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  1. I love how much you don't give a f#@k about sodium. I have recently discovered (despite what I previously thought) that I am quite sodium sensitive. When I cut my sodium on this new nutrition plan from an average of 3-4g day to 1800-2000mg I lost 5 pounds in like 3 days. I subscribe to the philosophy that it effects everyone differently, some people can handle high amounts with no issues whatsoever, others not so much. I was surprised to learn I was so sensitive to sodium/retaining water weight. I guess I had been in denial, or in the past just didn't care.
  2. YES! Like this, but without sticking my booty out so crazy like
  3. TUES 2/21: SKWAATS Worked up to 265 for 3x3 with knee sleeves. These did not feel great. For some reason my right hip started hurting and then my right glute started hurting and I thought, I bet if I do another set something is going to tear so I stopped. Lots of rolling out and stretching today. It starts to hurt if I sit for more than 20-30 minutes. I have no idea what is going on, it is like a deep socket pain. My plan is to just rest and hope it feels good on Saturday morning for the competition. STUPID BODY! WHY DO YOU BETRAY ME. WEDNESDAY 2/22: BENCH PRESS Worked up to 185 for 3, and also did 165 for a few sets with bands. I love bench press! Definitely breaking 200 at the meet. Accessory work: 4 sets of 10-12 on everything 1. KB 25# OHP 2. Rear delt flys 8# 3. The thingy where you lay at an angle on your chest and pull the weight on a bar up to your chest. It works your back. 185# 4. Bicep curls 15# 5. Tricep push downs with rope 30#
  4. Week One Recap: 1. FIGHT OWENS BROVATAR KORRA FIGHT! Powerlifting programming is coming along nicely. Almost finished with my big volume block, going to start peaking next week. Slight hiccup because I decided to do a Strongman comp this Saturday (Feb 25th) but it really doesn't interfere with too much. Still going to squat Tues and bench Wed, then take Thurs/Fri off. I had a chance last Saturday to play with all the implements so I'm confident I'll be able to do a bit of everything and have fun! I even got 2 reps in a row on the car deadlift with the Toyota Corolla, which is heaver than the last one I did! I got some great advice from a veteran to help me fix my technique, and it made a big difference! Basically had to completely stop thinking of the movement as a "Deadlift" but more like a leg press. 2. NEW DAY NEW WAY! I am SUPER EXCITED about my new nutrition program! Day 5 and I am already seeing results. I was able to get to the 4th notch on my belt (usually can only hit 3). I have also leveled up my batch cooking by acquiring AN INSTANT POT YEAAAAAAAH. I baked 3 chicken breasts last night IN 15 MINUTES!!! I baked a sweet potato in 12 MINUTES!!! 3. PR CITY - Car deadlift x2 reps (heaviest car I've ever lifted twice!) - Bench 180x4 twice (heaviest set of 4 ever completed!) - Deadlift 240x4 plus bands (heaviest DL weight with bands completed for set of 4!) 4. Climb that Career Ladder! Finished and submitted all my paperwork for the last rotation, and just started my second to last rotation today. Definitely need to refresh my memory on common inpatient/critical care medications.
  5. I just ordered an InstaPot and it arrives tomorrow - I'm so excited!
  6. Thanks! Yes the bar is up on my shoulders. Usually it is so close to my neck I get a red mark on my neck/upper chest from the knurling. I'm trying to avoid the crossed-arms squat if I can. I have used straps before they are helpful, they had some specifically for weightlifting at my old gym. Maybe I should invest in a pair... I'm going to do a video next chance I have and upload for a form check. That might help suss things out too. Thanks for the feedback! Thursday 2/16 Practiced farmer's carries with some strongman buddies, fun! We did 50 ft runs. All the weights are per hand: Warm ups: just then handles (40# per hand), 60, 90, 110 Then we did the contest weights like a BAZILLION times (okay maybe 10 runs total) 130, 140, 150 My best time was 10 point something seconds, yeah! Friday - much needed rest! My husband and I went to see Bridget Everett perform her Pound It! tour. If you don't know who she is, she is amazing! She is the cabaret singer on "Inside Amy Schumer" and she played Maria Bamford's friend on Lady Dynamite. She recently released an album... her tour performance is singing/dancing/burlesque/stand-up/all around badass-ness. She was also in the movie Trainwreck (and kind of the only good part of that movie IMO...) NUTRITION UPDATE!!! You guys. You guys. I have lost almost 6 pounds since the beginning of February. (224 -> 217.4) I can't even. This program. It is insanely effective.
  7. 1. FIGHT OWENS BROVATAR KORRA FIGHT! Continue following training program for powerlifting meet March 18th, 2017. I am now in week 9 of 14. Stick to the program! But also doing a Strongman competition for fun February 25th LOL. My PL coach is nonplussed with this decision, but also hey I'm throwing all these weights around to have fun and who the fuck cares as long as it's still fun, right? It's not like I've got sponsorships on the line or anything. After doing a Strongman Saturday last weekend I was hooked all over again. Also winning first place would not be too shabby. I would earn an invite to USS nationals! 2. NEW DAY NEW WAY! For now I am going to keep logging weight and macros in MFP, and stick to overall calorie goal. Will hopefully be updating this soon with more details as I am currently seeking out the services of a nutritionist that provides meal plans. 3. PR CITY Someone did this last challenge (sorry I forgot which warrior!) and I liked the idea so much I'm stealing it. Goal is at least 3 PRs per week. "PR" could be for reps, for volume, or just trying a new exercise. (If it is the first time you try it, it's a PR!). Also I just love Charlotte Flair. 4. Climb that Career Ladder! Time to finish pharmacy school! Only three more months, woohoo! All my residency interviews are now complete. I'll find out on March 17th if/where I was accepted. Talk about a crazy headspace the day before a competition. Thems the breaks. Goal is to not slack off, gotta still study for my licensure exam.