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  1. Hello fellow warriors. I have a powerlifting meet coming up in November, my first meet in 4 years! I'm excited to get on the platform again. I'm nowhere near my previous best lifts, but I will also be competing in a lower weight class so in a way, everything will still be a PR. Most of my training will be focused on preparing for this meet while also maintaining my sanity through the high holidays and also I just got a promotion at work (they are letting me supervise other people!) so I may have to focus more on work/life balance than I have in the past as well.
  2. Where did the time go???? Okay well things have been busy at work, I got a promotion! I'm now the supervisor for my section and in charge of 10 people. I'm nervous but mostly excited. 1. Nutrition wise - things have been OK. I would say I've been sticking to my goals 70% of the time. I'm going to try and aim for more like 80-85% adherence next challenge. 2. Weight has been stable the past few weeks. If you look back at month to month, it has been moving steadily downward so I will celebrate that success. Avg weight in May - 195.5 Avg weight in June - 193.6 Avg weight in July - 191.1 Avg weight in August - 188.9 3. Training - things have been going well with Squats and DLs, BP is going nowhere because my dumb shoulder won't heal. I haven't done any overhead or chest pressing movements for the past 4 weeks and I've been doing all my PT rehab but it doesn't feel any more ready to BP then it did 2 months ago. I'm still planning to do the November PL meet but BP might be a sorry showing. 4. Yardwork - we've been keeping up with this pretty well. Building the backyard swingset has been on hold. All the pieces are just sitting in the garage. We realized the ground isn't level enough and we need to level it - and that task I guess just sounded very overwhelming so we've been putting it off. I guess I know what one of the focuses of the next challenge will be!
  3. Definitely! It might be a while though! This past week was a dud in terms of workout/nutrition goals, but I had a great time in Texas visiting my grandfather for his 90th birthday! It was a nice family reunion and time well spent. I also ate delicious Tex-Mex, brisket, tacos, and several tasty alcoholic beverages worked their way in there also. It was soooooo yummy. My flight leaving Dallas on Sunday did get canceled due to the bad weather, so I did get stuck at DFW about 10 hours longer than I anticipated, but it all worked out okay in the end. I missed work on Monday but my boss was very understanding. WEEK THREE: 1. Weight training 4x per week - I actually only got one workout completed before leaving for Texas 2. Nutrition - LOL lets just say this was not an objective this week 3. Week one 7 day avg - 188.7 lb Week two 7 day avg - 188.8 lb Week three 7 day avg - I actually did not weigh myself at all while on vacation. I'll have a new number next weekend! 4. Yardwork day- nope! Today starts 13 weeks out from meet - transitioning to a PL peaking program. 8/23/22: Squats - 115x5, 135x5, 155x3x3 Bench Press - still hurts my shoulder! damn AC, I thought a week off would really help but alas it did not seem to improve DB Floor Press - 15# 3x10 I was happy with this for just getting back into the swing of things after some time off, and also after spending a cycle on belt squats, so getting back into the groove with traditional BB back squats
  4. WEEK TWO: 1. Weight training 4x per week - again only got 3x workouts completed 2. Nutrition - logged 7/7 days, average 2152 kcal, avg protein 129g 3. Week one 7 day avg - 188.7 lb Week two 7 day avg - 188.8 lb 4. Yardwork day- done! We officially have all the debris cleared and had the swingset delivered. We now have to assemble it, which is turning out to be more work than we realized. We even toyed with the idea of hiring people to come build it for us, then found out that would cost nearly $500 so we are back to figuring it out ourselves!
  5. I have found over the years that- if I find myself pondering this - the answer is almost always yes!
  6. Thank you! I sometimes get down on myself, like I should already be back to a certain point and smashing new PRs, but I should focus more on my accomplishments in the here and now... oy it's so hard though. Yes I plan to compete in the 181 lb class in November, so everything I do will be a PR in that class! WEEK ONE: 1. Weight training 4x per week - I only managed 3 this week, I skipped BP day to give my shoulder a break 2. Nutrition - logged 6/7 days, average 2199 kcal, avg protein 130g 3. 7 day weight avg - 188.7 lb 4. Yardwork day- done! So close to having the backyard ready to install a swing set
  7. I was going to type stuff out and then I realized an open powerlifting screen shot would be easier. I'm not quite back to this point yet... SQ and DL are in the low-mid 200s and BP (when my shoulder is not acting up) is about 170.
