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  1. Albeus51's Epic Journey to Become an Amazon Warrior

    Competition is this Sunday, T-6 days! What I would have preferred to do for my last 2 weeks of meet prep got really screwed up thanks to residency and preparing for a job interview on the fly. So I did a mock test over the weekend (probably not quite pushing to failure, maybe 98% of maximum effort), and I squatted 275, benched 195, and deadlifted 325. 325 deadlift is actually new lifetime PR! My 195 bench probably wasn't a long enough pause to pass in comp, but it felt surprisingly easy. It was definitely a confidence booster, which I needed with my prep plans gone awry. I hope now I just didn't peak to early.
  2. Hi everyone! I am so excited to have just joined this site, and to have an area where I can hold myself accountable. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I used to be very fit when I was in the Army, but I got out last year and had a 10 month binge of not working out at all and eating terribly all the time. Predictably, I gained 30 pounds and my body started getting curves in places where they shouldn't be! I'm resolved to change, and in the last month I went from 190lb on my petite 5'3" frame to 181lb. Nine pounds is a great start! My current stats: Squat: 135lb (6x3) Bench: 85lb (6x3) Deadlift: 95lb (6x3) I can barely run a mile without having to stop and catch my breath I can do about 20 push-ups, but I can't do a chin-up without at 50% assistance. My goals are to reclaim my warrior status, build up my strength and endurance and reach these goals in 6 months (August 1st): Squat: 200lb Bench: 100lb Deadlift: 135lb 4 chin-ups without any assistance Weight: 159lb Run 4 miles in under 44 minutes I also love yoga, I don't have any specific goals other than to keep going to classes regularly 2 x a week. For my diet, I am not following a particular plan per say, mainly cutting back on processed foods, soda, fast food, and focusing on eating more vegetables, fruit, and protein every day! I'll update stats at least 1 x week, I GOT THIS.