is a great start! My current stats: Squat: 135lb (6x3) Bench: 85lb (6x3) Deadlift: 95lb (6x3) I can barely run a mile without having to stop and catch my breath I can do about 20 push-ups, but I can't do a chin-up without at 50% assistance. My goals are to reclaim my warrior status, build up my strength and endurance and reach these goals in 6 months (August 1st): Squat: 200lb Bench: 100lb Deadlift: 135lb 4 chin-ups without any assistance Weight: 159lb Run 4 miles in under 44 minutes I also love yoga, I don't have any specific goals other than to keep going to classes regularly 2 x a week. For my diet, I am not following a particular plan per say, mainly cutting back on processed foods, soda, fast food, and focusing on eating more vegetables, fruit, and protein every day! I'll update stats at least 1 x week, I GOT THIS.