  8. 8/02/22: BP 145x5x3 Bent Over Rows 105x5x3 DB OHP 25x8x3 Lat Pulldowns (supinated) 100x8x3 8/04/22: Belt Squats 205x5x3 DB RDLs 25x8x3 Bodyweight Split Squats 3x8 Glute Bridges 2x10 I think I need to take a break from pressing, it keeps re-aggravating my shoulder and that's probably why it won't 100% heal. So maybe I'll just do my rehab work for the next 2 weeks and then see how I feel about slowly reintroducing pressing at some light weights.
  9. ZERO WEEK: 1. Weight training 4x per week - done! 2. Nutrition - logged every day, average 2317 kcal (goal 2281), avg protein 143 (goal 150g) 3. 7 day weight avg - 189.6 lb 4. I'm going to give myself half credit for this yard work day. Woke up late and only accomplished about 30 minutes' worth before our daughter woke up and then I never got back out there.
  10. RECAP: I love picking up heavy things! Have been doing so for the last decade, sometimes in competitions, but haven't competed since 2018. In 2020 to mid-2021 there was an 18 month complete hiatus from the iron (a combination of, you know, [gestures around] and also a delightful new addition to our family!) Since then I got back into lifting, and have spent the last year returning to fighting form. I have signed up for a powerlifting meet in November, so this challenge and the next will be focused on preparing for that. CHALLENGE GOALS: 1. Weight training 4x per week - I'm finishing a hypertrophy block now, I have a planned week off for vacation in mid August, then transitioning into a 12 week meet prep 2. Nutrition - I have been using Macro Factor app with great success for the past ~5 months, continue logging daily 3. Compete in the 181 lb weight class (lose 8 lb by November 13th) 4. Yardwork day on Sunday mornings - I did this last challenge and it worked so well at motivating me to actually get stuff done, bringing it back again!
  11. 7/24/22: KB Squats 10x8, 25x8, 35x8, 45x8x3 Sumo DL 95x5, 135x3, 155x3, 175x3, 190x3, 200x3 Leg Extensions 60x10x3 Leg Curls 60x10x3 Seated Calf Raises 55x12x3 Week Five Recap: 1. Training 4x per week - done! 2. Nutrition logging daily - done! average calories 2249 (goal 2300), average protein 145g 3. 7 day average weight trends: Week Zero (13-19 Jun) 194 Week One (20-26 Jun) 193.5 Week Two (27 Jun - 3 Jul) 191.9 Week Three (4 - 10 Jul) 191.5 Week Four (11-17 Jul) 192.4 Week Five (18-24 Jul) 190.7 4. Yardwork day - we got all of the torn down pieces of pergola officially hauled away! Next up, swing set! This morning I weighed 189.5 lb, which is exciting for two big milestone reasons! 1) It is the first time I have been in the 180s in 7 years, and 2) I have now lost a grand total of 50 lb since March 2021! All of my lifts have moderately improved over the past 5 weeks, I will call this challenge a smashing success.
  12. 7/21/22: Belt Squats 3x5 @200 (+5lb from last week) DB RDLs 3x8 @25 - I think I like using DB more than the BB for these! - I was supposed to also do glute bridges and split squats but it was hot AF in the gym and I went home instead. Maybe I'll do them later in the week... 7/22/22: DB Press 3x10 @22.5 Cable Rows 3x12 @100 Landmine Press 3x10 (15kg bar) Lat Pulldowns 3x12 @80 Hammer DB Curls 3x10 @17.5; Cable Curls 3x10 @20 Cable Tricep Pushdowns 3x10 @30; Banded Tricep Pushdowns 3x12
  13. 7/19/22: Bench Press 135x5x3 Bent Over Rows 95x5x3 Seated DB OHP 22.5x8x3 Lat Pulldowns (supinated) 90x8x3 DB Flys 10x15, 12.5x15, 15x15
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