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  1. Monday 3/27/17: SKWAATS 1. Using bow bar and monolift - worked up to 220# for 3x6. Yuck! That might be close to a PR for volume at that weight. 2. High bar squats 160# 2x10 - she was trying to kill me! My conditioning is terrible and she knows it. Wait, maybe that's why she programmed them... 3. One leg press - 3x15 4. "Ukrainian Stallions" - 3x15 5. Crunches with chain - 3x15 Unfortunately my final 6 week rotation is in San Antonio, which is 2 hours away from my current gym, so I will be flying solo until I graduate. I'm no stranger to that, I've actually spent the majority of my training career in a Gold's with headphones trying my best to look unapproachable. But I will miss having a training team and coach, it makes workouts so much more enjoyable. AND it is good motivation to have people expecting you when you don't feel like dragging your ass to the gym. Left completely to my own devices it often devolves...
  2. It felt fine in the moment but I paid for it the next day. On Wednesday I did bench press with my coach, and using 2 boards I worked up to 215 for a double! That was a big PR - now benching my bodyweight! Accessories included front/side shoulder raises, one arm press with KB, and lat pulldowns. On Friday we did deadlifts with chains, worked up to 225 for 6 sets of 3. With the chains it was ~ 245/250 at the top. Accessories included leg curls with band, "dirty girls" - hip abduction (adduction?) with bands, supermans, and UGH pistol squats with the bench. I saw that and was like But I did them anyway. I'm really bad at them. Which means I need to do them more. I can do about 3 on one side before my leg gives up/I lose my balance. And to repeat, this is just down to the bench and back, like: Except with less poise and more grimacing. My nutrition has been WAY OFF track these last 2 weeks. I have been stress/convenience eating, due to flipping out about not matching with a residency program. The good news is I collected myself, and submitted applications to 7 new programs. I reviewed all the information and each of these places offers the experiences I am looking for (accredited!, ambulatory care, psychiatric care, and opportunity to earn teaching certificate). Now I just wait, the deadline to submit ranking choices is April 4th, so I will hear back from each program by then whether they would like to schedule an interview. They will almost all be Skype/online at this point, because of the time crunch. The encouraging aspect is: all of these programs have empty slots they want to fill, so I think they will be less picky the second time around. I am not happy I had to go through this experience, but it has been a nice reminder that I am a pretty resilient person. As someone with a history of PTSD and depression and anxiety, I'm going to say just reapplying a second time was big win!
  3. If you have never seen Stephen King's cocaine inspired masterpiece "Maximum Overdrive." You really should. It is next level bonkers. If you don't enjoy watching terrible movies but like making fun of them "How Did This Get Made?" did a great episode about it. Bonus points for Andy Daly involvement. The goals this time around are: 1. Nutrition and Recomposition I hired a nutrition coach at the beginning of February to help me lose body fat and drop down a weight class. I started at 224, which represents the heaviest but also muscliest I have ever been. I would estimate about 38% BF based on tape measurements. Today I am 213 and I have lost 1" off my hips and 0.5" off my thighs. I am very happy with that progress. Long term goal is to compete in the 198 weight class, so in terms of nutrition plan I just keep eating what she tells me to eat. 2. Hypertrophy Mesocycle I am going to compete in a PL meet June 17th (also my 5th wedding anniversary, husband has mixed feelings about this). Starting a new 12 week prep cycle so the first 4 weeks is hypertrophy city. I have the next month planned out as 65-80% range with lots of reps. I am well aware that actual muscle growth while on a cut/recomposition/deficit will be minimal. If I can maintain my strength and still hit the same numbers after dropping 2 weight classes I will consider that a smashing success. 3. Pharmacy Career Goals I found out yesterday that I did not match with any residency programs. This really bummed me out because I liked the places I interviewed with, and I thought they liked me and would rank me high on their list of candidates. Alas, only 60% of candidates will be accepted to a program because there are 7000+ people fighting for 2500 hundred spots nationwide. The good news is there is a "Phase 2" second attempt for all the people like me to match with a program with unfilled positions. There are 140 spots left. So there is still a chance but the odds are even worse. And we have 3 weeks to scout the remaining options and submit all our application materials again. So yeah.